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Ripped and re-released by Lindasoft (Italy) under the name "Operazione Tuono" on tape...
a little gem
What is amazing about this game is the hidden dynamics. You can play competitively or cooperatively. What you develop in one plot affects the plots next to it. The status of smithore determines the status of mules in the store. Etc. It's worth a little preparation (reading, watching tutorials) ahead of time to get the most out of it
The manual doesn't mention it, but you earn a free copter when you complete the base level. You won't see a reserve icon appear at the bottom of the screen for it, but you'll have it.
The copter flies faster backwards in the 400/800 version than it does in the 5200 version (which correctly matches the scrolling of the background). Looks like it was programmed for the 5200 first, and whoever converted it screwed that up.
A review in the October 1984 issue of TV Gamer states this was by Newmarket Distribution, so perhaps that's what the "ND" in "NDSL" stands for.
How do you load this on Atari800WinPlus? I can't seem to get it to work. You need basic and you should CLOAD it, but it's either freezing up or crashing. One of my favorite games from way back when!
An underrated classic. I played this one a TON as a kid. A slower-paced Star Raiders, in my opinion!
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