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Comments (2)
Jim Fouch - 27/02/2020
I wrote Mailing Manager ST for the Atari ST/TT back in 1991 using GFA Basic. SOld that program until I sold the writes in 1996. I think it was like 16,000+ lines of code and I maxed out what you could have in a resource file (64k I think).

Those were fun times. I moved on to PC software development using VB 4/5/6 and then VB.Net.

For it's day, GFA Basic was cutting edge and very quick. Only a few things I ever did needed more speed, and I then wrote that stuff in Assembly.

Still some of my best memories were back in the day with GFA.
Nicolas - 10/03/2015
Omg... my gfa basic ... so nostalgic !!!
I have the orginal disk and all book's to programming this basic langage. I never have the force to put my relics in trash... Maybe i will bored with !

Screenshots - GFA BASIC

GFA BASIC atari screenshot
GFA BASIC atari screenshot

Information - GFA BASIC

GenreProgramming - LanguageYear1992
Language[unknown]PublisherST Format
DeveloperGFA SystemtechnickDistributorFuture Publishing
ControlsKeyboard, MouseCountryUnited Kingdom
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish


SerialST TypeST, STe, TT, Falcon030 / 0.5MB
ResolutionLow / Medium / HighNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided / HD Installable
Dumpdownload atari GFA BASIC Download / MSAMIDI

Additional Comments - GFA BASIC

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