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About this phrase "Unfortunately, this version appears to crash when you are about to enter the third level" - everything is OK, version is workable! )
I just obtained a working copy of this disk, though I'm reluctant to send it out again in the mail. I have an SIO2PC; can I create an atr by daisy-chaining the 810 and the SIO2PC?
interesting action adventure. but after all, the controls are lousy. but it's in the original, the atari 8bit port is clean and effective.
This must play on every Atari Multijoy 4+ party. It is probably THE game that defined how multijoy games should be after all.

Either the rating system is somewhat broken or the people that rated here simply never played it in a multijoy setup. As a matter of fact without multijoy the whole point of this title could be misunderstood.
This is a good strategy wargame (at least for me). Much simpler than any SSI war sim., but with good gameplay. The docs. on diskside B mention that this is a commercial product and they did not use copy protection so one can make a backup easily. The Basic programs however do have list protection and there seems to be more protection included, e.g. if you change the order of the files or copy them to another disk, then the program does not work anymore...
Shoot a pre-determined number of attackers before four of them manage to attach to Atlantis. This would be much simpler if the sub could fire up and move diagonally, but as it is the attackers have a disconcerting way of hemming you in. When they catch you, it sounds like meat getting slapped by a baseball bat.

This would be a fun game if there was some variety to it, but by level four it's just the same, only faster and with more attackers to kill.
Chinny just reviewed Rescue on Fractalus on four different platforms: Atari 8-Bit, C64, Spectrum, Amstrad CPC. As expected, the Atari 8-Bit version (being the original and developed directly for the architecture) is trouncing all other versions. Having said that, the other versions actually aren't bad at all considering a different architecture (Z80) or a slower processor (C64).
Click in a square to place a white bulb on it: this will turn orange all the squares lined with the bulb, horizontally and vertically, if no black squares are in the way. Your goal is to turn all the white squares into orange, AND keep all bulbs and numbers in white (if you missplace a bulb, bulbs and/or numbers affected will turn red). I'm still learning why red ones appear, and how numbers affect the game.
Just seen this game new and sealed on Ebay.

The back of the box says it's a tortoise in the 2nd paragraph, and a turtle in the 4th paragraph, and also says turtles can't swim very well.....erm
Why do people in the USA get tortoises and turtles muddled up?

Tortoises are land based and can't swim. Turtles can swim and mostly just come to shore to lay their eggs.
WOW! Some sort of A.I. in a basic program! WOW!
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