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I knew a guy in the late '80s who said he worked on this program, maybe did the whole thing. I can't remember his first name, but his last name was Beitz and he was from South Africa.
Atari I/O Seminar - Intro to Atari Pascal (Part 1 of 2)
Tried to register as "thePixy", but the process fails. I'm the Author of "Super 3D Plotter II, and other titles from Elfin Magic Software. :-)
Love Action, was the first language on the Atari that I felt showed off the full power of what this machine could do . in an easier than Mac65 (assembler) fashion. Wrote the game Midas Maze for analog magazine back in the day. only other way I could have written a game like Midas would have been in Assembly. Truly is my favorite Programming Language for the Atari.
Atari Mexico and Grupo SITSA were one and the same...

Video of self running demo:
I must check this program in details, if it works well as could be expected, cos compiling and running programs written in Action! is perfect and pleasant work for the programmer, so remains one genial potential element expected if possible: how to make independent COM or EXE files, which could be executed directly from disk drive, or cassette with DOS or without. If this tool makes such miracle easily, what more could be expected from Action! ? Hmm... routines (procedures, functions, modules) interesting, eventually, to have them ready. And then - whole world of Atari XL/XE accessible for the programmer, to make professional applications just and simply and ready running immediately. Cosmos. Reality. Obvious.
I am programming actually in Action! - checking how it works and my conslusion is: 'the best machine for programming / making ready, working immediately, professional application to run, just'. It looks like assembler, but with human language, means assembler but like in Pascal or BASIC writing. So what could exist better potentially even? Programming in assembler is the final professional way to get final professional applications, it's obvious. So if Action! is assembler, but for humans (letting people write with human words and thinking), it must be the best tool / machine to make perfect programs. Obvious. Simple. Hmm... genial language. It should be patented as an idea: programming in machine code, but using human language, like Pascal or BASIC. Absolute final perfection of useful, practical programming language, to use for everyday by everyone.
I was down on my luck in 1990/91 when a friend gave me his "fully loaded" Atari 800 as a hand me down. Twin floppies, printer and modem. Had this cart and I got to know the program well. For an early 80's 8-bit word processor on 40 columns it was above average. Ran faster and smoother than Bank Street Writer ever did on the Atari and was easier to use. Enough features easy enough to use to get a lot done, and small enough to fit on an 8k cart ! Switched to AtariWriter+ later. This little word processor helped me write nice resumes !
To this day I think the Atari 800xl and 130xe computers I got second hand proved the whole line of Atari 8-bits was underrated.
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