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Big big request for untouched install disks with the TT bins and libs. Manuals seem to be out now on I'm a fan of this version of Basic.
Does anyone have the US version?
I had a book on GFA by a Dutch writer, I've lost it, does anyone know the name? GFA was so easy to write, later I struggled with VB.
Now there is the Hatari Emulator, it tickles me to try GFA again, for old time sake. ;)
Ok, thanks Troed. Didn't know that. The dumps are now removed.
This is a cracked version, might be good to mention.
This is a cracked version, might be good to mention.
I own one original copy of this software.
I bought this way back in 1987 or 1988? Now that I have a 1040 and Mega ST4 I will be trying it out again with my old trusty dot matrix. Thanks!
more info,_3_1/2%22_Disk)_Abacus_-_1986_USA,_Canada_Release
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