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Recent Comments
Interesting bike racing game.
The mouse controls aren't bad but may lead to rapid hand fatigue.
Also the frame-rate gets quite low with the opponents in race (quite faster/more playable in practice/qualify sessions then).
Pretty interesting turn based board game.
Two players only game. I recommend to play the second version of the game.
Two players only game! Very fun one. Play this version over the first one as it adds some elements.
There's also music, that you will probably want to switch off asap by pressing M key though (mono channel beep and very short loop). ;)
My little brother played this, and learned to use a mouse this way.
That's one game i kept coming back to. Although i found it quite hard, and not very fun. Go Figure.
Good looking and addictive little game. Unfortunately, only TOS 1.00 and 1.02 .
Chances to fix for later TOS versions are minimal - code is really long and hard to trace - some C compiler made.
ST version is great, STE version even better.
Bitmaps always did a great job on the ST
Really very buggy. Experienced 3 freezes in 10 minutes long test. And not TOS 2.06 .
+ that underground is with really bad colors.
More luck next time :-)
One of the best games I featured on my website, thanks to Atari Legend. I had a fantastic Christmas playing this and intend to continue on again. YOU should play this :)
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