Fractal Engine (The)

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Screenshots - Fractal Engine (The)

Fractal Engine (The) atari screenshot
Fractal Engine (The) atari screenshot
Fractal Engine (The) atari screenshot
Fractal Engine (The) atari screenshot
Fractal Engine (The) atari screenshot
Fractal Engine (The) atari screenshot
Fractal Engine (The) atari screenshot
Fractal Engine (The) atari screenshot
Fractal Engine (The) atari screenshot
Fractal Engine (The) atari screenshot

Information - Fractal Engine (The)

GenreGraphics - MiscellaneousYear1993
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsMouseCountryUnited Kingdom
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Harris, Mike / Grace, Daniel

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
SerialST TypeST, STe / ?
ResolutionLowNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided
Dumpdownload atari Fractal Engine (The) Download / STMIDI

Additional Comments - Fractal Engine (The)

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[no publisher] ().

Instructions - Fractal Engine (The)

This is the original readme for registered users of FE3 for the ST.
To register visit http:\\??? for details or e-mail me at  I cannot answer any questions from
unregistered users.

Readme file for the FE3 disk - registered version
No files on this disk should be distibuted in any way without the express 
permission of the author.  This includes on magazine coverdisks and by P.D.
libraries. The Copyright of the Fractal Engine V3.0 and all other
programs/files on this disk are copyrighted by the author.

Please note:
FRACENG3.PRG should always be run from a disk or directory containing the
sub-directory DEFAULTS.FE3 and ALL of its contents.  DISPANI3.PRG is only
for displaying FE2/FE3 animations and will NOT work with version one files.
The contents of all directories with the FE3 extension have changed from
version 2.

Disk contents
README.TXT      - This file!
QUIKREAD.PRG    - Utility for reading text files.
FRACENG3.PRG    - The Fractal Engine 3 main program.
DISPANI3.PRG    - For displaying FE2/FE3 animation sequences.

/DOCUMENT.FE2/    (These files do not explain FE3's newer features)
FE_MAN.TXT      - Contents file for full 30 page manual for FE2.
SECT_1 TO 4.TXT - Individual sections of the manual.
QUICKREF.TXT    - Quick reference guide and tutorial.

*.*             - Data files for FE3.

*.FUL           - "Ace" example full-size pictures (compressed).

*.CDF           - Example co-ordinate files includes two example animations.

*.LSD           - Example OL-system files.

(The following files are only available to registered users)
LSYSEDIT.PRG    - Program for editing OL-systems (.LSD files).
LSYSEDIT.TXT    - L-systems tutorial and instructions for LSYSEDIT.PRG


Update Info for the Fractal Engine (upto Version 3.0) and related files
Below is listed a number of added features and fixed bugs which are not
documented anywhere else.  If this is the first time you have used FE do not
worry if you do not understand the context of these updates - you can read
about them when you have read the rest of the documentation and experimented
with FE; but do read the 'What now?' section at the end of this file.

Bugs, now fixed, in Version 2.0 
* Refinements made to the Julia option as this was changing from the current
method and palette selected.

* Refinements made to the Zoom option as this was also changing from the
current method and palette selected.  In addition the zoom-out 'o' key option
did not work correctly.

* The colouring of floating point images differed from the integer ones.
This was not a problem unless a deep zoom animation was underway.  It caused
a sudden jump in the colour levels outside the set.

* A peculiar error whilst drawing spheres of fractal zooms has been fixed, 
this may have produced some weird results, especially when performing a zoom

New features of V2.1
* The ability to abort whilst in the middle of a drawing operation has been
added and can be achieved by pressing the right mouse button.  You may have
to wait a few seconds before you are returned to the main menu.  One point to
note is that you cannot resume drawing afterwards.  Also note that this option
is not available for the cloud fractal type or during any BATCH operation.

Bugs, now fixed, in V2.1 and V2.2 (unreleased)
* There was a slight bug which allowed you (the user) to select methods which
are unavailable for certain fractal types.  This caused the program to crash
if you subsequenly clicked DRAW.  I've sorted out this bug. Nobody else
noticed this bug and wrote to tell me about it (which is slightly worrying).

* A rather cryptic bug caused the scape method to crash (if extent was set to
its maximum value of 200) whilst drawing.

* After saving a picture, it sometimes became corrupted by text.

New features of V3.0
* There are now 3 new methods (buttons on the method menu) for some of the
Complex fractals :
SML SCAPE - Draws a quarter sized landscape (works the same as SCAPE).  This
            method is useful for creating 3D animations or quick sketches.
BINARY    - Draws QUAD type (only) in a "new" planar method.
SML BNRY  - Draws a quarter sized BINARY.

To obtain simple pictures (2 colours and black) of the binary methods set
Spread to a large value (255 say).  The parameters for the binary methods
act the same as for the NORMAL method except that the PRCSN parameter is
redundant since the binary methods always use floating point routines (so are
slower than NORMAL).  See the QUIKCDFS.FE2 directory for examples of these
new methods.  Also you can still animate any method.

* There are two new buttons on the main menu:
DEL FILE - Enables you to delete unwanted FE2 files. You are asked to confirm
    this operation after selecting the file.
INFO     - Tells you to read this file.

*There is now a new fractal type, OL-systems; to draw an OL-system select
LSYSTEM from the types menu then select one of the example LSD files found in
the LSYSTEMS.FE3 directory.  Note that you cannot perform the usual editing, 
loading, saving or zooming fuctions on L-system CD (co-ordinate data).  
However you cannot save the pictures and edit the palette from within FE3.  To 
edit an LSD file or make up your own OL-systems use the LSYSEDIT.PRG which 
works in medium resolution read LSYSEDIT.TXT for more information on
OL-systems and using LSYSEDIT.PRG.

*.FUL and .SML files can now be saved in a compressed format.  When you load a
.FUL or .SML file FE3 automatically works out whether it is compressed or not.
It takes FE3 about 20 seconds to compress a picture and a line of pixels is
drawn along the top of the screen whilst the compression is taking place.
Compressed .FUL files can take up as little as 5K and rarely more than 25K of
disk space.  Also it only takes about 10 seconds to uncompress a .FUL file.
Unfortunately files created with the BATCH options cannot be compressed.


What now?
Read the QUICKREF.TXT which will quickly teach you how to use FE2 (for quick 
results print QUICKREF.TXT, its not very long)!  And then run FRACENG3.PRG
and your away. For information on fractals, their parameters and FE's
advanced features (such as animation) you should also read MANUAL.TXT.

Dan Grace 11/9/93.


Updated 26/4/98.
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