Hover '94 [Falcon030]

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Screenshots - Hover '94 [Falcon030]

Hover '94 [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Hover '94 [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Hover '94 [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Hover '94 [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Hover '94 [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Hover '94 [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Hover '94 [Falcon030] atari screenshot
Hover '94 [Falcon030] atari screenshot

Information - Hover '94 [Falcon030]

GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear1994
LanguageCompiled CPublisherSUMA
ControlsKeyboard, MouseDistributor-
Players1Developer[no developer]
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Spanel, Ondrej

CountryCzech Republic
Graphic Artist(s)

Spanel, Ondrej

Game design

Spanel, Ondrej

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Spanel, Ondrej

LicenseGame Demo or Preview - Commercial
Sound FX

Spanel, Ondrej

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeFalcon030 / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari Hover 94 [Falcon030] Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Additional Comments - Hover '94 [Falcon030]

Other versions with a different title:
Gravon [Falcon030].

Instructions - Hover '94 [Falcon030]

XXXXXXXXXXXX    xXXXXXXXXXXXX^^^^^^^^^^------------          Ondrej Spanel
 ^Xv      XX   X        x     x   xXx xXx    xXXXx            Lipenska 571
  ^Xv          X        X     X  X   X   X  X     X      Praha 4 - Hrncire
   >X>          ^XXXv   X     X  X   X   X  X     X                 149 00
  vX^                X  X     X  X   X   X  XxxxxxX         Czech Republic
 vX^      XX   X     X  X     X  X   X   X  X     X
XXXXXXXXXXXX    ^XXX^    ^XXX^   X   X   X  X     X

--------------- HOVER '94 3D Graphics Demo by SUMA -----------------------

    Hover '94 demonstrates the power of our unique 3D graphics algoritms. 
It brings you the possibily to hover in the picturesque country of the 
green island.
    It works on Atari Falcon computers.
    We intend to write a game based on the graphics demonstrated by this 
demo - it should be finished in the 3rd Q. 1994. Until then - enjoy the 


    Copy the file HOVER'94.TOS on any of your partitions (there must be at 
least 2.5 MB of free space on this partition) and double-click on it. It 
will create directory HOVER'94 containing the program itself, folder with 
data files and a copy of this READ.ME file.


    Just double-clik on the file HOVER'94.PRG in the directory HOVER'94. 
First of all you can enjoy the titles and music. The song is played on 25 
kHz and is composed from seven 16 bit stereo tracks. (If you run this demo 
on VGA monitor, the music will be played on 16 kHz only to lower the total 
bus load.)
    You'll have to wait for about 20 seconds after the titles while the 
program generates the scenery.
    The titles can be aborted by pressing the Esc key - anyway the scenery 
generating cannot be skipped.


    You find yourself above the large island sitting in the cockpit of an 
hovercraft. (You are falling down.) When you touch the ground (or water), 
you can take the control of your vehicle.
    Move your mouse forward or backward to increase or decrease the thrust 
of the driving propellers. (Watch the power indicator - red color 
indicates reverse thrust.)
    Moving the mouse aside you will turn your hovercraft. Please note the 
direction of the movement is not equal to the heading and cannot be 
changed suddenly due to inertia.
    When driving up or down the hill you have to take into account the 
gravity. (It can even move you aside when you follow the isohypse!)
    The left mouse button activates aeodynamical brakes.
    The right button terminates the program.

Special controls

    The terrain and objects are lighted accordingly to the daytime on the 
island. You can move the time 15 minutes forward or backward pressing the 
'+' and '-' keys.
    You can switch between an arctic and mild climate pressing the 'W' key 
(it will take a while to recolor a scenery - just don't mind and move on).
    Pressing the 'S' key you can save the screenshot in the file HO*.TGA 
in the HOVER'94 folder (it is saved as 16-bit Targa uncompressed).

Thanks to

    The song was composed by Marek Spanel and was "sung" by Marek and 
David Spanels.
    This is the list of tools and programs which we used to develop Hover.

C programming:       Pure C                  from Pure Software

DSP programming:     DSP 56000 Assembler     Motorola
                     DSP Debugger            BrainStorm

Title screen:        POV Raytracer           P.O.V. Team
                     TruePaint               HiSoft

Music and sounds:    Componium, EdiSon       SUMA

Compression:         STZip                   Vincent Pomey


    This demo is free-ware.
    Therefore you can (and are strongly encouraged to) copy it, distribute 
it and put it for download on bulletin boards - the only condition is to 
leave it intact with all the files included in the original distribution 
    Commercial use is not authorized without agreement.

    Enjoy the Hover.

    Ondrej Spanel
    15. 3. 1994


My e-mail address is:

    (it may become invalid after September 1994).

The conventional address is:
        Ondrej Spanel
        Lipenska 571
 149 00 Praha 4 - Hrncire
        Czech Republic


Trivia - Hover '94 [Falcon030]

This 3D demo was later developed to be a commercial game Gravon.

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