It is the year 3097 and you are about to become a contestant in the newest and fastest cult sports game in the Universe. This is your chance to become the ultimate champion.

Strapped into your Rotofoil, a hovercraft like vehicle capable of speeds of up to 50 metres a second, you must gain control of the Plasmorb and shoot it through your opponent's goal.

The game uses a split-screen similar to the one used in Speed Ace by Zeppelin which shows a simultaneous first-person perspective for each player. Once the game gets going the sheer speed is awesome.

There are three play modes: regulation game, practice mode and spectator mode. A game lasts for three minutes and offers the ultimate in two player, head-to-head competition.

A very original game that offers a challenge to both your nerve and speed of reactions. Yet another programming delight from Lucasfilm Games.