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@Denis Stephenson, what glitch are you talking about? I've completed the game several times and I didn't encounter any glitch.
This is a simple and yet addictive game. Your ship is apparently negatively charged, as it is increasingly attracted to the nucleus as you strip away the electrons. Be aware that this exposes the artifacting collision-detection bug in the atari800 emulator, so set "-ntsc-artif ntsc-old" for it to play correctly.
This program is from "Compute!" issue 37 from June, 1983. There are Vic-20, Apple, and TI-99/4a versions as well.
I ran across a cracked version that mentioned 1993, so that's a probable year or at least an upper bound.
As a select few from back in the day know, this is a TOP 5 Atari 800 game, play it and be astounded it is not better known. Leaps and Bounds better than the C64 version!
Excellent wargame. I played a lot of games of this one.
@ Sparkle,. I always thought that joke was hilarious. It was with the lawyer Lionel Hutz if memory serves. I think the episode was the one where Homer went to the 'Eat All You Can' fish restaurant and got thrown out. BEFORE he got his fill. Hilarious. Never played the game Neverending Story(The) on my Atari tho. : )
Oh no Mr McLean has died: (. RIP Mr McLean. Thanks for the superb coding, doing the Atari justice!
probably it is a 800 OS-A OS-B.
You need to use a different version for XL/XE series (or use fixxl)
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