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Screenshots - Lamemine

Lamemine atari screenshot
Lamemine atari screenshot
Lamemine atari screenshot

Information - Lamemine

GenreBrain - MinesweeperYear1993
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from

Cartus, Christian [Chris] / Knaus, Jochen [Bloody Drunken Cannibal]

Graphic Artist(s)

Knaus, Jochen [Bloody Drunken Cannibal]

Game design

Knaus, Jochen [Bloody Drunken Cannibal]

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Knaus, Jochen [Bloody Drunken Cannibal]

Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 2MB
Dumpdownload atari Lamemine Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks1 / ?

Instructions - Lamemine

                       ///      LAMEMINE v.0.1  ///

This game is not PD and not Shareware. And even not professional. It is just
a demo and done for fun. So there is no Copyright, but a Coderight,that means,
changes at the code or this text are not allowed.
You can copy this proggy together with this text. For donations use adress at
the end of the text, you will get all future (PD/demo) projects.
It is not allowed to sell this proggy, but copy it freely (but allways with this

Version 0.0: Endversion. M-Maybe...
Version 0.1: Samplebug fixed (Sound Matrix was not set correctly (because of a
real typing mistake: Instead of $09 I typed $90 and as my debuggy-version did not
change the whole matrix, I did not checked the mistake.

                    CODERIGHT 1993 BY AURA Prod.
                       A GAME by Jochen Knaus

                        --- THE GAME ---

"Lamemine" is a conversion of the Windows game "Minesweeper" by Robert Donner
and Curt Johnson.

                        --- THE CONTROL ---

Playingmodes:           Level   - Play levels. After finishing a level succes-
                                  fully, you automatically go to the next
                        Free    - You play with own playfield-numbers and/or
                                  a selfdefined number of bombs. If you switch
                                  high/wide/bombs to numbers which are equal
                                  to numbers in levelmode, the "level"-Mode is
                                  automatically activated.
Mainmenu:   Level   :   Decrement/Increase Levelnumber.
                        Playing in Levelmode is allways with the highest
                        playfieldsize (38*28). The number of bombs you can
                        calc using the following term:
                            bombs = 25 + ( level * 15 )
                        Changing the Levelnumber will change Mode, Bombs,
                        High and Wide.
            Wide    :   Horizontally Playfieldsize (Level-Mode : 38)
            High    :   Vertically Playfieldsize (Level-Mode: 28)
            Bombs   :   Number of Bombs
    RGB/TV  V-Frequency:Vertical Frequency of your monitor: Pal (50 Hz) or
                        NTSC (60 Hz). Many older euopean monitors and tele-
                        visions are not able to swtich to 60 Hz and so 50 Hz
                        is Default. (VGA allways 60 Hz)
            Internal S.:Switch on internal speaker of the Falcon. Needed be-
                        cause some VGA monitor has no build in speakers.
            Soundeffect:Switch on In-Game sampled Soundeffects.
                        Switching on will stop music while leaving the menu.
            Music:      Switch off titeltune.
            Volume:     Control volume of music/effects. Needed to control
                        the Internal Speaker (15 is loud.).
            Quit:       Sorry, removed because of lazyness. Press reset to
            Start Game: Press a mousebutton or space to enter game and play
                        with actual playfieldparameters.

Gamecontrol:   Left mousebutton:    Open Stone.
              Right mousebutton:    Set flag.

                There is a playfield on which several bombs are hidden.
                You have to mark all the bombs with flags. If all bombs are
                marked with flags, you won the level. If you "open" a bomb
                or set flags to wrong places, you loose.

            If you open a stone (Left button), three things can happen:

                    - A Bomb:       Boom, you are out !
                    - A Number:     The number shows you the quantity of bombs
                                    lying on the field next to this one you
                    - Nothing:      No bomb is lying next to the field, so
                                    all fields around this "Zerofield", 
                                    will be opened and checked on Zerofields
                                    , too. If there is a zerofield, all stones
                                    around this stone are opened and checked
                                    again. And so on...
                        --- LOADING INSTRUCTIONS ---

Load "Lamemine" from desktop by a normal doubleclick. You need at least
2 MBytes of free RAM and a colour monitor. If you connect a VGA-compatible
monitor, the game will work non-interlaced, if you connect a RGB or television
monitor, the game will work interlaced.

                        --- CREDITS ---

Concept:    Robert Donner & Curt Johnson ("Minesweeper" (C) Microsoft)

Lamemine:   "DESIGN"            :       Jochen Knaus
            CODE                :       Jochen Knaus
            PROTRACKERREPLAY    :       Christian Cartus
            SAMPLES             :       Jochen Knaus
            TITELTUNE           :       Rebels/Amiga
            PACKER              :       AXE/Superior
            The Samples are taken from the following CDs:
                    "Prodicy    - The Prodicy Expeience"
                    "Compact Space Effects 1-4"

"Lamemine" is a two week production of me (Jochen Knaus), I only use two
sources by Chris (the DSP-Protrackerplayer to play the funny module by
the Rebels) and AXE (ICE-Packer Decrunchroutine), all the rest was done by
myself. Even no routines from the TOS are used, that means even mouse and
randomroutines are done by me. The program is completely done in assembler,
it features about 2600 lines of real code !

        For donations/further soft/AURA productions etc. contact:
                        Jochen Knaus (BDC of AURA)
                        Nickeleshalde 19
                        88400 Biberach

        Donations to:   Volksbank Biberach, BLZ 65490130
                        Kontonr. 105448001

P.S.: BDC means NOT Bodycount, how about dis:
        Bite Daily in your Chesterfield.
    or  Bitches Decorated a Cloister.
    or  ... (see ya!)
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