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Screenshots - Rebound

Rebound atari screenshot
Rebound atari screenshot
Rebound atari screenshot
Rebound atari screenshot

Information - Rebound

GenreArcade - Breakout / Pong / CircusYear1993
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperDunces Cap Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Cobbledick, Dave

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Cobbledick, Dave

Game design

Cobbledick, Dave

Box / InstructionsEnglish
Musician(s)LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Cobbledick, Dave

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Rebound Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

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Instructions - Rebound



         |                   |
         |  <<  REBOUND  >>  |
         |      ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ      |

           Coded & Compiled


            Dave Cobbledick

        Copyright ½ D.C.S 1993

             | SHAREWARE |

Please  support this Shareware  program 
with your small registration of œ3.50

          Dunces Cap Software
          245 Rosalind Street
               NE63 9AZ

Please  make  all  cheques  and  orders 
payable to ............


             | THE GAME |

REBOUND  is  a bat and ball  game  that 
requires determination,  skill, stamina 
and a great deal of patience.

Played  over  three  levels  and   nine 
rounds  the game becomes  progressively 
faster and harder.

You begin with three balls and the game 
will be over when you either run out of 
balls or complete all nine rounds.

All  control  of the game  is  via  the 
mouse   with  only  a  few   additional 
functions available from the keyboard.

       | BACK IT UP & RUNNING |

Before  running REBOUND please  make  a 
backup copy of your master disk and use 
the  backup at all times;  if you  want 
any  high scores saved to  your  backup 
disk then please leave it write enabled 
to allow the system to write out.

The format of the disk is ..........

    1 side - 80 tracks - 10 sectors

Any good formatting utility can perform 
this  operation  for you  -  the  Atari 
desktop format facility cannot.

To  run  REBOUND double  click  on  the 
program file REBOUND.PRG then enjoy.

            | HOW TO PLAY |

Click any mouse key on the title screen 
and you will be prompted to enter  your 
name ....  you MUST do this or you will 
not be allowed into the arena.

There  is provision for six  characters 
for  your  name entry but less  can  be 
used  by  pressing  return  after  your 
entry is complete.

Your challenge will be acknowledged and 
the play arena will be shown along with 
the  status board;  this board will  be 
displayed at the end of each round.

To  begin play click any mouse key  and 
the status board will disappear.


Your  bat is located at the  bottom  of 
the arena and can move left and  right; 
there  is a limited amount of  vertical 
play which,  if used carefully,  can be 
used to great advantage.

There are four 'hot spots' on your  bat 
and depending on where the ball in play 
strikes  your  bat will  determine  the 
rebound speed and angle of  deflection; 
experience  will show you how  best  to 
use these hot spots.

As previously mentioned you begin  with 
three  balls and your objective  is  to 
keep  each ball in play until the  time 
out for each round has elapsed.

You lose a ball by allowing it to  fall 
out of the play arena and the game will 
be terminated after you lose your  last 
ball; or complete all nine rounds.

Losing a ball also has the  undesirable 
effect  of shrinking your bat  in  size 
thus   making  your   objectives   more 
difficult  to  achieve.    There  is  a 
minimum  size  to which your  bat  will 
shrink   and  it  will  stay   at   the 
diminished  size until the end  of  the 
round;  at the start of each new  round 
your  bat is replaced and  restored  to 
its full size.

Pressing ESC during play will  'freeze' 
the  ball  and play can be  resumed  by 
pressing any mouse key.

Your  general game speed will  increase 
four times during each round and  these 
increases are determined by your timer.

The  game timer is situated just  above 
the top centre target pad and when this 
turns  fully red your time will  be  up 
for that particular round.

The  ball  speed  ups  generally  occur 
every quarter on the timer,  but it has 
been know for the referee to throw in a 
'ringer' speed to test your reflexes.

Your  game  timer is  frozen  during  a 
pause and it will resume from where  it 
left off when the pause is released.

Losing  a ball does not stop the  timer 
so watch it or you lose precious time.

              | SCORING |
You  score by making your ball hit  any 
of  the three target pads in  the  play 
arena  - these are located  top  centre 
and mid left and right.

The number of points scored for hitting 
these target pads increases through the 
levels and rounds.  Bonus points can be 
achieved for good game play;  these are 
awarded for ......

Achieving a mystery score set for  each 
round .... you will receive a big score 
bonus,   a  free  ball  and  your   bat 
restored  to full size if it  has  been 
reduced  through losing  a  ball.  This 
bonus  is only available once  in  each 
round - go for it!

The  second  bonus can be  achieved  as 
many  times as you can make  it  happen 
during any given round;  this is called 
a 'Strike' bonus.

To achieve a strike your ball must  hit 
all  three  target pads one  after  the 
other  without  the  ball  subsequently 
touching your bat or any arena wall.

E.g.   Ball hits your bat then  strikes 
target  pad  mid left -  ball  rebounds 
from  this pad and hits target pad  top 
centre  - ball rebounds from  this  pad 
and then hits target pad mid right  all 
in one swift move.

It seems impossible, but it can be done 
many  times  in a  round  with  careful 
control of the ball.


When  your ball hits a target  pad  the 
angle  of  deflection and  the  rebound 
speed are determined by the referee.

These  angles and speeds can  be  steep 
and  fast or long and slow -  depending 
on its whims.   However, if the rebound 
speed  is slower than the general  game 
speed  once  the ball  hits  either  an 
arena wall or your bat then normal game 
speed  will be resumed.   Be  alert  as 
this  can  cost you a ball if  you  are 
slow to react.

As the levels progress the three target 
pads  will  be  reduced  in  size  thus 
making them more difficult to hit.

To  further  hinder your  progress  and 
make more demands on your skills  there 
will  be a number of 'blockers'  placed 
into the arena at strategic points.

These will get in the way of your  ball 
and  prevent it from striking a  target 
pad or a sequence of pads for a  strike 
bonus.  Good game play can usually, but 
not always, circumvent this problem.

If  your  ball strikes a  blocker  then 
depending on where your ball strikes it 
will  determine the rebound  angle  and 
deflection speed.

There will be a minimum of one  blocker 
in  the  arena and a maximum  of  five; 
depending on the level and the round.


At the end of a game you will have  the 
option  to either play again  with  the 
same player name, or, change the player 
name or quit the game altogether.

Options for all of these are  displayed 
on screen - just make your choice.

If you have achieved a high score  then 
your  name  will  be  placed  into  the 
'SURVIVORS' gallery in the  appropriate 
place.  If you do not gain a high score 
then   you  will  be  told   and   then 
transferred directly to the options.

And that's it .... just go and play!

I hope that you will enjoy this program 
enough to put pen to paper and send  me 
your  registrations,  comments and  any 
suggestions  for future games that  you 
would like to see from DCS.

Best wishes,

Dave Cobbledick
Dunces Cap Software
245 Rosalind Street
NE63 9AZ

Tele:  O67O 85O629 ... after 6,30pm
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