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The game may be slow, the graphics may be pretty crappy, but the 5200 port of Xevious isn't that bad of a game. Although the 7800 version is a far better game.
Many don't know that this game can also be controlled using the number pad. When I was young I stuck 4 rubber dots to the overly creating essentially a thumb pad before Nintendo. This make this version the best home port of the time.
Please note that the skull death screen of Countermeasure was designed by Alan Murphy and exists in 2 other fashions: 1) a parody of the image with the skull smoking a cigarette was released on 04/17/20 by the National Videogame Museum: 2) the same death screen was recycled (albeit with different colors) for CRIME BUSTER released for the XEGS by Atari Corp. in 1988.
Kangaroo was one of the last games I would find for the 5200 during the game crash. I spent many hours playing this game. It still holds up well today and the 5200 version is very well made. Highly recommend this one just give it time.
Also known as Rev1 (1982).
An excellent port of an arcade sleeper. In fact, I far prefer this port to the actual arcade game. Highly recommended.
If you're looking for a challenging 5200 game, give this one a try.
Blows away the disappointing Asteroids port by a country mile.
As wonderful as the game looks and sounds, the inability to move diagonally just ruins what should have been a near-perfect arcade translation. The programmer - whoever they are - has some explaining to do. GCC also did the VCS version, which has diagonal movement and makes that version far more fun to play.
Contrary to others disliking the control scheme, I actually enjoyed this version of Frogger. Mainly because this is what I grew up with. The graphics, sounds, and controls worked well for me. A very well made game for the System X/5200.
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