Pous-Pous [Falcon030]

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Screenshots - Pous-Pous [Falcon030]

Pous-Pous [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Pous-Pous [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Pous-Pous [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Pous-Pous [Falcon030] atari screenshot

Information - Pous-Pous [Falcon030]

GenreBrain - Logical / PuzzleYear1995
LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
Players1Developer[no developer]
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Miquel, Denis

Graphic Artist(s)


SoftwareEnglish, French, Spanish
Game design

Miquel, Denis

Box / InstructionsEnglish, French, Spanish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeFalcon030 / ?
Dumpdownload atari Pous-Pous [Falcon030] Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Instructions - Pous-Pous [Falcon030]

             |  POUS-POUS  |
             |     1.0     |

              January 1995
            (c) Denis MIQUEL


You can copy it, but please copy all the files :

POUSPOUS works only with a Falcon in True Color.
                           ------    ----------


This game is totally GEM programmed, and you can
use it as PRG or as ACC. But if ACC used, there
is no menu and you must use the keyboard to
command the program (see Help).
To use the game as ACC, you just have to rename
the program .PRG in .ACC, and copy it (with file
.RSC) under the root directory (C:).
Normally there is an English resource file 
(POUSPOUK.RSC) which can replace the French one.
To use it, rename it into POUSPOUS.RSC.

The aim of the game is simple : you have to
build a picture by pushing the pieces in their
original place.

The interest of this game is that you can change
the picture use for the background of the puzzle.
But if you prefer you can play with numbers.
If you want to play with a picture you choose,
you must convert it into TGA (True Color).

To move a piece in the empty space, just
click on it. And you can also move several
pieces at the same time by clicking on the
last piece.
Quite simple, isn't it?

When you press the key M you can see the
original picture. This function can help you
if you don't know where is a piece in the
Press a key to come back to the game.

To load a picture in the background of the puzzle
press the key C. Then choose the TGA picture you
want to play with.
(The program can only use no compacted TGA)

Press the key P to change parameters :
. choose the number of pieces by side,
. choose the type of background : numbers or picture.

QUIT     (Q)
The key Q quit the game.

NB :
If you copy a TGA picture with the name PUZZLE.TGA
under the directory of the game, this picture will
be load by the game.

Remember what is a shareware : if you like it,
and you it, it's nice to register in order to
help the programmer.

I know I won't become rich with this program, but
if you want to register you can send me a little
bit money :
               30 Francs

If you register, I'll send you the 256/16 colors
version of the game.

Send suggestion and registration at this address :

    |   Denis MIQUEL
    |   10 allee Henri Salle
    |   18000 Bourges
    |   FRANCE

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