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Code: Fear of Crystalic
Graphics: Lord & Fear of Crystalic.
Music: Sample ripped by Lord of Crystalic


Many thanks :)
Atarimania ST
I had almost forgotten this one and that we gave the song a name!
One of the beST ever Atari ST demos!!
SLUTA genast påstå att TLT skulle kunna skapa ett så elajt demo som detta!! HUNDAR!

One of the beST demos ever and even made disk swapping nice with that screen!! Ace megademo.
Glad to see that 26 years after this DEMO to which I had the pleasure to participate is still found on the internet.
Congratulations to all to keep his memories !
Christo / MB members
Cette demo a été l'acte fondateur de notre groupe.
Une 2nd grosse demo etait en préparation avec le moteur du jeu Yuppie's land crée par Fefesse.
J'ai vendu mes machines et tous mes disques de source en normandie.
Si quelqu'un à ça qu'il me contact.
Screenshot is wrong emulation.
It's better in Steem SSE.
Screenshot is wrong emulation.
It's better in Steem SSE with option 'Hacks'.
It works also on any ST (not only STe) with 1 MB
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