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This was a type-in listing from the german Atari Magazin.
This was a type-in listing from the german Atari Magazin.
Scott, I know what you're referring to with garbled graphics of the flag since it's evident in all file versions (but not say, Pole Position Race Designer or similar hacks). But playing the original cartridge version, the aforementioned "curse" words appears *after* the checkered flag flashes as you're in reach of, but never cross the finish line.
$22. It's on the cover scan.
I had this game when I was a kid and only gave it a few goes since I had no instructions and couldn't figure out how to play. Now, thanks to the magic of the internet, the instructions are available: (around page 8 or so)

Not a classic game by any means, but it's fun once you understand what to do. Eat anything that's red, and anything that's dark yellow. (Certain bugs and fruits cycle between dark yellow and white - eating them when they're white causes a loss of energy.) That's about it - survive as long as you can!
Parker released a single version for the Atari computers, 400/800/1200.
The 5200 version is the same code and graphics, modified for the 5200 memory map and controllers. I was responsible for all of these versions.
Ah diddums!
The 130xe computer was a standard release (1985) along with the similar specs 64k computer. This software does not require additional Rambo ram. It operates within the realms of technology released in that time frame. Logic? Fact!
There's an interview with Robert Jaeger on my website:
So something that requires 128k (130XE, it seems), somehow 'affirms' what can be done with XL? There's a fault in that logic somewhere..

I would love to play this on my Atari 800 XL, but alas, it's not possible.
This game is as cool as the new Wrecking Trains Hot Rod Love album available on itunes and spotify!
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