Wolf and the 7 Kids (The)

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Screenshots - Wolf and the 7 Kids (The)

Wolf and the 7 Kids (The) atari screenshot
Wolf and the 7 Kids (The) atari screenshot
Wolf and the 7 Kids (The) atari screenshot
Wolf and the 7 Kids (The) atari screenshot
Wolf and the 7 Kids (The) atari screenshot
Wolf and the 7 Kids (The) atari screenshot
Wolf and the 7 Kids (The) atari screenshot
Wolf and the 7 Kids (The) atari screenshot

Information - Wolf and the 7 Kids (The)

GenreAdventure - Point and ClickYear1989
LanguageTalespinPublisher[no publisher]
Players1Developer[no developer]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Brumleve, Dorothy A.

Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Brumleve, Dorothy A.

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Wolf and the 7 Kids (The) Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Wolf and the 7 Kids (The)

                   The Wolf and the Seven Kids

               a kidprg(tm) created with Talespin
                        by D.A. Brumleve

                 Copyright 1989 by D.A. Brumleve

The  Wolf  and the 7 Kids is intended as a  first  adventure  for 
young computer users,  ages 5-9.   The adventure is based on  the 
Grimms'  fairy tale,  and the story may be familiar to  children, 
but  the  program  offers  some  surprises.   There  are  several 
possible  endings  to the story,  depending on what  choices  you 
make, and there are numerous opportunities for making choices.  

The adventure was developed using Talespin, an adventure-creation 
program from MichTron.   To run 7KIDS.TAL,  you will need  either 
TALESPIN.TOS   (from  the  commercial  development  package)   or 
TELLTALE.TOS (the public domain run-time program).  To facilitate 
your  child's  use  of the  program,  please  make  certain  that 
TELLTALE.TOS  and 7KIDS.TOS are in the same directory or  folder.  
If you are not familiar with Talespin adventures,  the  following 
instructions will help you get started.

Upon  running TELLTALE.TOS,  you will be presented with a  dialog 
box.   Click  the left mouse button on "Choose &  Load  Program".  
Then  select  "7KIDS.TAL".   The program will be loaded  and  the 
title  screen  will  appear.   Click the  left  mouse  button  on 
"BEGIN",  and the opening scene will appear.   Many "objects" are 
on  the  screen during that scene.   If you click  on  the  young 
goats,  nothing happens.   If you click on the Mama Goat,  a text 
window appears.  The words "<>" are at the bottom of 
the  window.   Click the left mouse button on  the  window.   The 
text will disappear.   Now click on the baby goats.  You will see 
that they now have something to say themselves.

Each scene in the program has some objects with text which has an 
effect on the program--either making objects appear or disappear, 
or  allowing other objects to show text,  or moving  objects,  or 
changing the scene.   The text in these "effective" windows  will 
always  have the words "<> at the  bottom,  and  the 
text will be highlighted as you move the mouse over it.   You  do 
not  HAVE to click on the text window unless you want to  proceed 
with whatever changes that object will cause.   You can click the 
left mouse button off of the window,  and then continue to  click 
on other objects to see what they may have to say,  as  sometimes 
information  from  non-effective text windows (with  no  "<>"  sign) can be important.   Each time you do click on  an 
effective window,  you should then click on the other objects  to 
make sure there is no new text available from them.   

Some  of  the  effective windows  will  offer  choices,  and  the 
"<>"  signs will tell you what those  choices  are.  
For example, if the sign says "<>", it is offering you a choice, and one 
or another object on that same screen will offer you a  different 
choice.   If you DON'T want to kill the wolf, don't click on that 
window.  Be sure you are aware of all the possible choices before 
making a decision.

Telltale  and Talespin require you to use the left  button  while 
working  within aan adventure.   If you want  to  exit,  however, 
click the right mouse button and the Telltale or Talespin  dialog 
will  appear,  offering  you  choices such  as  "Help"  and  "End 
Session" (the latter is used to quit the program).   If you  want 
to resume work with 7KIDS.TAL,  click the left mouse button while 
the mouse is off the dialog box.

The program is not "locked",  so if you have Talespin,  feel free 
to  investigate  its  structure.    Please  note,  however,  that 
7KIDS.TAL is copyrighted,  so please do not distribute a modified 

I hope you enjoy this little Talespin adventure!

D.A. Brumleve
CompuServe: 71451,1141
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