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Screenshots - Jackpot

Jackpot atari screenshot
Jackpot atari screenshot
Jackpot atari screenshot
Jackpot atari screenshot
Jackpot atari screenshot
Jackpot atari screenshot

Information - Jackpot

GenreBrain - Trivia / QuizYear1990
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
Players1, 2+DeveloperWiz-Tek DK
ResolutionMedium / HighLicensed from-

Pitt, Richard

Graphic Artist(s)

Pitt, Richard

Game design

Pitt, Richard

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Pitt, Richard

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Pitt, Richard

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Jackpot Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Jackpot

                           Instructions for Jackpot

     Mono and Medium resolution

     A fifteen player game. (v0.6 has computer players read at
                             the end of this .TXT file)

     After you have loaded the program you will be presented with a
  Fileselector box where you choose the Riddle file you wish to load.
  If you have a Hi-Score file saved it will then ask you if you wish
  to load it or use the default names. Then there will come the
  introduction. After the theme plays you will then see the main
  screen, which there will say the copyright and the Main Options,
  as follows:

     Play Game:

  Well we all know what this is?

     Change Name's:

  Press on Change Name's and you'll see the names of the players in
  the game. To change one of these just press on the one you want to
  change and type in the new name and press return. Press on OK or
  press Return to continue.

     Load New Riddle's:

  If you have used up the riddles that you loaded from the beginning
  you can load in a new set of riddles to keep the game more
  interesting, rather than just using the same riddles over and over
  again. There can be up to 200 riddles in each Riddle File.


  Not really a Hi-Score but it keeps tabs on who has won how much
  money. Also you will find a Load and Save feature here. If you
  have a pre-saved Name/Hi-Score file you can load it in, or if
  you have changed the names and/or have add up more money to the
  names you can save them. Notice, if you want to use the same names
  and keep the money situation going you have to save the Hi-Score's,
  otherwise once you quit it will be lost, as the game does not save
  anything unless you want.

  Pressing on Play Game gets everything started into motion. Sometimes
  you will see, There is a Bonus Prize in this game worth $900, this
  means if you find the Riddle that has the Bonus Riddle you will get
  $900 added to your score.

  The game, you will see 15 box's at the top left side, these are
  the players that are holding the riddles and underneath these is
  a box with the Player Up. This is the player that is going to start
  the game and try to answer as many questions until he answers one
  wrong and sit's down or finds the Jackpot riddle and if he/she wants
  to go for it, can win the money in the Jackpot, the third box down
  on the right.

  Choosing one of the box's will prompt a box to appear and tell you
  how much it's worth and the ask you the Riddle. The money that it's
  worth is added to the Jackpot whether you get it wrong or right.
  If you know the answer type it in, Make sure it's typed in properly
  as the program can only go by what has be typed into the Riddle
  Files, and press Return. The box will turn black as to show it has
  been used already, then at the bottom box where it say's What's Up
  will say if you got it right or wrong. If you got it right you can
  continue or if you got it wrong you will sit down and the person
  that asked the question will be in the Player Up and start answering

  On the right side, the second box down say's Target, if you match
  this dollar for dollar with the Jackpot then the Riddle you choose
  will be worth the Super Jackpot, the first box on the right. If you
  get the riddle right, you and the person sitting will share the
  Super Jackpot.

  If you find the riddle the say's Jackpot, thats the riddle to get if
  you want to win the game and all the money, you can go for it and
  try for the Jackpot money or if there are still riddles left you can
  continue and try to get the Jackpot built up.

  If you can manage to answer all the riddles right you will then get
  an extra $25,000 for your work, also if you don't find the Jackpot
  riddle until last you will then get an extra $1,000 added to the

  If you don't get the Jackpot riddle right the money in the jackpot
  will be kept until the next game, unless you quit of course then
  the next time you play it will be $100 again, so you can build it
  even higher. But the player's will also stay in the same position
  only the player that was up and the one asking the Jackpot riddle
  will change places. That also goes for all the riddles also the
  bonus riddle.

  Pressing on Restart will reset Jackpot back down to $100 and mix
  the names around. Also there is approx. 30 second's to answer a
  riddle, so read fast and type fast.

     Making more Riddle Files:

  Is easy, just create a file called RIDDLES.W? ?=the next number and
  start writing, make sure after you have written them in to count
  them and add it to the total riddles, thats the next line right after
  "Jackpot Riddles". There has to be 5 lines for each riddle and they
  may not be more that 40 characters long. Just look at one of the
  files that come with this program, I kept them ASCII format to make
  it easy to replace misspelled words and/or add to the file.
  A typical setup would look something like this...

     Jackpot Riddles
     Line 1 - asking the riddle
     Line 2 - asking the riddle
     Line 3 - asking the riddle
     Line 4 - asking the riddle
     Line 5 - answer

  and so forth.

  Well I think thats about it from me, any suggestions on how to make
  this program better or any bugs please let me know so I can get it
  done or fixed as fast as possible (also for Riddle & Rime's).

  Thankyou, Richard Pitt, Wiz-Tek DK

  New for v0.6...

    When you press on CHANGE NAMES and on one of the boxes for the
  names, and have typed a name in, it will ask you if you want
  C for computer player or H for human player. If you want that
  player a computer player you will see a check come beside of the
  name to show you that it is a computer player. You can have all
  the players computer players so you'd get a demo game.

    When playing the computer will play his players and you yours.
  You may have a long wait if you are only one player, depending
  on what level you have choosen. You will not see the computers
  answers, as only it will tell you if the computer got it right
  or wrong.

    At the top right hand corner of the main screen you will see
  R= then a number and C= then a number, well R= is how many riddles
  are left in the random (if you reach 0 it will start from the top
  again) and C= is how many times you have gone threw the riddle
  file. This makes no difference on the program but it is nice to
  know how many riddles you have gone threw and many times you have.

If you have any problems, found a bug,
missing something, suggestions, a tip
or two, an idea on how to make the
program better, anything that has do
with a Wiz-Tek DK program please write
to me:

   Wiz-Tek DK
   c/o Richard Pitt
   Rughaven 27, 2TV.
   9000 Aalborg

Trivia - Jackpot

Based on a 1974-1990 TV show by The Global Television Network.

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