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I'm pretty sure this was written by Ian Copeland, who did this for Tynesoft, then did more Zeppelin Games later.
That "Thermonuclear Soft" release looks a little... odd. I wonder if it was officially licensed? *cough*

A quick search turns up little except a page elsewhere in Italian suggesting they pirated/reissued(!) "Pharaon’s [sic] Curse", "Flip & Flop", "Preppie II", "Spy’s Denise [sic!]", "Oil Swell [sic!!!]", "Bristless [sic!!!!!!]" and more...
A nice, little classic, that could've been amazing, with just a little bit more stuff added. Everything sounds and looks good, the playability is nice, and the game works very well.

A bit more enemies, also able to shoot instead of just bombing, a bit more detail in the ground and sprites would've made this an unmissable classic.

As it is now, I think you need a little bit of nostalgy to enjoy this game - it's slightly too simplistic, when you can nowadays play Arcade versions of Xevious, Tatsujin, Dragon Saber, and the like, and all the Dreamcast shooters (Ikaruga, etc.), and Amiga's Hybris, Battle Squadron and and and.. coming back to this, sadly, feels a bit too lackluster to hold your interest for long.
Good game. Once you get used to the challenge, your attention can wane. Great graphics, not bad at all, worth a look!
This is one of the original best arcade style game for the 8bit Atari computers. Definitely one of my all-time favorites. Just like Pac-Man, it is one of those games that is simple to learn but hard to master. A challenging fun game that you will need to outsmart the serpents. They know how to trick you in chosen the wrong path and get crushed by them which almost seems their A.I. is a lot smarter than you initially thought possible; even the frog is smart! It is truly amazing that this game was done using only 8k with all the levels, enemies A.I., and with its fantastic gameplay.
Is there a Bomb Jack .CAR file around that will run in 64K?
I expected the Atari version to have some great palette stuff, because Atari has so many colors and all. But somehow, the commenters here are right - the C64-version looks better, even with all the palette changing stuff going on.

Atari-version -should- look better, but for some reason, it doesn't.

Besides the colors, the game is so similar on both platforms, that it's pretty impossible to say, which version is better than the other. The big fault is that you never know quite what you are doing, what you just did, what you achieved or opened or locked.. it's all very unclear and cryptic. You just have to KNOW, and sometimes that gets confusing.

Still, it's quite an atmospheric game, and a nostalgic memory, flying a giant Zeppelin inside interesting caves in a mysterious ambience.
Lo jugaba con un gran amigo de mi infancia, gracias a el y su padre pude conocer el Atari 800xl, pasé muchas tardes entretenido, uno de aquellos juegos fue goblin.
The C64 screenshot at the back of the package shows the black outlines of the cockpit of your plane. This black outline is missing completely on the Atari version. Was it too difficult to do on the A8 ?!? It would have given a much better setting or atmosphere of flying an aeroplane...
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