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Thanks for dumping this! This program needs a ramdisk, so at least 128k. On a 64k machine it will generate an error message.
The Altirra emulator supports tablet input for this title, though you have to add it manually:

1. Input > Input Mappings...
2. Click Add... call it "Mouse -> Atari Tablet" or similar
3. Click Edit...
4. Add Controller... , choose Tablet (Atari touch tablet), OK
5. Axis 1 -> Edit... , Source : Mouse Pos X (pad)
6. Axis 2 -> Edit... , Source : Mouse Pos Y (pad)
7. You can map Left/Right/Up/Down to the arrow or WASD keys on your keyboard or leave them blank
8. The Stylus button was a button on the pen. It draws when the stylus is DOWN, and toggles the tool screen when stylus is UP.
I mapped the buttons on the pen & tablet as follows:
Stylus button -> Mouse LMB
Left tablet button -> Mouse X1B
Right tablet button -> Mouse X2B
Raise stylus -> Mouse RMB
Correction Mystery House was written for The Apple II Computer not the Atari.
Interesting tidbit about the VersaWriter. In 1980 Roberta Williams of Sierra On-Line used the VersaWriter to draw the digital images used in her first graphical adventure game “Mystery House “ for the Atari Computer.
Hamsoft is a cartridge used with a Kantronics "The Interface" or "The Interface II". This was software for the Ham Radio community that allowed the Atari Computer to send and receive Morse code/ RTTY/ & ASCII code.
Russell Knight and myself coded all our games using the Mac65 cartridge. An essential piece of kit!
Wow - I remember programming in Action around 1986 or so. It was such a pleasure until I had programs that I just could not debug. Turns out some of the Action functions actually had bugs in them, so I had to rewrite certain subroutines. Took some of the fun out of it knowing those bugs (and perhaps others to be discovered) were hard coded in the cartridge.
It seems that the editor file MEDIT is missing from disk2. So editing of the files is not possible
How can this still be listed as dump missing ?
I sent Frank the original tape about three years ago....
I would like to know how to use correctly the INCLUDE command or how to prepare Pascal file to use INCLUDE. It really does not work. Gives "INCLUDE File Error" message. Does it need some special preparation of the program to be included?
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