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Screenshots - It's a Mug's Game

It's a Mug's Game atari screenshot
It's a Mug's Game atari screenshot
It's a Mug's Game atari screenshot
It's a Mug's Game atari screenshot
It's a Mug's Game atari screenshot
It's a Mug's Game atari screenshot
It's a Mug's Game atari screenshot
It's a Mug's Game atari screenshot
It's a Mug's Game atari screenshot
It's a Mug's Game atari screenshot
It's a Mug's Game atari screenshot

Information - It's a Mug's Game

GenreSports - Boxing / Martial ArtsYear1993
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDistributor-
Players1 vs. 2DeveloperChannel X
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

James, Chris

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

James, Chris

Game design

James, Chris

Box / InstructionsEnglish

James, Chris

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

James, Chris

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Its a Mugs Game Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - It's a Mug's Game


Congratulations on purchasing this revolutionary piece of 
software. This program will physically alter the workings of your 
computer to enable it to pick up a new cable channel, Channel X.
     Yes, that is right, upon running this program, your computer 
will configure itself so it can receive the inter stella 
transmitions of stiropulious. With this done, you can watch and 
(on most Atari computers), actually take part in the amazing 
new vidi program, It's A Mug's Game. This program is sent out 
almost constantly, with the occasional break for news programs, 
and people all over the galaxy can fight each other via the 
genetically engineered humanoids provided by Channel X.
     This all came about while ffsstishlyt' Qw'kl was scanning 
the radio waves of neighboring galaxies, and found a program 
about 'Boxing'. He was so intriuged by the fact that these 
strange aliens called humans were actually using their hands and 
not weapons, that he set about creating an interactive program 
on his television network. It was a great success, and soon was 
upgraded so that you could save your personal boxers 
charateristics, and so other people all over the universe could 
take part. Now, you have made the once in a life time purchase in 
this program, and so you too can take part, representing earth.
Unfortunately, as this technology is still in it's infancy, some 
faulty systems were sent out. If you have recieved one of these 
systems, then contact the designer to upgrade your sofware 
(details follow)


If you are unfortunate enough to own a faulty system, send the 
equivalent of 2 stiropulion credits (5 pounds sterling) to the 
designer, who lives at this address

       Chris James
         16 Starthe Bank
If you send cheques then make them payable to Chris James

When you send this money, specify which computer system you own, 
as there are available some even more superior versions:

1mb STFM      NO ANNOYING loading in between sections
              MUCH BETTER title music
              MORE samples
              A LOVELY wibbly countdown timer

1/2 mb STE    FULL STEREO output
              EXTENDED palette
              ALL SAMPLES played through DMA to ensure faster
                          running, and therefore smoother screen

1mb STE       ALL of these features combined

PLUS, these features are available on all versions:

              SUPERIOR hardware configuration to ensure total
                       veiwing freedom
              IMPROVED user interface

PLUS, an axpansion disk is also available, enabling the following

              54 BRAND NEW boxers 
              NEW SAMPLES, clearer and better
              CUSTOMITION program. Design your own boxers, 
                          sprites, samples, etc.
              FIGHT the champ, in it's alien form

PLUS, If you have any knowledge of STOS, send a blank disk to 
receive the source code for the version you want, plus various 
other helpfull routines, accessories, etc.


Upon running this program for the first time, the computer will 
alter itself, and add some extra, self powereding memory so it 
can save data. This may cause some strange noises, but this is 
quite normal. On some of the earlier versions, you may find that 
you need to wait a while on the options screen for the computer
to finish configuring itself. While this is happening, the fire
button on your joystick won't work. Simply wait a while for the 
computer to finish, and continue.
      Remember to keep write protect off at all times, as the 
computer will be using the disk alot, and problems could occur
if it is not able to write to the disk. If you have any of the 
earlier versions, register with the designer to recieve an 
update, as well as all the other items listed.

If you catch the news before the main program, wait while it 
finishes, you will then be presented with the title screen, with 
the title music playing. To exit this, press the space bar. You 
will then be in the main program, and be faced with the options 
screen. the options are thus:

1PL & 2PL     : Will enable you to either fight against a friend
                who is with you at the time, or fight against one
                of the trillions of other users currently logged

PREV & NEXT   : Will search through the databanks so that you can
                choose the boxer you require to use, and fight 

KEY & JOY     : Will swap the control of the 2nd player between
                a joystick in port one or keys
                NOTE : on some systems, the keys option will not
                       be very responsive, due to the signals
                       sent out being prone to interference. In
                       the upgraded version, this problem has
                       been rectified

ABILITY       : Will display the abilities of the boxers that are
                currently selected. Pink corresponds to player 1,
                while blue is player 2

PUBLIC        : Will display the popularity of the boxers, made
                from the opinion polls carried out by Channel X.
                The wages section will affect the boxers's 
                characteristics, as with more money, better 
                training can be bought.

FIGHT         : Will initialise the fight sequence

EXIT          : Will terminate veiwing. NOTE : this option must
                ALWAYS be chosen if you wish to exit, as this
                will save the current data. If you wish to reset
                the public opinions, a file called RANK.MUG has
                been suplied in the root directory. Simply replace
                the RANK.MUG file inside CERAMIC.MUG with this one.

The keys: (on the numeric keypad)

                   7    8    9
                    \   |   /
                   4-       -6
                    /   |   \
                   1    2    3


When fighting, the following moves can be relayed:

MOVE ROUND THE RING     -  Done with the eight directions

PUNCH                   -  Done with the fire button

DODGE                   -  Done by maving away from your opponent
                           When he throws a punch

NOTE : The accuracy of punches, and regularity which your boxer 
will dodge will depend on his/her/it's characteristics.


If these guidelines are not adhered to, it could cause some 
difficulties in dispatching the more accomplish fighters. 

1) If you boxer is faster, move in quickly, throw an accurate 
   punch, and back away, punching and doging.
   This is the main tactic in all fights, and is especially 
   effective against tough, but slow opponents

2) Use your opponents weaknesses against him/her/it. IN other
   words, if your opponent is weak, catch him on the ropes, if
   he is strong, use guideline no. one

3) Pay attention to the countdown timer. If you are not looking 
   to strong towords the end of the round (endurance is less than
   200), avoid your opponent till the end of the round, as the
   more endurance you have, the more you will gain.

4) TAKE YOUR TIME. You have 8 rounds to despatch your opponent, 
   so use them. NEVER get involved in a slugging match with a 
   tougher opponent, as you will nearly always get clobbered.
   Single punches given occasionally will wear your opponent 
   down, and when you are much stronger than your opponent, 
   and only then, go for the kill.

The best boxers are usually those which start with a lot of speed 
adn reactions, as these are needed later on, and the strength and 
endurance will increase rapidly as you earn more money.
However, the tougher opponents do tend to shoot to fame quickly, 
as they are always popular with the blood thirsty crowds whso 
watch the program.

All boxers have attributes which aren't covered on the 
ability screen. eg. Fat harry is so slow that better boxers can 
land punches far better, where as Steve Speed is so fast that his 
opponents have a harder time dodging his punches. Find out the 
rest for yourself.

Clue: Take advantage of the two player mode to climb the ratings 

 That is all for now. There are many things not covered here, 
including a cheat mode, but these must be discovered by you. Have 
fun, spread this version to others, and don't forget to registor.

A note from the designer.

"I am currently on the look out for talented artists and 
musicians, so If you would like to join me and make some programs 
together, send me some of your stuff."
     "If you are an artist, send some full sized pics in any 
popular format, some sprites (with animation) in picture form to 
cut out and animate, Maybe a full screen animation, and some 
stuff using the bit-planes to your best ability (if you can)."
     "Don't worry if you can not provide any of this, as ALL 
things will be considered, but the more stuff, the more I have to 
be impressed by."
     "If you are a musician, send me some decent sampled music, 
and a player if it isn't TCB tracker, some nice samples, MAYBE 
some chip music, if it is good."
     "All stuff MUST be TOTALLY original, and if you want your 
disk returning, send an SAE (unless you are a registored use). Be 
prepared to wait a while, as I need to get as much things 
together as possible before I make any desisions."
     "Anybody who joins me will recieve an EQUAL share in 
whatever programs we release with your stuff on."
     "One more thing, when we have joined, the first thing we 
ought to release is a quick demo, so try to gear a small amount 
of your things towords this, as well as games, accessories, more 
serious applications, etc. Thankyou."

Thankyou for listening, look out for the new series of It's A 
Mugs game, which will be an universe wide search for the best 
hand to hand fighter, featuring more wierd aliens, robots, fish, 
humans, as well a strange shaped rings in strange places, 
complete with various obsticles to avoid and maybe use.
   Coming soon form Channel X productions...

Trivia - It's a Mug's Game

Features digitized title soundtrack at 8.5KHz
Features digitized sound fx at 6.5KHz

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