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Updated version (06/11/20) available here:
Why adding this bad dump?
I'm the author and this is a mixture between Archon and Power Play (quiz). It's unfortunately only in German. Supports a 4-Joystick adapter.
We still play this today!
1 MB because of new digital music
I have a new version of this with improve music that works on the STE +
(IMissing in this list where read games. Not looked if it is inside packet.)

Fixed, thanks for noticing :)

Wonderland is missing.
A brilliant resource. Tricky to use at first but worth it with patience. Create your own teams to use in Kick Off 2. All thanks to Giles Douglas.
Actually a very well crafted game. 8/10
Ammo is limited.
Press return when near a fallen comrade to drop and switch weapons. Press Space to toss a grenade and left shit to throw a grenade further. When you are out of ammo, press return to drop your gun and then you get hand to hard combat skillz to use.
You don't really want to play this game. but if you do, remember that player 1 is actually joystick 0, so you have to remove the mouse...or use emulation.
Also, NEVER...NECER choose keyboard mode for the Arrow control.

Graphics and sounds are good, it's a nice package, just a bad footie game
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