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I remember getting this game for my Atari 2600 only to have Super Breakout come out a year later. I felt kind of ripped off. Same thing happened with the Blackjack cartridge when Casino came out a year later with more card games. Some other sequels that were far superior to the original were Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man and Defender / Stargate (Defender II).
Picked this at random from a gameslist to play and cannot believe I had never heard of this gem. Fantastic game.
This was one of my fave games growing up.... we used to put together something called the "ronky ponky" championship. Good times!
Game was released as part of "Atari 50" game!
Did someone know how much rare is this Game?
According to an interview in the Feb. 1985 issue of Keyboard magazine, Jeff Gusman did the sound for this game. He also did the sound for the Atari 2600 Oblix
A nice idea to reverse Missile Command, good game.
Excellent effort to get a great conversion of Dig Dug onto the VCS/2600 - a classic game done well for the console!
Another smooth, classy, very playable and enjoyable game by Activision. Very slick, nice scrolling and use of colour.
Superb game! So much quality, brilliant to get that on a VCS.
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