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Screenshots - Parallax Painter

Parallax Painter atari screenshot
Parallax Painter atari screenshot
Parallax Painter atari screenshot

Information - Parallax Painter

GenreArcade - Platformer (Scrolling)Year1995
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
Players1, 2 (sim.)DeveloperCunning & Devious Games
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Gower, Andrew

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Gower, Paul / Gower, Andrew

Game design

Gower, Paul

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Gower, Andrew

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 1MB
MIDIVersionFull Version
Dumpdownload atari Parallax Painter Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

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[no publisher] (version Demo) (United Kingdom).

Instructions - Parallax Painter

Parallax Painter
Cunning And Devious Games
Programming and music by Andrew Gower
Graphics and Design by Paul and Andrew Gower
Levels by Paul Gower
Testing by Peter Oliver
Written in 100% Assembler using Devpac 2
Copyright 1995


Parallax painter is a superb three dimensional platform game.  It 
features   smooth  multi-directional  triple   layered   parallax 
scrolling,  with scaling graphics and the ability to jump between 
layers,  in  maps  up to 15 layers deep.  The main  character  is 
brilliantly drawn and animated making it full of personality. The 
game  also  features stunning 4  channel  digitised  music,  even 
whilst  you  play!  With  7  different  soundtracks.  3  Stunning 
different modes of play.  A one player mode,  plus 2 multi player 
modes for double the action.  With a fast update rate it is  easy 
to control once mastered, and with a total of 120 levels its game 
which will last despite its addictiveness.

Loading Instructions

1.   Turn  off  the  computer  and  disconnect  all   unnecessary 
peripherals.  We recommend that you leave your computer  switched 
off for thirty seconds in case a virus has installed itself  into 
your computers memory. This will kill a virus if one is present

2.  Insert the disk into the drive and switch the computer on. An 
icon with the words 'parallax.prg' underneath it should appear on 
the screen.  Position the mouse pointer over it using the  mouse, 
and double click on it using the lefthand mouse button.  The game 
will  now begin to load.  Do not remove the disk from  the  drive 
whilst the game is playing.

3.  If  you  remove write protect from the disk, (by  moving  the 
little tab in the top right hand corner so you cannot see through 
the  hole).  Then  the program will automatically save  any  high 
scores you achieve.

Starting The Game
Once  the  game  has finished loading  the  title  screen  should 
appear.  Press the fire button on the joystick (connected to port 
0)  to bring up an options box.  From here you can select if  you 
want  to play a 1 or 2 player game,  and if you have  played  the 
game previously you can type in a password you have collected, to 
start where you left off.  If it is your first time  playing,  or 
you  have not yet reached far enough into the game to  collect  a 
password you can ignore this.

The game types
Moving the joystick up or down will move the arrows in the option 
box  so  they  either  point  to  '1  player',   '2  player'   or 
'competative'. Below is a brief summary of the different modes.

1  player.  On this mode you play the game on your own using  the 
joystick  in port 0.  You must paint all the blue blocks on  each 
level  purple or destroy them in some other way to progress  onto 
the  next  level.  During this mode you will be  given  passwords 
every  few  levels so you do not have to repeat levels  you  have 
already completed.

2  player.  On this mode you can play a different set  of  levels 
which  have been designed for 2 people to play at  once.  To  use 
this mode you will need to connect a second joystick into port  1 
(The  port  normally used by the mouse) for the other  player  to 
use.  This mode is similar to 1 player mode in that the aim is to 
paint all the blue blocks purple. The difference is that 2 people 
need to work together to complete the levels. The screen is split 
in  half showing player 1's position on the left and player 2  on 
the  right.  Some  levels  are only possible  if  the  2  players 
cooperate.   For  example  if  the  players  start  in  different 
positions,  and  1 player must paint one part of the level  which 
the  other player cannot reach.  A different set of passwords  is 
used  for  the 2 player levels which can be collected  by  either 
player when found.

Competative.  This is another mode which 2 players play at  once. 
The difference is that unlike the other 2 player mode you do  not 
work together,  but try and achieve opposite aims. The level will 
start  of with half the blocks painted blue,  and the other  half 
painted purple.  Player 1 (Red) is trying to paint all the blocks 
purple,  but Player 2 (Orange) is trying to paint them all  blue! 
Whoever can paint fastest will win.  It is also possible to  push 
the  other player about by bumping into them.  For  instance  you 
could  try and push the opposing player over your  colour  paint. 
This type of level will end after a fixed amount of time has  run 
out. The amount of time remaining can be seen on a counter in the 
top  left hand corner of the screen whilst playing.  Whoever  has 
painted  most  blocks will win a point,  and then the  game  will 
proceed onto the next level. A draw results in both players being 
given  a  point.  After  each level a score box  will  be  shown, 
displaying  how many blocks were of each colour,  and  the  total 
scores  achieved by each player so far.  Unlike the  other  modes 
passwords  do  not need be collected,  but are displayed  at  the 
start of each level.

If  you see a block which looks like a question mark  during  the 
game  walking over it will display the password for  the  current 
level.  This should be written down so you can use it to  restart 
at  this particular level should you die.  Note:  On  competative 
levels,  passwords  are given at the start of each level  without 
the need for a question mark block to be found.  Once you have  a 
password you should move the arrows on the option box to point to 
the mode on which the password was found.  The password should be 
then  typed in using the keyboard,  and it should appear  in  the 
black box underneath the different game options.  Passwords  from 
one type of game cannot be used on another.  For instance if  you 
had a 2 player mode password it would not work on 1 player  mode. 
Not  typing  in a password,  typing in an  unknown  password.  Or 
typing  in a password for a different mode without moving up  the 
arrows will result in the game loading level 1 instead.  Once you 
have typed in a password and selected the correct mode press  the 
fire button on the joystick to start the game.

The  main  character  is  moved by moving  the  joystick  in  the 
required direction. During the game you are looking down upon the 
action. Be careful you have quite a lot of momentum. Pressing the 
fire  button  results  in the character jumping up  'out  of  the 
screen' Towards you.  If there are any blocks above you will land 
upon  them.  If at any time there is nothing below you  then  you 
will  fall  downwards  'into  the screen'  until  you  land  upon 
something.  If you fall off the bottom of the level you will lose 
a life and have to restart.  To collect an object or use a  block 
simply  move the character over it.  The only other controls  are 
used to activate special features.  On the keyboard.  Pressing F1 
will quit the game,  and return you back to the title screen.  F9 
Activates a jetpack should you have collected one.  F10 Activates 
a  stick  of dynamite if you have collected  any,  exploding  the 
surrounding  blocks.  On  2 player mode F7 activates  player  2's 
jetpack and F8 activates player 2's dynamite.

The blocks
A summary of what all the blocks in the game do,  and how to  use 
them can be found by leaving the computer untouched on the  title 
screen for several seconds.  Instructions on all the blocks  with 
accompanying diagrams will scroll past.  Pressing the fire button 
at any time will abort this and bring up the options box.  Blocks 
are  normally activated when the centre of the main character  is 
positioned over them,  however there are a few exceptions such as 
sticky blocks,  or cracked blocks.  The other exception is moving 
blocks which  are  activated  if any part  of  the  character  is 
touching them.

Moving blocks
Some blocks in the game move about.  There are 3 types of  moving 
block.  Moving in the x-axis (left and right), the y axis (up and 
down), and the z axis (in and out). These all behave the same way 
except  in  the direction they are moving  in.  Standing  upon  a 
moving block causes you to move with it. However standing on more 
than  one  moving block at once can have interesting  effects  on 
your  movement,  which  is  used to make the  later  levels  more 
difficult.  If a moving block hits a non-moving block or the edge 
of  the  map  it will turn around and start moving  back  in  the 
direction  it came from.  The other type of special block is  the 
flashing  block  which appear and disappear at  a  regular  rate. 
Different blocks will flash at different rates.  This feature  is 
used to create puzzles, or make levels more difficult.
Using Paint
Down in the bottom left hand corner of the screen you will see an 
icon  of  a  paint pot.  This displays how  much  paint  you  are 
currently holding.  Moving over a paint pot will completely  fill 
this  icon up,  normally paint pot's are used up once  collected, 
except  on  2 player competative mode where they  would  run  out 
quickly if this was so.  One paint pot's worth of paint can paint 
5  blocks.  As  you paint blocks the amount of  paint  left  will 
gradually go down.  You cannot refill your paint pot until it  is 
totally  empty.  Please note that to win a level all blue  blocks 
must be painted or destroyed.  This includes blue paint pots.  So 
if a level has a blue paint pot on,  you will have to use it  up, 
and  then paint the blue blocks purple again.  Alternatively  you 
can destroy it in some other way, e.g dynamite. Be careful not to 
end up with all the tiles painted, and just a blue paint pot left 
over.  If you are still holding some purple paint you will not be 
allowed  to  collect the blue paint pot,  and you  will  have  to 
restart the level.

The control panel
The panel in the bottom left hand corner displays everything  you 
need to know whilst playing the game.  The indicator which  looks 
like  a  transparent  paint pot shows how  much  paint  you  have 
remaining.  See Above.  Next to this it shows the number of lives 
you have left. You start the game with 3 spare lives. As you lose 
lives  the spares shown here will be deleted.  Above this is  the 
number of jetpacks you have,  and the amount of dynamite you have 
collected.  At  the  start of the game you will have  neither  of 
these. N.B you cannot carry dynamite, paint, or jetpacks from one 
level to another.  If you have more than 3  lives,  jetpacks,  or 
sticks of dynamite only 3 will be shown here,  but the extra will 
still be remembered by the program.

Game Over
Once  you  run  out  of lives you will be  told  what  score  you 
achieved.  This  is calculated by the number of  blocks  painted. 
Every block painted achieves 5 points. Each bonus block collected 
gives 20 points.  If you have a particularly good score you  will 
be asked to type in your name using the keyboard.  When you  have 
entered your name press 'Return' on the keyboard. Your score will 
be  placed on a table
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