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Screenshots - ST Sorry!

ST Sorry! atari screenshot
ST Sorry! atari screenshot
ST Sorry! atari screenshot
ST Sorry! atari screenshot
ST Sorry! atari screenshot

Information - ST Sorry!

GenreBoard Game - MiscellaneousYear1993
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
Players1, 2+, DemoDeveloper[no developer]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Baboo, Shiraz / Bonnette, Paul

CountryUnited Kingdom USA
Graphic Artist(s)

Bonnette, Paul

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari ST Sorry! Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - ST Sorry!

      *     ST SORRY!     *
      *       4.0         *



1. OBJECT OF THE GAME:  The first 
   player who moves all 4 of his 
   tokens from his START position
   to his HOME position,according
   to the rules,wins.

2. TO START:  Red plays first. Cards
   are turned over by clicking either
   mouse button.  A player may start 
   a token into play on the draw of a
   One, Two, or Sorry card.
   (An opponent must have at least
   one token out of start for the 
   Sorry card to be active.) When a
   card has been drawn, all possible
   options will be displayed in the
   message window, and appropriate
   icons will appear in the button
   box. Instructions for each card 
   are also printed on the card
   themselves, but not all options 
   are available in all situations.
   Cards that have "special" 
   characteristics are... One, Two,
   Four,Seven, Ten, Eleven and Sorry.
   Play continues from right to

3. ENTRY OF PIECES:  On the draw of
   a One, a token can be moved from
   START. This token will be placed 
   on the small circle directly
   outside the player's START. 
   Similarly, on the draw of a Two, a
   piece is placed on the same entry
   square, but with a two, the player
   may click for another card. 
   No piece may occupy the same board
   square. If this occurs the token 
   will be sent back to the START 
   square regardless of whether this
   is an opponent's piece or one of 
   the player's own..

4. MOVING PIECES:  Once tokens have
   been entered they ar moved forward
   in the direction of the arrows on
   the board unless otherwise directed
   by the cards. Pieces may pass each
   other regardless of color. Once
   again pieces of the same or 
   different color MAY NOT occupy the
   same space. If no move is possible
   the turn is forfeit. However, a 
   player MUST complete any possible
   moves whether or not it is to his
   advantage. When a move ends on an
   occupied square, the resident 
   token is sent back to start. 
   A player may move only one piece
   per turn(except with a Two or

5. SORRY:  When a player draws a Sorry
   card he may chose via the
   select-o-matic, an opponent's piece
   to send back to Start,
   replacing it with his own token
   providing that the opponent's piece
   is not in it's Safety Zone, and
   that the player has a man in START
   to initiate the move.

6. SLIDES:  A piece which lands on the
   triangle of a slide of a colour
   OTHER THAN HIS OWN slides directly
   to the round end of that slide.
   all tokens of it's own or any othe
   color that occupy spaces on that
   slide will be sent back to their
   respective STARTs. Pieces DONOT
   slide on their own colour.

7. DIAMOND SQUARES:  No piece moves
   forward ove a diamond square of
   it's own colour. However, a player
   may move BACKWARDS over his
   diamond square(providing a Four or
   Ten has been drawn) or by
   replacing an opponent's piece with
   a Sorry or an Eleven.

   use a Four or MAY use a Ten to 
   move backwards. Any piece that has
   succesfully moved backwards at
   least two squares from his START
   may move that piece on a
   subsequent turn into the Safety
   Zone without having to go around
   the board. No piece may move
   backwards directly into the Safety

9. SPLIT "7" MOVE: No player may use
   the "split move" of a seven to
   start a man, however this move may
   be split to send an opponent
   back to START, or to bring a
   player's token home. The move MUST
   be split between 2 pieces.

10 SAFETY ZONES:  Pieces may only
   enter Safety Zones of their own
   colour. All other rules apply, even
   if this sends the piece back
   out of the Zone. Although the
   Safety Zone protects a player from
   the wrath of his opponents, he may
   still, as always, send his own
   pieces back to START by landing on

11 HOME:  A player may enter HOME only
   by exact count. If a card
   exceeds the number of squares
   needed to go HOME, the token will
   "bounce" the remaining move count.

12 PLAYMODES:  -In One player
   mode(version 3.0 or higher), one
   player plays against one or more
   computer players.  -In two player
   mode, you may select up to two
   computer plays to join in. If you
   do not wish to have computer
   opponent(s), Red plays Yellow. -In
   three Player mode, Red, Blue and
   Yellow are the human players with
   Green  as the optional computer
   player. -All colors are human in
   Four Player Mode.

13 THE SELECT-O-MATIC Select-o-Matic
   is a combination card display,
   message display, and button box.
   All action in the game may be
   controlled from this area. Simply
   click on the appropriate button
   in answer to the prompts appearing
   in the message display. Note
   Sorry! does not ask you to confirm
   your move, so be sure to pay 
   attention to what you are clicking.

Trivia - ST Sorry!

Based on Parker Brothers boardgame Sorry from 1934.

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