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This is a C16 conversion - 16k! Not a 64k conversion from the Commodore 64 as you would expect. Tidy conversion from the C16, but the Atari is capable of so much more than this, a la International Karate. Disappointing conversion.
Its a C16 conversion, but it's a good one. It's actually pretty fun, even if it doesn't show off the capabilities of the machine it's nice to get new games to play that we never had.
The project lead was Dave Getreu, so the programmers should be listed as Dave Getreu, Carol, and then me. I understand Steve Engelhart did some or all of the game design -- before I was assigned to the project -- but I don't believe he did any of the programming.
The original graphics artist was contractor John O'Neill, who subsequently founded
There were three programmers on the project: Tan Duong (the original project lead), me, and Paul Donahue. I believe Tan left Atari towards the end of the project, so I took over as lead. When the movie tanked, the basic game was complete but we had still had character set slots and space left in the cart for adding more variety to the levels; as others have noted, the controls also needed tweaking. They did a focus group on what we had and it went OK, but with the handicap of the bad movie, the project was cancelled.
This is a fun game. Although I'm a bit biased, I programmed it! It is a bit hard to get through all the levels, but a lot of the games back then were hard! :)
@Monk, methinks the lady doth protest too much - lol. The C64 and the Atari both have their strengths and weaknesses.
Great game! It's awesome to see someone show what the Atari 8 bit computers can really do when you push them.
superb port, showing what A8 is really capable of!
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