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Screenshots - Super Bomberman

Super Bomberman atari screenshot
Super Bomberman atari screenshot
Super Bomberman atari screenshot
Super Bomberman atari screenshot
Super Bomberman atari screenshot

Information - Super Bomberman

GenreArcade - BombermanYear1995
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ControlsJoystick, Keyboard, JagpadDistributor-
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Bourlon, Marc [Archangel]

Graphic Artist(s)

Bourlon, Marc [Archangel]

Game design

Bourlon, Marc [Archangel]

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari Super Bomberman Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Additional Comments - Super Bomberman

Instructions - Super Bomberman

(Pas de doc fran‡aise, les enfants, le plus important est … la fin de ce
texte. Je diffuserai un mode d'emploi bilingue plus tard. Non mais. C'est
que je n'ai pas de secr‚taire, moi ! (Avis aux amatrices))


		Hello, for the last time.

	Well, this game is not in its final version. However, you may
have a lot of fun playing with it. I know it, coz' I already played it
a lot with my young brothers. I'm a lot disappointed by the very few
messages I received for the previous version. When I spoke about doing
this game monthes ago, more than ten guys wrote me to say it was great,
they would pay, and so on... Now that really playable version have been
spread, what? Only four or five letters...Not very encouraging. So, I've
made up my mind. This is the LAST version I'll spread. As I already said,
you may play it enough to see it's very good. And I don't say it because
I've done it, but because it's true! Now, it's very simple :

1) You like it, and you want to get a full version ( music & sound, improved
  graphics, more levels, etc...) : send me a donation. It's as simple as
  that! The best way is to send me some cash well hidden in a sheet of paper,
  well enclosed in an envelop. I think an honest gift should be around
  100 FF/20$(US)/30DM/12 œ, and so on. You may send it IN YOUR OWN CURRENCY,
  I prefer going to the bank to do some exchange than not receiving money !
  And remember that this game doesn't exist on computers so far, and that the
  SNES version must be around 60$...(and you can only play it at four players)

  Planned improvements :
  - good sprite rout
  - music
  - sounds
  - several levels
  - perhaps teleports and conveyor belts
  - more ?

2) You like it, but you prefer to see the Falcon without good games. It's a
  perfectly understandable point of view, don't send money, the message will
  be clear enough to me, and I won't do anything else for this computer. Go on
  that way, and in a few monthes, you won't even be able to sell your Falcon,
  coz' nobody will want it anymore.

3) You don't appreciate this game, and I'm really sad. First, because you won't
  send me some cash, second, because this game is a lot of fun, and you
  certainly miss something !

	Nice (and smart) donators will receive the final version the fastest I
can, and people who have got e-mail will be sent updates regularly until the
final version.

	Well, I think I said everything. Please, donate. The source code is
more than 200KB long, there are a lot of graphics, and it took me a lot of
time. Several full-time weeks ! It's not expensive, and the more I get, the
better will my future games be. If there are ones. And there'll be only if
there's enough money. Don't be stupid. Big firms will NEVER do games on Falcon.
NEVER. I try to bring you commercial quality for shareware price. And I would
like to keep on this kind of thing. But it all depends on YOU, users. (BTW, I'm
graduated enough to get a good job and a comfortable salary. If I prefer trying
to do games like this, it's coz' I like the Atari world, the Falcon, and I
believe in it. But if I'm too much disappointed, I'll get a good job and ...)

	To 'register', see at the end of the letter.



	Here's a second version of Super Bomberman. As you'll see, a lot
of debugging has been done. Everything seems to work fine, except remote
control for bombs, since I haven't done it yet (I still need to sleep
every night! :-). You can now play it at four players, two on the keyboard
and two with joysticks. The gameplay has been limited to one victory. It's
not the final version...for which you should pay to play.
	To kick bombs, just push'em.
	To stop a kicked bomb, press fire.
	To punch'em, just turn toward them, and, when you're close enough to
one bomb, you'll punch it if you press fire, instead of putting one more bomb.

	Don't hesitate to send me criticisms, encouragements, money, and so




	I had promised it some monthes ago, here is the first demo of
"my" SuperBomberman on Falcon playable enough to be spread. It already repre-
sents many hours of brainstorming, but I think it begins to be nice.

	You can play it (or better, beta-test it ;-) with X,C,V,D and
Left Shift for the white player, cursor keys and right shift for the black
player, and joystick for the red player. Punch, kick and remote bonuses are
only partially coded, so I didn't include them in this demo-version. Maluses
seems also a bit bogus, since sometimes they last forever !!! So, better avoid
them, just try them once.

	And now, here's the deal : I wanted to release this game as a "free-
shareware". I may not do it as a shareware, since it's (C) Hudson Soft. I may
only do it as a freeware, I think, but hey, if I don't make any money with it,
don't even hope to see anything else from me. Some guys told me they were
interested in releasing it as a commercial game, changing graphics and music...

	So, it's up to YOU, Falcon users to decide : either you support me a
lot by the "free-shareware" way, and not only you'll pay this game only a few
bucks (I think 100FF, 20$, 30DM and so on is a reasonnable price (for the FULL
game of course :)), either you don't, and you'll have to pay between twice and
three times this price...Let me know your opinion, by mailing or e-mailing
me them.


				Marc BOURLON (Archangel)

To register(Pour s'enregistrer) :

	Send some cash in your currency, or even better, in FF to :

10, rue des Tanneries
75013 PARIS


	Don't forget to give me your address, of course !
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