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Screenshots - Impulse

Impulse atari screenshot
Impulse atari screenshot
Impulse atari screenshot
Impulse atari screenshot
Impulse atari screenshot
Impulse atari screenshot

Information - Impulse

GenreArcade - Breakout / Pong / CircusYear1996
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherDuranik
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Bitmaster / Graf, Roland

CountryFrance Germany United Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Graf, Johannes

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish, German

Ultra M. CD

Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari Impulse Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Additional Comments - Impulse

Other version with the same title:

Terre du Milieu (La) ().

Instructions - Impulse



                       Copyright 1996 by Duranik


     Attention : You use this game at your own risk
                 We are in no event be liable for consequential or
                 incidental damages resulting from this product


 Hello folks most of you would even have seen what kind of program
 this is. (who reads the Readme first:-) )
 Our goal was to create a "Arkanoid"-type of game on the Falcon
 as the Original Arkanoid doesn't work very well on this great machine.

 Well, you think a Breakout-Clone may perhaps be a bit oldfashioned
 but we think such a game can bring you a lot of fun especially this
 one is free of charge.
 If you have never heard from the classic Breakout game concept
 here is a small introduction:

        The aim of this kind of game is to destroy all bricks
        in the wall. You can use your bat to control the ball. 
        You must hit some bricks more often than others
        The golden bricks cannot be destroyed.
        Sometimes you get a extrasymbol out of a brick
        you can simply use it by collecting with your bat.

  Extrasymbols :

     T  (Glue)    :  glue

     E  (Long)    :  long bat
     H  (Magic)   :  ball can go through bricks 

     L  (Laser)   :  you can shot up the bricks now

     D  (Three)   :  three balls

     M            :  next level -->

     Face         :  extrabat

  You can cycle the ball around the bat by pressing the right mouse

  Some of the extras can be combined. For example three balls and the
  long bat.
  You get a extrabat every 100000 points.
  The game has 40 levels. Every 5th level you will get a

  If you cannot pass the first five levels here is a password
  especially for you:

         Code for level 6 is CHIP. All other Codes you have to 
         play for your own.( Otherwise you can disassemble the game and
         search ;-) )

  You have to input the codes in the titlescreen.


   To run this game you need a Falcon030 with 4Mb Memory.
   You can use a VGA or RGB Monitor.
   The resolution ( 384 x 240 x 65k ) will be self-initialized by
   the program.
   If you have trouble to run this game try to boot without auto-folder
   (Make a reset and boot with pressed Control Key)

   Keys during game:

    P   -  Pause game

    S   -  Music on/off

    F   -  FX on/off

    5   -  50 Hz Sync Mode

    6   -  60 Hz Sync Mode   (not available on VGA Monitors)

   ESC  -  Self destruction, useful if you have lost
           control of the ball (You lose a life)

   F10  -  Back to Desktop

 for criticism/suggestions or everything else write to

 E-Mail :  

 or with post to:

                     Roland / Johannes Graf
                     Panoramaweg 21
                     88416 Erlenmoos

 If you want a leveleditor for this Game you can likewise write to one
 of the upper addresses.

   Code .................... Roland Graf

   Graphics ................ Johannes Graf

   DSP-Replay Routine ...... biTmASTER of TCE

   Music ................... Ultra M.CD


*        Watch out for our first Jaguar Game perhaps ready at the    *
*        end of 1996.                                                *
*        It is not very likely that you will ever see it             *
*        (for reasons known) but nevertheless you should never       *
*        lose hope.                                                  *

 and never forget

                        ATARI forever.......


    This game is freeware. You can give it to everyone you want to.
    Files included in this package:


                        Copyright 1996 by Duranik

   10.09.96 Duranik

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Trivia - Impulse

Conversion - Atari Jaguar

Impulse Trivia

Version published by La Terre du Milieu included 4 public domain / shareware BreakOut clones as a bonus.

Impulse Trivia Impulse Trivia Impulse Trivia Impulse Trivia

Book / Magazine Reviews - Impulse

 ST Magazine · Juin, 1997Rating: - 

Impulse Atari review 

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