Technicolor Dream

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Comments (5)
barry (Baz) Armstrong - 02/06/2011
The only connection that I am aware of between Red Rat software and Worms is me. I worked with Team17 software on the worms franchise after working with Red Rat on 'Lombard RAC rally', 'Time Runner' and 'Pushover' all Atari ST releases.
Baz Armstrong - 07/11/2009
This programme changed the direction of my life! I was one of the Red Rat Artists in the eighties/early nineties and used this programme to produce a lot of portfolio artwork. I still have the disks in my cellar. Hope they have not suffered from magnetic drift . if I ever get the data off them I'll get them online.
fog - 05/10/2009
thinking about it, it might be harder to find due to the spelling / mispelling...e.g. US = colour and UK etc = coloUr

and a few more mention it.. It also reminded me of sample drum kits by 2-bit systems that I had on tape.
fog - 05/10/2009
When I was in Manchester (UK) for my cousins wedding I bought this on tape. It was released by red rat software.. the people behind screaming wings (and things like "worms" later) . I'm pretty sure it was programmed by them also.. I wish I had kept the tape. I sold it to a friend along with screaming wings.hehe
Glenn - 15/07/2009

I've been trying to remember the name of this program for years. Gonna dig out my old saved data cassettes and see if i can revive my first pics now :-)

Cheers guys!


GenreGraphics - Picture EditingYear1986
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherICD

Forward, David / Watterson, Keith

Graphic Artist(s)

Forward, David / Watterson, Keith
Barlow, Chris S. / Duffield, Mark

Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial

Additional Comments

Other version with the same title:

Red Rat Software.

Missing original disk image!


Technicolor Dream Atari disk scan Technicolor Dream Atari disk scan Technicolor Dream Atari disk scan Technicolor Dream Atari disk scan Technicolor Dream Atari disk scan


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