Grand Prix Manager

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Jeff Fulton - 03/07/2021
This is License ware by L.A.P.D. 1992
Copyright Stephen Fowlston. Programmed in Compiled STOS

Screenshots - Grand Prix Manager

Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot
Grand Prix Manager atari screenshot

Information - Grand Prix Manager

GenreRacing - MiscellaneousYear1993
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisherLAPD
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Fowlston, Stephen

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Fowlston, Stephen

Game design

Fowlston, Stephen

Box / InstructionsEnglish


Sound FX

Fowlston, Stephen

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Grand Prix Manager Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Grand Prix Manager

                       Grand Prix Manager

                (copyright Stephen Fowlston 1992)

This game attempts to simulate the running of a Formula One Grand 
Prix  Team.  You  are  the team boss and have  to  make  all  the 
decisions  in  the  attempt to build a  winning  team,  with  the 
ultimate   aim   of   winning  the   constructors   and   drivers 
championships.  You must also be able to balance the books at the 
end of the season.

Features Include :-

40 Named grand prix drivers to choose from
5  Different attributes determine drivers overall skill
16 Different tracks to race on all with track data to view
10 Engine experts
10 Chassis experts
10 Aerodynamics experts
10 Electronics experts
10 Transmission experts 
10 Head mechanics
3  Different levels of difficulty
2  Versions of the game ( half meg version and 1 meg version )
   Half meg version needs data disk to load graphics when needed

Facilities to test cars between races
Breakdown of finances
Championship tables to view
Teams seasons results
Gamble option to help finances
Test individual parts of the cars
Full car data of other teams cars
Save game option  ********(NOT IN DEMO VERSION)********
Research and development of new parts for the cars
Changing attributes of cars throughout the season as other  teams 
develop their cars
Changing staff and driver attributes at the end of the season

Fully animated race sequences which include :-
Pit stops
Overtaking manoeuvers
Blown engines
Burst tyres

Messages during the race including :-
Pit stops
and many more...

There is a separate driver name and characteristic editor program 
so that you can enter new names and characteristics of your own
**********(NOT IN DEMO VERSION)**********

                       Grand Prix Manager

                      Playing Instructions

The main part of the game is controlled by drop down  menus.  The 
sub  menus  then  use keyboard inputs  to  enter  any  data.  The 
following  list  of menus are the ones that are  intended  to  be 
viewed only and no input is required when using them.

Car status
Test cars
Team car data
Championship tables
New parts progress
Track data

To achieve a good pit stop you will need a head mechanic
To be able to develop parts you will need the appropriate expert
To sack experts you enter 0 (zero) when asked for a selection  of 
an expert.

Developments  and  further testing of parts can be  suspended  by 
sacking  the  expert  (to  save money) ,the  development  can  be 
continued later when an expert is reappointed.

Testing parts allows an expert to develop further a finished part
Testing  cars  allows  you  to  test  your  car(s)  at  different 
circuits, different circuits improve different parts of the car.
The  gamble  option  allows you to win money by  betting  on  the 
outcome  of  the  race.  The odds are a fair  reflection  of  the 
drivers skill/cars performance but not on reliability.

Sponsors  hand out money each week and by week 18 you must be  in 
profit or you have failed to balance the books. You can therefore 
afford to loose about œ60,000 per week on average.

Your  cars  performance  decreases each week so  there  are  high 
rewards for developing parts.  Other teams cars also decrease  in 
performance  but  they  too are developing new  parts  so  its  a 
constant battle to out-develop them.  

During  the race tyres will usually need to be changed  at  least 
once.  This  depends on the drivers temper (1-10), the  lower the 
temper the harder the driver is on his tyres.

Retirements  are usually related to your cars performance  though 
not all the time.  Different tracks put different demands on  the 

During  the race > allows all messages to be viewed and  <  shows 
all of them except pit stop messages.  Key 1 tells your first car 
to  come  into the pits and key 2 is for your second car.

The  name and characteristic editor is easy to use,  just  follow 
the on-screen prompts to enter the driver of your choice.

The full LICENCEWARE version can be obtained from :-

80 Lee Lane,                
DE7 7HN                       

TEL 0773 761944 or 605010
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