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Screenshots - Cybermate

Cybermate atari screenshot
Cybermate atari screenshot
Cybermate atari screenshot
Cybermate atari screenshot

Information - Cybermate

GenreGraphics - AnimationYear1987
Language[unknown]PublisherAntic Publishing
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Kimball, Mark

SerialSTO236BST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
ResolutionMediumNumber of Disks1 / Single Sided / HD Installable
Dumpdownload atari Cybermate Download / PastiMIDI

Additional Comments - Cybermate

Other version with the same title:

Antic Publishing (version 1.0) (USA).

Instructions - Cybermate

                        CYBERMATE README FILE


Well, the CYBERMATE documentation has finally gotten so long that we've
had to squeeze it down for version 1.1 (or else we would've had to use a 
double-sided disk).  

There are two doc files inside CMATEDOC.ARC (CMATE_01.DOC and
CMATE_02.DOC). CMATEDOC.ARC is a standard arc file, and may be unarchived
the way you normally unarchive a .ARC file.  If you don't "normally" do
this, however, we've provided an extractor-only program (courtesy of
START Magazine) for you.  Just follow these instructions:

      1.  Format a new, blank, single- or double-sided disk.

      2.  Copy ARCX.TTP and CMATEDOC.ARC to the blank disk.

      3.  With that disk in Drive A, double-click on ARCX.TTP
          to run it.  When you see the dialog box prompting
          you for a filename, type A:CMATEDOC.ARC.

      4.  The files CMATE_01.DOC and CMATE_02.DOC will be
          written to Drive A.

We're constantly in the process of revising CYBERMATE, and
adding to the CYBER Family with other programs that make some of
the post-production work you'll want to do a lot easier (such as
CYBER PAINT).  Because of that, and because CYBERMATE will only
really appeal to people who want to get involved with serious
program, the documentation for this program will always appear
as a text file on disk.  Compared to CYBER PAINT, CAD-3D 2.0, and
CYBER CONTROL, which have over 150 hardcopy pages of documentation
So, your CYBERMATE documentation is contained in two files:

      CMATE_01.DOC - revised version of CYBERDOC.DOC file
                     from version 1.0 of the CYBERMATE disk)
      CMATE_02.DOC - new documentation which explains which
                     of version 1.0's "words" have been changed,
                     plus a reference section addendum of
                     newly added Cybermate "words."

Both of these files should be printed out, even if you've already
printed the CYBERMATE docs from version 1.0.  This is because some
of the words have been changed.  Here are the changed words for
quick reference:

      DELTA1            DO-DELTA
      DELTA2            DO-DELTA1
      DISSOLVE1         DISSOLVE
Plus, (Soundname) PLAY must now reside inside a TICK TOCK loop.

The file CMATE_02.DOC does explain what's been changed, so if you 
really don't want to print out all that documentation again, DEFINITELY
print CMATE_02.DOC and mark up your previous docs accordingly.


You may print each of the files directly to your printer by using the
same process by which you read this file.  Click on it, and then choose
PRINT instead of SCREEN.   CMATE_01.DOC is a large document (almost 100
pages), so place a new ribbon in your printer, and make sure you have
enough paper before you start.  Line up your paper in your printer before
beginning and each page will be correctly numbered.  The top
perforation of your page should line up to the top of the metal print
head guide in your printer.  Line up the paper again for CMATE_02.DOC
and it will be printed out in page number order, sequential to

If you do not have a printer, we will print these docs for you and send
them to you.  For a printout of the CYBERMATE documentation, please send
$10 for the documentation plus $5 for postage and handling (for a total of
fifteen dollars), as a check or money order to:

                           CYBERMATE DOCUMENTATION
                           TECHNICAL SUPPORT DEPT.
                               ANTIC PUBLISHING
                              544 SECOND STREET
                           SAN FRANCISCO, CA  94107

****************  A NOTE ON THE SAMPLE.CYB CODE ***************

-   While trying out the sample screens in SAMPLE.CYB, it's a good idea to
clear your memory between each example by typing NEW! and then redefining
whichever objects the particular example screen requires.

-   Likewise, when using SAMPLE2.CYB, you have to clear memory the
same way (type NEW!) after using screens 6 & 8.  This is documented
in those screens as well (make sure you do a 1 LOAD after each new
to redefine the objects that example requires).

-   Also, before using SAMPLE2.CYB, you're going to have to convert
your two CUBEBALL THE MOVE .PI1 files to .PC1 files, because
SAMPLE2.CYB is partly a tutorial on using .PC1 files in addition to
.PI1 files (a lot of people have asked for that feature because of
the extra space you'll get on a disk).  The specific instructions
for doing this are at the end of CMATE_02.DOC.

-   If you're using the STEREOTEK LCS glasses, the ENABLE-STEREO command need
only be typed once during any session.  Each time you enter this command, more
stereo buffers are enabled until you finally run out of memory and...

 ****************  BACKING UP YOUR DISK   ***************

Because we're now arc-ing the documentation files, we're not using
Twister format disks for CYBERMATE anymore.  That means you can back 
this disk up using the standard TOS/GEM disk backup procedure.

****************  EXAMPLE FILES  ***************

The necessary files for the CYBERMATE Recording Tutorial in your CAD-3D 2.0
manual are included on this disk in the EXAMPLES folder.  Unfortunately, we
did not have room on either disk to include the DEGAS Elite picture file of
the Exposure Sheet, as mentioned on page 101 of the manual.  This file can be
found in the archive library for the Cyber Connection section of Antic
Online on CompuServe.  The archive library is in DL1 of ATARIDEV (the
Atari Developers Forum).
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