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Screenshots - Sleuth

Sleuth atari screenshot
Sleuth atari screenshot
Sleuth atari screenshot
Sleuth atari screenshot
Sleuth atari screenshot
Sleuth atari screenshot
Sleuth atari screenshot

Information - Sleuth

GenreShoot'em Up! - Multi-DirectionalYear1993
LanguageGFA BASICPublisherST Review
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Scholz, Larry

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Stewart, John

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish

Strong, Jeff

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Sleuth Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Sleuth


                         Rules and Information

                  "SLEUTH" is ½1993 MajicSoft, Inc.

                       Programming: Larry Scholz
                      Sounds N Songs: Jeff Strong
                     Artwork N Sprites: John Stewart
                  Written in: The M.A.G.E.¿ and GFA Basic¿
              The M.A.G.E.¿ is ½1993 MajicSoft, Inc. 1993

                            Registration Notice

     This game is freeware.   If you would like to send a small donation
to the team that brought you "Sleuth", please do!  Send whatever you feel
it is worth.  If you can't send money, send them a thank you note letting
them know you liked the game.

Send donations and cards to:

                            MajicSoft, Inc.
                            C/O "Sleuth" Team
                            348 Meredith Square
                            Columbia, SC 29223

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                            Commerical Notice

The commercial version of  "Sleuth"  is coming soon!   It has twice as many
levels,  which means  twice as many rooms and double the excitement of this
this FREEWARE version.   There are many new enhancements,  including traps,
obsticles and new dangers to face.  This adds up to twice the fun!!  Coming
soon to retailers everywhere.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


        The year is 2525 and man is still alive.  But his very existence is
threatened.  Cybernetics is real and cybernetic organisms are a very real
part of the society of the current age of man.  That is where you fit in.

        Your job as "Inspector Sleuth" is to insure that the cybernetic 
organisms remain under human control.  You make routine inspections of
different industrial manufacturing facilities to insure that no one is
breaking the rules.  Those rules being - cybernetic organisms may only be
manufactured as non-violent work horses.

        In the past few years there have been rumors from the underground
of a scientist named Dr. Spirit.  Rumors say that he has developed a method
of transplanting human minds into a new generation of cyberdroids he has
created.  And that he is using these new cyberdroids to capture humans to
use in his evil experiments.  Other rumors say that he has a huge military
complex setup up and that this complex is now a factory for producing an
ultimate army of cyberdroids.  Captured humans are being slaughtered by the
hundreds and their minds are being used in these cyberdroids to form his

Intelligence reports say that Dr. Spirit has designed at least four
generations of cyberdroids and that the designs of a new generation is now
underway.  The information you have compiled is:

MAKE              MODEL        DESCRIPTION
Cyberdroid MK I:  Hemroid      Low Level Intelligence, general pain in butt.
Cyberdroid MK II: Red Hemroid  Low Level Intelligence, armed with weapon.
Cyberdroid MK III:Spiroid      Med Level Intelligence, tracking onboard.
Cyberdroid MK IV: Grn Spiroid  Med Level Intelligence, tracking and armed.
Cyberdroid MK V:  Hopperoid    Hi  Level Intelligence, ultra track and warp.
Cyberdroid MK VI: Spirit       DR. Spirit Himself,     fast, auto laser!!

Your assignment:

      Using a special key card you have attained, you shall infiltrate
Dr. Spirit's factory complex and destroy him.  The government has armed you
with a special hand gun that launches small armor piercing projectiles.

      These special projectiles are armed with a small thermo nuclear device
that will explode on impact, destroying even the toughest materials now
in existence.

      Dr. Spirit's complex is rumored to have many levels of fortification.
It is recommended that you take with you a mapping device (Hi-Tech Graph
Paper will do).  As you work through this complex you may find locked doors
that will only open with the proper keys.  Also rumor has it that you may
find mystery devices that can award you with keys for the doors or even extra
lives.  Rumor has it that many exciting and new devices may be found in this

Special Keys: F1 toggles the game from "NOVICE" to "EXPERT" mode.

Special Note: New information indicates that Dr. Spirit has electrified all
              of the walls in the complex, so be careful.

Good luck Sleuth, you are going to need it!


               * * * * * S P E C I A L  N O T I C E * * * * *

M.A.G.E.¿  (Majic Arcade Graphics Engine)  is available now from MajicSoft!

M.A.G.E.¿  -  The Majic Arcade Graphics Engine  (previously  known  as the
GP Graphics Engine) is an incredibly powerful developers toolkit.  Creating
high quality commercial software has never been easier.  What  used to take
months, now takes just a few days!  "Frogger", "Ms Munchie", "Invaders ST",
"Kid Kong", "Megapedes", "Thurg N Murg" and "Sleuth" are just a few of the
titles created with the M.A.G.E.¿. 

M.A.G.E.¿ comes complete with everything you need to start programming your
own commercial quality games.  The package includes the latest version of
GFA Basic¿ Interpreter, Compiler and  Assembler on disk!  The  manual  has
over 175 pages of  comprehensive  step by step  instructions  on  how  to 
create games quickly.  There is a Character Editor, a Map Editor, a Sprites
Editor and Animator and an Inline Maker.  

The M.A.G.E.¿ loads directly into GFA Basic¿ 3.5 or higher and allows you to
effortlessly compile stand alone, ultra high speed compact programs.  For
those of you  that have little or no artistic talent, we have included over
2000 professionally  drawn sprites and hundreds of pre-drawn game screens.
With the editor, you can modify these sprites and screens to make thousands
of variations.  This gives you  unlimited control  over your creativity!

M.A.G.E.¿ is shipping now, and as a special introductory offer, we are
giving away a FREE copy of ButtonzBasic with every copy of M.A.G.E. we
sell.  ButtonBasic has a retail price of $44.95.  This special will only
last as long as our current supply of ButtonzBasics last, so place your
order soon and don't miss out on this super special!!!  Please mention
this FREE offer with your order or you will NOT receive the FREE
ButtonzBasic.  Thank you.

ButtonzBasic is a graphic user interface for GFA Basic and is the perfect
companion product for the M.A.G.E.  It is a utility in which all of the
chores of programming - editing, compiling, moving files, setting compiler
options, disk formatting - are completed by pushing a 3-D button.  It
replaces the MENU program supplied with GFA Basic and is a fully function-
al work area, which speeds your productivity in developing software!!

To order your copy of M.A.G.E. send a check or money order in the amount
of $129.95 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling to:

                           MajicSoft, Inc.
                           348 Meredith Square
                           Columbia, SC 29223

or call us at 803-788-8177 and use your credit card.

Special Notice:

        To introduce this incredible new product we are having a drawing
and some lucky person will win a new Atari Falcon 030 computer.  To enter
send your warranty card from M.A.G.E.¿ in to us.  We will randomly select
one warranty card from all warranty cards received by midnight on March
30, 1994 and the lucky person will win the Falcon computer!

Other contest for best game created and other promotions will be posted
at a later date on GEnie and on the FoRem network, so watch for them in
the near future!!

Dragon's Lair BBS is the official MajicSoft Customer Support BBS and you
may reach it at 803-788-7806.

Thank you from the team at MajicSoft, Inc.

   M.A.G.E.¿ - MajicSoft Arcade Graphics Engine - Technical Notes

M.A.G.E.¿ has been designed to offer the novice  or professional game 
designer a set of tools that provide powerful results  with a minimum 
of programming  headaches.   While there  are  other products  on the 
market that  allow  the  ST  enthusiast  to  program  an arcade game, 
nothing ever released to the general public has made game design more 
interactive and more importantly, easier to develop.  Several popular 
games like,  Dave Munsie's Frogger and Kid Kong took  as little  as a 
week to finish.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Virtually unlimited sprites.    You decide how  many sprites you want 
your program to use.   A  typical M.A.G.E.¿  game will have dozens of 
sprites moving about the screen with a frame rate of 17-20 frames per 

Automatic sprite control:

The powerful M.A.G.E.¿  kernel provides  TOTALLY AUTOMATIC control of 
sprites.  This means your sprites can  follow pre-determined patterns 
(Like in KID KONG and FROGGER), process complex  offset patterns like 
those  used in ST INVADERS or lightning fast DIRECTIONAL move
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