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A great game, but the Mitch the Monkey levels still make my head hurt 30+ years after I first played this. I'm not sure if there's something legitimately wrong with the perspective or if my brain just has trouble processing it, but I always found those levels to be a nightmare to navigate. All part of the fun, though!
Bonjour! Je m'appelle Dan Bowers!
Ou est Louie et Anne?
@Auntie Pastie: Me. That was me. I was that kid. And yet I still have my copy... a stark reminder of... something or other.
A fun collect 'em up which, as a type-in BASIC listing, you could easily modify yourself. Creating your own levels was a simple matter of replacing the ones that were clearly laid out as part of the program!
This was a delightful little action puzzler with elements of maze games and Snake. I still frequently go back to it today. The "explosion" sound still makes me jump every time.

Atari User featured Doctor Boris on the cover of the issue that played host to its BASIC listing as "Game of the Year". A bold claim indeed, but this is certainly one of my favourite type-in games from the magazine's run.
A straightforward take on the Blitz/Canyon Bomber formula, presented nicely using redefined Graphics 1 characters for visual interest and colour. Simplistic but addictive.
Pretty sure this was the first game I ever typed in out of a magazine. A simple, solid, and addictive one-button game with nice redefined Graphics 0 text characters for the main scenery and some nice graphical effects to add a bit of visual interest.
Beautifully presented both in graphical and audio terms -- I particularly like how you can hold down the fire button to make the cursor controller play music -- but ultimately it's just a slot machine game, so the actual "game" side of things becomes tiresome rather quickly.

Definitely worth a shot for at least a few minutes just to see one of many great examples of Axis Komputerkunst showing what the Atari was capable of in technical terms, though.
A competent adaptation of the 1983 arcade game "Hunchback", built in BASIC and published in Atari User as a type-in listing.

The death sound in this game used to scare the heck out of me when I was a kid, and I have no idea why. It was also used in another Atari User type-in game, though I'm struggling to think what it was right now. I wanted to say Money Hungry, but looking up a video of that it doesn't appear to have the same sound.
Almost identical to the 2600 version. I do think ''if it ain't broke don't fix it" to some extent, but they could have jazzed up the graphics a bit for the 8-bit without losing the simplicity and gameplay. Probably better than the C64 version which adds an unnecessary backdrop that obscures the gameplay, but overall the 2600 version wins!
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