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Impressive port! Excellent 3D world with big chunky sprites, very cool moving tank track effects, and nice variety of enemies. The UFOs, complete with shadow underneath, are great!
Wow, superb! I didn't ever play this back in the day, just trying it now, so polished. Feels and looks more like an actual arcade game than a VCS release, brilliant.
The Difficulty switches affect how the game is played. This isn't mentioned in the manual! If a 1-player game is played, and the computer (Left Difficulty) is set to B, it will be impossible for you to score or even get on base. If it's set the A, you can possibly hit a home run every time you're at bat. For more info, check out:
Air Patrol is aka Top Gun aka Air Raiders aka Air Battle etc ... Sun Science/Suntek/Sunteck Release
Too funny ... I have one of these and it does not work on my 2600jr. consoles (I have two). But when I use the cartridge on my 7800 console it works like a charme. Anyone else experienced something like that before ?
Good game, nice graphics on the objects you collect. Quite a challenge.
Nice game! Was very exciting and fresh back in the day, and it still plays very well today, nicely gauged challenge!
Discovered this via a Facebook Atari group and wow what a superb game! Smooth, playable, highly addictive, really classy programming!
To make a Phoenix conversion this good on a VCS is pretty amazing. A playable, accurate and very enjoyable port!
this is another game based on pumuckl.
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