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I had a book on GFA by a Dutch writer, I've lost it, does anyone know the name? GFA was so easy to write, later I struggled with VB.
Now there is the Hatari Emulator, it tickles me to try GFA again, for old time sake. ;)
Ok, thanks Troed. Didn't know that. The dumps are now removed.
This is a cracked version, might be good to mention.
This is a cracked version, might be good to mention.
I own one original copy of this software.
I bought this way back in 1987 or 1988? Now that I have a 1040 and Mega ST4 I will be trying it out again with my old trusty dot matrix. Thanks!
more info,_3_1/2%22_Disk)_Abacus_-_1986_USA,_Canada_Release
K-Spread is the only Atari spreadsheet that I have found that calculates correctly. All of the rest (Works, LDWPower, Calc3D) use floating point math and do not use BCD so their calculations are incorrect and have serious rounding errors. But, K-Spread is temperamental to use.
I grabbed this to read the Keys! manual in Desk Top Publisher Format with the DTP extension.

To work with Hatari, I had to run GDOS off Disc A, but once I got that together, it worked perfectly!
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