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Screenshots - Harfe

Harfe atari screenshot
Harfe atari screenshot
Harfe atari screenshot

Information - Harfe

GenreCards - SolitaireYear1987
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLow / Medium / HighLicensed from-

Bewersdorff, Andreas

Graphic Artist(s)

Bewersdorff, Andreas

Game design

Bewersdorff, Andreas

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Harfe Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Additional Comments - Harfe

Cards file for medium resolution is missing

Instructions - Harfe

     HARFE  - patience

     (c)   1987   by  Andreas  Bewersdorff,   1000   Berlin   12, 

     This program is in the public domain, as long as the name of 
     the author remains intact and if users send suggestions  for 
     improvenemts  and  especially  selfmade  card-images  !   In 
     addition  only  all parts of the program may be  given  away 
     together :

     the program HARFE        - the game
     the program MAKECARDS    - the card-construction-kit
     datafiles suffixed .CRD  - the    card-images    for     all 
                                resolutions (Lxxx.CRD,  Mxxx.CRD, 

     The cards:

     The appearance of the cards may be edited using the MAKECARD 
     program.  All images have the suffix .CRD.  They contain the 
     cards as strings for the PUT-statement.  The first character 
     should be 'L' for lores,  'M' for midres or 'H' for highres. 
     If no files is found in the folder \HARFE or the mousebutton 
     is pressed during the programstart a Fileselectbox lets  you 
     choose the name of another card-image.

     MAKECARD.BAS - Design  of the card-images.  They  are  sized 
                    32*30 pixels for lores (Lxxx.CRD),  64*30 for 
                    midres   (Mxxx.CRD)   or  64*60   for   hires 
                    (Hxxx.CRD). The border for the cards take one 
                    or  two  pixels.  The datafiles  contain  the 
                    strings for the PUT-statement of GFA-basic.

     This  program  is in the public domain only  in  conjunction 
     with HARFE.

     Quick-ref for MAKECARDS:

     When  the program starts you are asked for a  data-file,  to 
     have  something  to edit.  The screen is divided  into  four 

     -  the  for  squares top right are  used  to  determine  the 
     painting  colour:  go with the mouse upon one of the  fields 
     and choose the colour with a button.

     - vertical bar with commands: END should be evident, LOD and 
     SAV  are used to load and save datafiles,  GET and PUT  move 
     data  of a card between the memory and the little  image  in 
     the  top of the screen (don't forget a PUT  between  editing 
     one card and another!) and finally BIG to transfer the small 
     image into the larger raster.

     -  the list with all cards in the lower right:  it  is  only 
     used in conjunction with the GET and PUT commands and  let's 
     you select the card which shall be edited or saved. KA to KK 
     stand  for  square-ace to square-king,  the next  rows  show 
     hearts, spades and clubs. The last two lines stand for spare 
     cards  (xSpc),  for clear (is used to clear a card),  for  a 
     border for spares, for the backsides of the cards and for an 

     - The most important and simplest field is the  raster:  you 
     can  paint a card with the mouse in two colours  using  both 
     buttons.  The  appearance of an image is shown in the  small 
     field in the top of the screen.

     Some hints on editing cards:

     Load a card with GET and a selection in the small window
     Transfer with BIG into the raster
     Paint with the mouse in the raster
     Save  the edited image with PUT and a  selection.  If  you'd 
     like  to edit other cards which are partially equal  to  the 
     last edited (e.g.  the number or the symbol),  simple  leave 
     out the PUT.

     This doc have become a bit longer than the actual  game-doc, 
     becase  I'm  looking for people who can and will  draw  nice 
     I myself am actually not very good in drawing !

     Now the doc for patience:

     The patience is a variation of the patience 'DIE HARFE' (THE 
     HARP),  which I found in several books with different rules. 
     The rules used here are the easiest ( I don't like patiences 
     which cannot be finished!).

     The  cards  are placed in a harp-like  shape,  the  rest  is 
     stapled.  This staple can be played at most three times. The 
     number  unter the staple shows,  which round you are in  and 
     how many card are remaining on the staple.

     You  have to try to place all cards in the 8 staples at  the 
     top.  One every staple only cards of the same colour and  in 
     the  order  Ace,  2,  ...,  King may  lie.  To  weaken  this 
     condition you may also use sequences by moving cards.  These 
     sequences  may  however only be descending,  that  is  their 
     values  must be one lower that the one of the top cord in  a 
     column. And they must contain red and black card alternating 
     (e.g. 7 red on black 8).

     If a covered card becomes free by moving another it will  be 
     shown.  It is also possible to move a WHOLE column (e.g. the 
     sequence Diamond 6, Club 5, Hearts 4 to Diamond 8, Spade 7).

     If a column is empty,  a row which start with a king may  be 
     moved there.  The program does not check,  whether it really 
     starts with a king, this is to make the patience easier (see 

     So you can place EVERYTHING in an empty column !  If  cannot 
     or don't want to move,  take a card from the staple and  try 
     again.  The card from the staple won't be accessible in  the 
     same round again.

     Commands (only mouse-drives).

     - Move a card from one column to another by dragging it with 
     the mouse.  Move one card with the left button,  a  sequence 
     with  the right button.  To select you have to point on  the 
     lowest card, to move it, positioning on the column suffices.

     -  To  take a card from the staple,  drag it with  the  laft 
     button to a column.

     - To turn the top card of the staple, press the right button

     - To place a card on one of the eight staples, klick SHORTLY 
     with any button.

     - To abort a round, klick on the "Ende"-card

     - To finish a game, abort all rounds

     - And to make the game more easier:  it the staple is  empty 
     and  no  cards are hidden,  the patience  can  be  finished. 
     Select "Ende" and the program plays automatically. To fasten 
     the procedure klick the buttons !

     Lots of fun with HARFE whishes      Andreas

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