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Screenshots - Sunshine

Sunshine atari screenshot
Sunshine atari screenshot
Sunshine atari screenshot
Sunshine atari screenshot
Sunshine atari screenshot
Sunshine atari screenshot
Sunshine atari screenshot

Information - Sunshine

GenreGambling - DiceYear1997
LanguageCompiled CPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJagpad, KeyboardDistributor-
Players1, 2+DeveloperFoundation Two
ResolutionVGALicensed from-

Butschke, Thorsten

Graphic Artist(s)

Heun, Oliver [Paranoid] / Butschke, Thorsten

SoftwareEnglish, French, German
Game design

Butschke, Thorsten

Box / InstructionsEnglish, French, German

Benz, Stefan [Lotek Style / MC Laser]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari Sunshine Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Instructions - Sunshine

The dice game
(c) 1997 Solution Software/Foundation Two
Program:          Thorsten Butschke
Graphics:         Thorsten Butschke
Cover,presentator:Oliver Heun
Samples:          Thorsten Butschke
Intro mod:        Oliver Heun
Game Mod:         MC Laser of TSCC
Female Voice:     Nicole Seybold
Sample routine:   Bitmaster of TCE
Joypad routine:   Gizmot of Kaos Development
French Transl.:   Chromatic/IRIDIUM
Used programes:   Rainbow(Graphics,samples)
                  Screenpain, Pure C
Sunshine is Shareware. We take no
responsible for damages because of using the
program. For registration Sunshine send
4 Pound to the folloing address:
Thorsten Butschke
Bluecherstr. 26
65597 Wiesbaden
Tel: 0611/404002
The rules
Sunshine is an very old game, which is very
famous in pubs.
You dize in a row. The first player has
three trys. In this tryes he try to dize
one of the following combinations:
Game over:  111
Jule:       421
Meier 6:    611
Meier 5:    511
Meier 4:    411
Meier 3:    311
Meier 2:    211
3 fat ones: 666,555,444,333,222
street      654,543,432,321
number:     the rest
After a try(if it isn't the last one) you
have the choice to save one or more die, or
to dice with these dies another time.
An execption is the possibility to turn two
diced six's to a six a one and a one. It's
also possible to turn two diced six's to a
six and a one. In these cases you have to
dice again.
How often you could dice depands on how often
the first player diced. If he diced only two
times, the other players could only dice two
times. If he diced only one time, the other
players could only dice one time.
The first player is the player who loose the
last round.
 It's also possible
to turn tӖn
For the combinations you get cards. These
cards are given to the looser of the round.
The combinations have the following values:
Game over:  15 cards
jule:       7 cards
Meier 6:    6 cards
Meier 5:    5 cards
Meier 4:    4 cards
Meier 3:    3 cards
Meier 2:    2 cards
3 fat ones: 3 cards
street:     2 cards
number:     1 card
Game over is the hightest combination,number
the lowest. The player who diced the lowest
combination,is low. The player who diced the
hightest combination is hight.
At the end of a round the player who is low,
get the cards, and coresponding to the
combination wich is high, minuspoints.The
player who is high, get coresponding to
his combination pluspoints.
Is the cardvalue of a combination higher than
the remaining cards, only the remaining cards
are given to the looser.
An exeption is game over.
If you dice game over, the actuell round is
is finished after the last player. The looser
of this turn lose the whole round, because he
get all cards, the remaining and the others.
If all cards are gone, the players who own a
cards plays until one player owns all cards.
In these case, the player who is low, get the
cards from the player who is hight.
If one player owns all cards in the normal
round, the round is finished too.
Language and Text: Choice of the Language of
                   the voice and the text
Registration:      Input of the registration-
Version xx.xx.xx:  Go to next menu
Mode: choice of the typ of game
      Random:  K.o. System head to head. The
               opponments are random
      Tableau: K.o. System where you can
               choose your opponment
      Points:  The player with the lowest
               score is out of the next
      Last:    The player who loose the round
               is out of the next rounds
      Normal:  The normal game
 players: Number of human players
human players: Number of human players
Realmode:      In the realmode you can dice
               with a real dicebox and then
               enter the combination.
Demo:          Demomode
Quit to Tos:   Go back to the desktop
Go on:         Go to the next menu. Press
               right, to set the menu to
               [again]. With again you begin
               the game with the parameters
               set the last time.
Computer players:   number of computer
playernames:        Enter the names of the
Rounds:             Number of rounds
Greeting and rules: This text appears
Go on:              start the game
During a turn of a human player you could
enter the optionmenu by pressing the [o] key
or the [option]key on the Joypad.
Sound:   You could choose, if you wanna
         hear a mod, a sample, nothing or
Game speed:
Statistics:on or off
Orders:    Orders in the first rows on or off
dicing:    animated or not
dicebox:   animated or not
Cards:     animated or not
Delays:    on or off
Automatic: You could turn off some orders
Quit game: You can beginn a new game, or
           quit to tos
Nicole Seybold, Oliver Heun, Stefan Benz,
Sven Bornemark, Michael Ruge, Heiko Haeger,
Dieter Wenzel, Clino Palazzo, Adam Czech,
Thomas Schedel, Knut Spung, Rene Nivolayevic,
Dorry Heaps, Mario Rodekurth
Hi to TSCC, Llama, Sage, Escape, Therapay,
Mr. Pink , Reservoir Gods, Grey , Shadows,
Armin Stuermer , AMC, Dirk Troeger, Hard,
Jan Daldrup, Pascal Ognibene, 999 Software,
Johan Karlson, Longshot , Impulse, Karel
Rous , Empty Head, Mr. Cooke, Iridium,
Laurant de Soras, Addicition Software,
Gizmot, STOSSER , Tony Greenwood, Tomy
Jonaeson, Jesper Kock, Jabba of Vectronix,
Pieter van der Meer, Oliver Heisler
Joe , Mike und den rest der ATARI Computing,
Tom Thomason, Nick (i am british) Harlow,
allen Lesern der AC in deutschland,
Manowar, Eintracht Frankfurt, Death
Besonderen dank nach valhalla an Odin. 
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