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Thanks for adding another HATIER title to the database!
The original version.
Fantastic 8 bit game. Huge, fast, stress, chocking, complexity, super accurate, tricky, it play with a lot of different moods. It makes me cry when the rocks fall it hurt like if it was real. ;)
I played it on the Amstrad CPC and green monitor with very sharp graphics. A8, CPC and C64 are lucky to have this gem perfectly executed.
My fav was the BD 3 (in space).
I'm not into Atari, I like very few games on this machine. This version is the very best one I know. It's real arcade gameplay, I mean it keep you busy like it should. It worth you own the cartridge. I don't know why centipede is in the top. Sure Millipede is a top 8 bit game. The other version I liked is the ST, but it's lacking that arcade feeling. (I'm not trying to compare the original arcade..)
You will explode in hyperspace if you are shooting at the same time. Don't shoot while hyper-spacing and if you are cheating with a rapid-fire device or joystick, let go of that fire button!
I've just received the original British tape release from Tynesoft (1987 copyright, predates the Zeppelin Games rerelease and the German release seen here). The instructions indicate Brian Jobling as the main programmer (Atari Conversion by). What I got is in poor shape but I'll send the scans to ATARIMANIA so that they can figure here.
I finished this game, i remember it runnning with atari translator or fix-xl, something like these.
Typo here - serial number sohuld read RX8085, not RX8079
Cool, good to know, so thanks for that. The problem still occurs on my actual 800XL, so is there a fix for that somewhere?
The APX ad doesn't have any mention of Excalibur.
I had the tape version of this program. There was an introduction (or demonstration) on tape side A, consisting of one Basic program and audio/speech. The Basic program was fully loaded at the start, but showed only a part of the introduction. It was waiting for some short pulses of the tape and would then present the next part. However, this side of the tape was for introduction and demonstration purpose only, it was not playable (as a game) in any way. Whereas tape side B did contain the game (fully playable) and no audio/speech at all. So, saying that the main game requires the audio cassette is a bit questionable to me, only the introduction on side A does require the audio, the game / main program on side B does not.
I made a recording of the audio/speech of tape Side A and uploaded it as MP3 to Atari Age forum, one can download it there...
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