Fractal Chaos

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Screenshots - Fractal Chaos

Fractal Chaos atari screenshot
Fractal Chaos atari screenshot
Fractal Chaos atari screenshot
Fractal Chaos atari screenshot
Fractal Chaos atari screenshot
Fractal Chaos atari screenshot
Fractal Chaos atari screenshot
Fractal Chaos atari screenshot
Fractal Chaos atari screenshot
Fractal Chaos atari screenshot
Fractal Chaos atari screenshot
Fractal Chaos atari screenshot

Information - Fractal Chaos

GenreGraphics - MiscellaneousYear1989
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsMouse, JoystickCountryAustralia
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Connor, Ian

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
SerialST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
ResolutionLowNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided / HD Installable
Dumpdownload atari Fractal Chaos Download / STMIDI

Instructions - Fractal Chaos

                        By Ian Connor
                  (Version 3.1 September 1989)

 Not another Fractal program you say, Well Yes.. but wait, take a 
look at this one because it will make most of the others obsolete.

There are several fractal programs available including a couple of 
commercial offerings. Probably the best of these is GST FRACTALS,
however, all fail in various areas because the programmers do not
have a sound understanding of Fractal curves and what is needed in
a program to fully study and appreciate them.
I have written many fractal programs over the years ranging from
8 bit basic programs to pascal, to Machine language. Speed was 
always the main driving force and with the 8 bit Atari we ended
up with what we think is probably the fastest Mandelbrot program 
around for those machines.
With the arrival of the ST we have been going through the same
process with versions in ST Basic, Megamax C , Alcyon C, Dbasic 
and now GfA basic. 

We Have found that compiled GfA is almost as fast as C but allows 
faster development and is easier to use.
Back to the subject, One of the most needed features missing on
other programs was the ability to enter Real & Imaginary co-
ordinates and to have these available for viewing in the program
and SAVED as part of a file.
Also, most are only able to produce one type of curve or suffer
from scaling problems and lack of versatility.
We are not a fan of some of the more recent trends where some
programs do not calculate all screen points! This program does
calculate ALL points and uses other tricks to speed execution
and cut time wastage as you will soon notice.
With this project I have tried to produce a very versatile
program  capable  of  being  used  by  both  beginners and
seasoned Fractalists (is that a word?). I think we have suceeded!

                   PROGRAM FEATURES
* Optimum performance iteration loop for maximum speed.
* A choice of 4 curves available for a wide variety of results.
* The ability to Zoom in or out on any of the fractals.
* Manual entry of parameters if required.
* A Preview mode to quickly calculate and view an area.
* All program features available in full screen OR preview mode.
* Recontour and Histograms for optimum color banding.
* Screen saves with parameters in Full screen or preview modes.
* Degas screen save without parameters & with a grey border.
* Calculations can be interupted before completion if required.
* Recall of up to 9 previous screens complete with parameters.
* Choice of 7 preset color palettes & palette editor.
* Movie mode to produce/play up to 100 preview sized frames.

New features/changes since version 1.7

* Setcolor (alter the colors of pic and save palette with pic)
* Autozoom allows destination co-ordinates to be entered in movie
  mode. Program then smoothly zooms/pans frame by frame to the
  new co-ordinates. Also now has joystick nudge (If an autozoom is 
  drifting off the desired path or if you wish to nudge the preset
  path towards another direction) push & hold joystick in the 
  desired direction at end of each frame.
* Parameters can now be set as center co-ordinates or side
  co-ordinates. Also pic size can be set as a side value or
  as a magnification value.
* Recontour & Histogram now available in full screen mode
  on a 520ST (special effect options also available)
* Drive select options.      
* Old file overwrite bug corrected.
* File extenders now properly set by program. 
* Should run from hard disk including title screen!
* Improved memory mamagement.
* Window title line reports more information.

Changes since version 2.3
* Joystick pan feature now updates iteration data buffer live! This 
means Recontour & histogram data is updated with each pan scan line.
Zoomframe bug on old pics loaded then zoomed is corrected.
Minor histogram improvements.

Changes since version 2.6
* Improved (GFA 3) floating point maths precision
* Color palette rotation feature added
* Option to automatically recontour completed fractals
* screen flip on Play Movie for smoother frame animation
                     GETTING STARTED
IMPORTANT NOTE:- Please do not add any accessories to this disk
as they may not operate correctly or interfere with the operation 
of this program.  This is because this program uses almost all of
available memory.

To become familiar with the features and operation of the 
program try this:-
With the program loaded and the title screen cleared to an 
empty screen.
Select Preview from the Options menu, Select Calculate from the
options menu. (This will draw the complete mandelbrot set 
in the upper left of the screen (25 seconds)).
Plug in a joystick and move it in any of the 4 main directions, 
note how the fractal moves one pixel or scan line and a new line 
is calculated.  Use this feature to position or center your 
fractal. (will work in full screen mode also!)
Pick an area you'd like to zoom in on and then Select Zoom from
the Options menu.
Size a small zoom rectangle by pressing and holding down the
left mouse button and dragging the mouse to the right and down.
Release the mouse button and position the rectangle over the
desired zoom area and press the mouse button again to set.
Then, select Calculate from the menu again to calculate and 
plot the new area.
Continue the same process until you find an interesting area.
Then to produce a full screen, click on Preview again to toggle
this option off.
Then Select Calculate and a full screen plot will be done.
When the screen is finished, experiment with - Recontour,
Histogram, Screens, Color Palettes and joystick pans.
Save your picture if you wish. Try loading some of the file
screens on this disk or load and Play a Movie.  HAVE FUN!


All parameters are saved in the picture files including the fractal
type, screen mode, maximum iteration level, Fractal co-ordinates and
side value etc. This will enable you to re-load a picture at any 
time and continue zooming etc. (Latest version also saves the color

All curves can be zoomed including those interupted before completion.
Zooming IN is easy, select Zoom from the menu and size & position a
new zoom window rectangle. When happy with zoom frame size and position
select CALCULATE to plot the new area.

NOTE ( You must be in preview mode to Zoom OUT.)
Size your Zoom rectangle to a size larger than the preview frame and
position over the preview frame,then select CALCULATE.. from the menu.
An automatic zoom in or out is now available in movie mode. This 
enables the user to automatically pan to a new set of co-ordinates 
while at the same time zooming in or out of the frame. 

**MIN VALUES (eg: Min .005)
These values are used in the Chaos curves only. Experiment to achieve
different results. 

During the calculation and plotting of a fractal, the program has no 
way of knowing the maximum and minimum iteration values it will 
encounter, and so a quick color routine is used to set the color of
a screen point. This is set to use a new color roughly every third 
iteration. Once a Fractal is complete, re contour calculates the
lowest and highest iteration and divides the available colors evenly
into this band, then re plots the Fractal data.

Provides you with a graph of the frequency of iterations calculated
and allows you to adjust the allocation of colors. Position the
mouse pointer on the color bar and press the left or right mouse
buttons to change the size or position of each color block. 

Available only in preview mode. Load and play one of the Fractal
movies on the disk. Press and hold the mouse or press any key to
interupt play.  Make your own movies.

Used for manual input of parameters if required.
HINT:- Try increasing the iteration limit as you zoom in , this 
will slow the program down but produce more interesting and accurate
results. In the curves that use the P and Q values, try different
values for interesting results.

NOTE(2) :- The joystick nudge feature available in movie autozoom mode
will work in all 8 stick directions.
                     MENU FUNCTION DETAILS

   Julia  set   Sets the program to calculate Julia type curves.
   Mandelbrot   Sets the program to calculate Mandelbrot curves.
   Chaos(1)     Sets the program to calculate and display the 
                effects of "Chaotic attractors"
   Chaos(2)     Slight variation on above giving a different result.
   Zoom         Zoom in or out on any frame (see hints above)
   CALCULATE    Begins the calculation and plotting of the selected
                curve type.
   Preview      A very useful feature! With this mode selected, the
                program calculates & plots a small version of the
                full screen in the top left part of the window.
                Saves a great deal of time when you are hunting for 
                an interesting area.  To get a full sized frame of the
                preview pic, toggle Preview off then select CALCULATE.
                You must be in preview mode to activate the Movie
   Parameters   Shows the real & imaginary co-ordinates for the 
                curently displayed frame. (either as center or edge)
                Also shows side or size of set and the iteration level
                presently being used (Max iterations 2000)
                You are also able to manually enter parameters if
   Min .05      Through to .005, .0005, & .00005    Active only when
                calculating Chaotic attractor curves. Basicly this 
                sets the lowest value the iteration loop value will be 
                allowed to drop to before an exit from the loop.
   Quit         Option to exit to desktop.

  Sample Julia    Calculates a pre programmed Julia set frame.
  Sample Mandel   As above for the Mandelbrot set.
  Sample Chaos 1  As above for Chaotic attractors.
  Sample Chaos 2  As above for different results.
  Make movie      Activated in preview mode only. A huge
                  and powerful function. With 1 meg or more
                  you can create up to 100 preview sized frames
                  and save them to disk for later playback.
                  Smooth steps between framed can be obtained
                  using Auto zoom. 
                  NOTE:- When using autozoom, it is recommended
                  that you zoom in or out by no more than say 15%
                  from one frame to the next. E.G. to zoom in,
                  set at no more than say 85%
  Play movie      Play a movie resident in memory or loaded 
                  from disk. These movie files can get large, 
                  50 frames uses around 90K of disk space.
  Movie speed     3 movie frame playing speeds are available.
  Screens         Allows up to the last 9 screens calculated
                  to be displayed (also retains all parameter
                  and curve type information). Very useful 
                  for backtracking out of a series of zooms.
                  Zoom or save any screen at any time.
                  CARE:- Iteration count array only retains
                  the information for the LAST screen calculated.
                  (array data is used for re contour & Histograms)
  Re-contour      Calculates the lowest and highest iteration 
                  counts for the current screen and divides
                  colors between that band and replots data to 
                  screen. Also allows special effects.(If not            
                  happy with results, select Screens, go back one,
                  then forward to current screen to restore it.)
  Histogram       Gives you a graph of the frequency of points at
                  various iteration bands. Other iteration info
                  is also displayed. Using the left & right mouse
                  buttons, put the pointer on the color bar below
                  the graph and press to alter band widths.
                  (Great feature eh) Selecting the replot button
                  will replot the data to screen using the new
                  color bands. Special effects are also available.

  Load file       Loads a fractal file into memory complete with
                  parameters used to calculate the file.  Can be
                  zoomed. (Use "Parameters" to show parameters) 
  Save file       Saves currently displayed fractal to disk complete
                  with parameters used to calculate picture.
  Delete          Can be used to delete any file type.
  Autosave        For "walk away operation" File is autonamed and
                  saved to disk when calculation of set is complete.
  Save Degas      Saves contents of window only (no parameters) as
                  a Degas file complete with grey border.
  Load movie      Loads a movie frame sequence into memory.
  Save movie      Saves a movie frame sequence to disk.

  Palette 1       Through to palette 7 are a series of preset 
                  palettes to use with your pictures. Color palettes
                  are saved with the files.
  Setcolor        Alter any of the colors as you please with the 
                  advantage of seeing the effects on your display
                  as you make color changes.
  Help            Brief information & history of fractals.
Please write to me if any further information is required or if
any bugs are located.  Ideas for improvements are welcome
and we are interested in collecting other fractal programs. 

This program is under continual development.  Send a disk for
latest version.  
write to:-      Ian Connor
                C/- MACE
                P.O. Box 340
                Rosanna Vic
                Australia 3084

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