X-Moon [Falcon030]

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Screenshots - X-Moon [Falcon030]

X-Moon [Falcon030] atari screenshot
X-Moon [Falcon030] atari screenshot
X-Moon [Falcon030] atari screenshot
X-Moon [Falcon030] atari screenshot
X-Moon [Falcon030] atari screenshot
X-Moon [Falcon030] atari screenshot
X-Moon [Falcon030] atari screenshot

Information - X-Moon [Falcon030]

GenreShoot'em Up! - Vertical ScrollingYear1996
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJagpad, KeyboardDistributor-
Players1, 2 (sim.)Developer[n/a]
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Knaus, Jochen [Bloody Drunken Cannibal] / Bäckmann, Jürgen

Graphic Artist(s)

Bühler, Daniel / Maras, Jean-Philipe [Zack]
Tennemann, Kay [Agent T.]

Game design

Knaus, Jochen [Bloody Drunken Cannibal]

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Bohn, Dominik [Domm]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeFalcon030 / 4MB
MIDIVersion[preview] 1.02
Dumpdownload atari X-Moon [Falcon030] Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Instructions - X-Moon [Falcon030]

   *      *                 
 *  WELCOME         to the   x-moon   preview: first night   (fix 1.02 ;-))

        --> ENJOY       a first look at another vertical shooter for your
                        Falcon. It's different, just start and forget the

| SOMETHING about SOMETHINGS                                            |

STATUS:   - The "x-moon" PREVIEW is FREEWARE and can be distributed on
            any medium (ftp, mailbox, CDs, PD-series etc), as long as this
            text is copied with the files and the files are not changed.

FINISH:   - We got 5 more levels to do. Expect the game in late summer.
            The game-engine is finished to 98% (2 extraweapons missing), so
            we only have to do the levels itself. 

TEA:      - This is a preview.
            We run out of time to finish it.
            !!! GFX and gameplay are not compareable to the final game. !!!

PRODUCER: - Currently 6 guys work on . Probably you call it another
            "scene-production". Due to the low quality of earlier games
            running under that title, we decided not to use it.
            Anyway, we are from:

            NewTrend - AURA - Lazer - Moule/Fatal Design - Cream - Animal Mine

| INSTALL the "x-moon" preview to your local Falcon server:             |

HARDDISC: - Copy the "xmoon" directory to any TOS partition of your
            harddisc (don't copy it to a Minix-FS partition).

FLOPPY:   - Just doubleclick "xmoon.tos" ;-)
            (Floppy will not supported in the final game, see technical
            notes below).

MACHINE:  - The programm runs on any Falcon030 with AT LEAST 3 Mbytes free
            ram (ST-Ram). The programm will be stopped without comment if
            too less memory is free (TOS fault).
            The game runs on Afterburner040 and any other accelerator card.
            In the final game, there will be a 50 fps version to use with
            fast accelerators (like Afterburner) with use of FastRam etc.,
            the preview is not showing this feature. It will run on AB with
            25fps, too !

MONITOR:  - "x-moon" runs on RGB/TV or VGA monitors.

            ATTENTION: The vertical frequency it switched to 50Hz on VGA mons.
                       Some old VGA monitors aren't able to display this.
            Due to less useable cpu-time with VGA mon connected, a small
            accelerator card (e.g. Skunk 36) would be helpful with VGA-mons.
            The game-timing is made for RGB/TV screens (with VGA, the game
            will sometimes slow down to 17 fps).

          - We test the preview on Skunk 32, Skunk 36 and Afterburner040, and
            game and prev works fine there.

| KEEP controlling everything (but find the cheat-mode yourself).       |

INTRO:    - Press space to go directly to the "mainmenue"
          - Press "ESC" to leave to desktop (if you get bored earlly).
          - Press "1" to start a solo game   ("lonely shooter" mode)
          - Press "2" to start 2-player game ("this extra's mine" mode)

GAME:     - Press "DELETE" to leave to desk (alert button for shocked
          - Press "P" to relax a bit (Pause):
            In Pausemode press F9  to switch to RGB monitor
                               F10 to switch to VGA monitor
            (for all the guys which change monitor DURING the game...)
          - "F1"/"F2" Turn constant fire for both players on/off
                      (holiday for your firebutton).
          - The programm returns to desktop if you run out of lifes.
          - Extraweapons: You can collect red, green and blue extras:
                red    are main weapons
                green  are weapons to the back and the side
                blue   are rokets and satellites
            You can have one system each colour anytime. Try to collect
            equal extras (same col+same symbol) to increase weapon power.

CONTROL:  - Player 1: Joypad A or numeric keyboard (use F1/F2 for fire)
          - Player 2: Joypad B
          - Player 3: Lost in Hyperspace.

| SUPPORT: "don't call, we're busy."                                    |

SUPPORT:  - WWW:    Join the "x-moon" homepage at URL:
                    Latest news, screenshots and previews are avaible.

CONTACT:  - Snail:  Jochen Knaus
                    Jos-Fritz Str. 7 (c/o Maiwald)
                    79110 Freiburg
          - EMail:  knaus@ruf.uni-freiburg.de   (BDCanibal)

          - Don't call us at nighttime and don't send letter-bombs.

!!!!!   Please send any suggestions, critics and comments. Thanx.   !!!!!

| TECHNICAL notes to impress your children.                             |

          - 320*240 high-colour (65.000 cols) resolution including
            fullscreen scrolling.
          - 8 voices sound (4 module, 4 effects)
          - 25 fps on a normal Falcon (16MHz)
          - Extrem fast sprite routines (~80 Sprites at 25fps)
          - 1 or 2 player modes
          - 14 extraweapons with 5 strenghts each.
          - Works with RGB/TV or VGA monitors
          - Runs with any speeder cartridge (even with Afterburner040)

Probably some facts remind you to another preview of a vertical
shooter for the Falcon, just start the game and you know we are lightyears

The final game will feature:

          - 6 levels with different stiles.

          - Reload during levels.
          - 50fps AB version (probably is fast enough on any other cards
            with Fastram, too).

Probably you noticed the "x-moon" logo in the game is just 256 colours !
NO, we really use high-col, the logo is dithered just to save RAM-space.
Don't panic (Actually the back only have about 1000 colours in this prev).
(As Dan isn't able to change the palette in IndyPaint, that's not too
bad :-))

| We can't stop raving (Who did what and why not)                       |

The TEAM in general (in order of entrance):

        - JšRGEN BŽCKMANN (Dragon of NewTrend)
            CODE (the hot game-engine), OMEGA-TESTER
                Also: Harakiri-Dragon ("ha ja")

        - JOCHEN KNAUS (BDCannibal of AURA)
                Also: "jetzt wart' doch mal"

        - DANIEL BšHLER (Dan of Lazer)
                Also: NEONleuchte ("ach nee")
        - JEAN-PHILIPE MARAS (Zack of Moule/Fatal Design)
                Also: Right time in IRC ("email")
        - KAY TENNEMANN (Agent t. of Cream)
                Also: "Schatten sind Standart"
        - DOMINIK BOHN (Domm of Animal Mine)
                Also: extra-fr-euch-mod (ebenfalls frohe Ostern)

|  CREDITS for the prev with the textfile you are currently reading.    |

        - GAME CODE:    Jrgen B„ckmann (who else)
        - INTRO CODE:   Jochen Knaus (rot ist schwarz)
        - GAME GFX:     Daniel Bhler (auch ohne Panzer)
        - ADD. GFX:     Olli (too busy to join the team)
        - INTRO TUNE:   Dominik Bohn (sehr gefragt der mann ;-)
        - GAME TUNE:    Sven Lahann (Ex-Celtik of AURA, sadly left the scene)
        - LOGO:         Kay Tennemann ("Preview Logo")
        - GAMEPLAY:     BDC ("das muž alles viel kaputter aussehen"),
                        Dragon ("action."),
                        Dan ("ja gut, du bekommst deine Ecken")
        - GROUP LOGOS:  In order of appearance:
                        Ice-T (ugliest so far), Dan, JMS, Zack, ---, JMS
        - I-BACKGROUND: Done by BDCs Plasmagenerator. If interested, contact
        - MOD-REPLAY:   Bitmaster / TCE

    To say the truth: we really got MUCH troubles to finish the preview until
    the "Symposium '96" party. Except the code, everything was late: gfx,
    music and putting together the game. So please look at this preview just
    as an smart impress of the game engine (we didn't got the time to realise
    our original concept and test the level in normal ways: enemies and backs
    are missing etc.).
    The game was putted together in some short nights, finished at friday

| SPECIAL THANKS GO TO:                                                 |

- Sethos:   For the Afterburner-Tips and testing. And all the other stuff.
            Get his AB DSP-Paula 2.52 (e.g. at the AURA page)

- Ronny:    For the -finally- not needed help with SoftImage.
            Hopefully you get your SGI Indigo 2 with High Impact GFX soon,
            2 month are far a long time to render a movie...

| SPECIAL GREETS GO TO:                                                 |

- Celtik: Restart making mods (von mir aus auch verstrahlt).

- Alex, Mr. Spock, Olli, Kristian, Jrgen, Dirk, Andreas.
  Hans S. for beeing pretty strange in negative way.

- Impulse: We are waiting for your vertical shooter (is the project is
  still alive?).

- Mr. Bond: For the letter and in special ways.
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