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STX image here is actually 2 sided. What confusing is it's size - but this is compact version of STX img. And on side B is title screen, music for it ... Then, none of cracks includes side B too.
So, this is on me to do it properly :-)
Contains Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh, rather than the first Arkanoid as linked. Does that mean it should work on the STe as well?

Great compilation anyway.

Indeed, thanks for correcting :)

An adequate recreation of the sport, but it feels a bit detached at times, with only moderate influence on the outcome of the plays.

Also, its shambolic that we got such a cutdown version compared to that other computer - instead of cutting it down to fit on single-sided disks, couldn't they have put the excess pictures on Side B, the way Flood and Carrier Command did with their 'luxury' features? The fact that ST Action were supposedly given a copy containing the extra pictures to review makes it worse.
Phenomenal. Not only superb gameplay with varied enemy waves and an interesting power up system (having 'bad' tokens to avoid in the heat of gameplay is an unusual twist), but also a technical marvel - pushes the ST close to its limits while also exploring the STe's potential before most people did. Proof that, for vertically scrolling shooters at least, the ST could match that other computer.
Very good graphics and good music, but a really dull game with overcomplicated level designs (the backtracking was a really poor gameplay decision) and no imagination at any point. Wings of Death is better in every department, and only a year later.
Nope, you can do better scrolling in stock STOS than this.
There is an STE version that fixes it, but this was a LAZY AMIGA port.
No, it's not the best what ST could do. It's how lazy Amiga ports were made back in the day.
Borderline unplayable because of the disruptive flick-scrolling. Was this really the best the ST could do, or should they have bit the bullet and made it STe only?
Seems to use the same engine as International Truck Racing which is no surprise when you see they are both by Zeppelin. I loved I.T.R., I might give this a go. Late game if it was released in 1993!
I am so close to finishing this! Anyone have tips for defeating the dragon at the end? :)
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