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Comments (3)
David Schmudde - 12/05/2020
Happy to find this! I used it to read documentation for Keys 2.2 - a great little step sequencer. Great software package.
Steve - 10/01/2016
Ahh - thank you, I now see a download link :D
Atari Mania is the BEST.
Steve - 05/04/2015
I remember this well.. best with something like NVDI too iirc. Cool little app.. I wouldn't mind trying it again after all this time actually. Darn no download link :(

Information - 1ST Word Plus

GenreWord ProcessingYear
Language[unknown]PublisherAtari Corp.
ControlsMouseCountryDenmark Germany Italy Netherlands Norway Sweden
Box / InstructionsDutch, German, Italian, SwedishSoftwareDutch, German, Italian, Swedish

Champ, Phil / Scheybeler, Chris
Johnson, Paul / Dickens, Martin
Chalkley, Howard / Bees, Mike

SerialST TypeST, STe, TT, Falcon030 / 0.5MB
ResolutionMedium / High / VGANumber of Disks? / ?

Trivia - 1ST Word Plus

Special Features
Supports automatic page and footnote numbering, user-definable headers and footers, stylesheets, paragraph formatting, spell checker, mail merge and graphics importing

Price (1992)

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