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Well, there's also snowballs to avoid...

The Best Game for Atari!!!
Another astonishing and surprisingly excellent Atari game.

Atari certainly inspired game creators to go beyond the usual norm and to polish off their vision for the perfect game.

The end result was sometimes other-worldly, like this sublime pinball game.

It's odd how its official name seems to be 'Midnight Magic', but in the game itself, it says 'MIDNITE MAGIC' instead!

I wonder which is the actual name of the game..

People might confuse this game with the Williams pinball rip-off, 'David's Midnight Magic', which is a great classic in its own right, but this game is something completely different.

This Atari pinball has amazing changing color schemes, wonderful, bright 'flashes' (I guess I am a sucker for these), really good ball movement, exciting sound world that really makes you want to play more and more, and very believable behaviour of everything - the bumpers, the 'rolling middle bit' (whatever it's called), and the four paddles or 'bats' reacting to the ball.

The soundworld that's synchronized with the brilliant flashing effects creates excitement that not even more modern pinball games always have. Everything is an event, and every bumper hit makes you more pumped up - and when you complete a level, it's just so rewarding with the palette changes and ditties!

Only the cancan-music seemed an odd choice, but that's pretty much the only nitpick I can come up with.

I just found out about this game today, and I am already hooked and want to play this more. I wonder what other gems exist that I still don't know about..

Midnight / Midnite Magic is a Magnificent, Magical, Marvelous, Mesmerizing game that EVERYONE with real Atari 2600 (variation) should at least test, you'll be missing out if you don't!
Huh, I wonder what multicart the right cartridge was originally before they decided to use it for this game.
I gotta be honest, the green label variant has really nice artwork!
Ok, I'll say it right now: This is probably still the worst Atari 2600 game I had ever played. I only have 2 pros for this:
1. It scrolls smoothly
2. The title screen music is... alright.
Everything else however? J-j-just NO!!! The graphics are ugly as heck(being sideways makes it worse), the mazes are confusing to go through, there's seemingly no TNTs anywhere(the box lies), & not to mention controlling yourself can be NIGHTMARE INDUCING on a real 2600 joystick. 0/10 just ABYSMAL!!! This needs to be on TvTropes's So Bad It's Horrible.
I take back what I said before. I was stupid back then. This game ain't as good as I thought it was 2 years ago, UGGGHHH.
It's really not as bad as they say. It's not even the worst game on the 2600 let alone of all time. Yes, Atari paid too much for the rights and produced way too many cartridges so they lost a ton of money on it. Although it still sold 1.5 million carts making it the 8th best selling game on the platform. Despite demanding the game be delivered in just 5 weeks, HSW did a pretty good job in my opinion. 10 year old me loved the game and I still play it occasionally today. It took me all of 10 minutes to master how to get out of the pits and avoid dropping back in. I really don't know why this game gets all the hate.

Tip: try starting with level 3 as you can get to know how to play without the scientist or FBI guy roaming around.
Wow, an outstanding port. I always have a soft spot for the original VCS Defender, but indeed this one is obviously a much closer copy with the passage of time and programming evolution. Only thing is, I can't work out how to use 2nd joystick for smart bombs here, or via Stella, where I don't see an option for joystick 2 (perhaps it's there). Very nicely done, I think quite remarkable to get even closer to the arcade game on the 2600, with all the features looking right, though again I thought the original Defender was a great VCS game too.
One of the first VCS games I owned and an enjoyable one. Easy to get into, fun and relaxing, enough there to pull you back to keep playing.
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