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Screenshots - Frantick

Frantick atari screenshot
Frantick atari screenshot
Frantick atari screenshot
Frantick atari screenshot

Information - Frantick

GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear1995
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperMunsie Entertainment Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Munsie, Dave

Graphic Artist(s)

Munsie, Dave / Feldman, Ari

Game design

Munsie, Dave

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Munsie, Dave

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Munsie, Dave

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe Enhanced, Falcon030 / 2MB
Dumpdownload atari Frantick Download / MSANumber of Disks2 / Double-Sided

Additional Comments - Frantick

Other version with the same title:

[no publisher] (version 1.0) ().

This is the Registered edition from LAPD

Instructions - Frantick

WARNING! Please read the README.1ST file before reading this!! Thanks.

Need some help playing Frantick? You can reach us by modem on Genie in
Category 9 (Games) Topic 8. Or you may call us at 817-485-9293 from the
hours of 12:00-5:00pm Monday-Friday.

WARNING! - Please read before playing Frantick on your system.

A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures
when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to
these patterns or flashing lights on a television or while playing video
games could induce an epileptic seizure in these indivduals. If anyone in
your family has an epileptic condition please consult your physician
before playing. If you experience any of the following symptons while
playing a video game- dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches,
loss of awareness, disorentation, any involuntary movement, or 
convulsions, please IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your
physician before resuming play.

Frantick is ½1994 Dave Munsie

Distributed by Munsie Entertainment Software

Munsie Entertainment Software
Attn: Frantick
5601 Ammons
Haltom City, TX 76117
(817) 485-9293

Manufactured for play on the Atari ST/STe/TT/Falcon030 Systems

Frantick Game Manual

/   /
/   / istribution
/   /

This program is being released as preview ware. Which means you can
freely try this program without spending any of your hard earned cash.
If this thing draws you in, we ask that you send in a small payment in
order to get a KEY which unlocks the full potential of this program.
When the program is in PREVIEW mode you will only get 1 life per game.
And in easy mode you will only be able to play the first 20 levels. Plus
you can't place your initials into the high score table if you get a
decent score. Please refer to the file ORDER.DOC for more information
on how to receive the registered version.

The only  way we are going to survive and to be able to pay some bills is 
if you send this program off to as many Atari users as possible so that a
few of you, ok ALOT OF YOU might want to register this thing. Magazines,
pd libraries, CD ROM collections, feel free to place this program in your
collections. (ONLY IN PREVIEW MODE OFCOURSE!!) If anyone passes around a
version that has a KEY already inserted, this is the same as stealing.
(And it's also the same as telling us you don't care if we ever develop
another Atari program.) So, please, we are giving you the chance to
obtain what we feel is a COMMERCIAL QUALITY game without having to pay
the usual high price of most games, so give us the chance to survive 
in the Atari marketplace by not pirating our software.

UPLOAD it, ARCHIVE it, MAIL it, to any and all of your Atari friends and
user groups or magazines and pd mail order houses. This method of 
distribution CAN work, but you have to help too! Thank you in advance to
those of you who take the time send this program all over the world!!

(You are granted permission to freely pass around this program in preview
 mode as long as none of the doc files or data files have been altered.)

  / ntroduction

Welcome brave warrior to the kinetic combat simulator Frantick. Here is
where loyal soldiers sharpen their skills at operating the empire's secret
weapon. To facilitate training and boost morale, bombs and increased
blaster power are available to the quick. Ample bonuses are supplied for
those with a taste of higher gratification.

This scenario may seem all too surreal for some of you, so tighten up and
fly straight. Soon enough you will have to face the real thing and just
one impulsive mistake will cost alot more than a high score. Remember,
it's your duty to terminate the other forces that rebel against the

Make it past the savage mutates, defeat the shrill assaults of deadly
raptors, out last the intense salvos of the blazer fighters, and you might
become a hero. Don't celebrate too soon rookie, for the head hunters,
hardheads, sidewinders, sparkers, swarmers, and xasers will light up your
life if you let your guard down. Don't ease up either, or you may just
end up one with the universe.

Defeat all 100 waves of the combat simulator to meet thy maker!!

/ /// etting started
/   /


1 megabyte of memory
Color monitor
Hard drive SERIOUSLY reccomended for faster data access

On STe,TT,Falcon machines 2 megabytes is required to access the DMA
AUDIO file for Frantick. (FRANTRAK.DAT) 

Hard drive users:

If you are running from a hard drive system simply copy all of the files
in the Frantick folder over to any folder/directory you desire. Frantick
will run from anywhere on your system. If you are using a STe,TT,Falcon
with 2 megs available make sure the FRANTRAK.DAT file is also in this
directory on your hard drive. Double click on the FRANTICK.PRG file from
the desktop. You may boot FRANTICK.PRG from any desktop mode except
TRUE COLOR. ST users have to be running on a color system. TT users
should boot from ST LOW RESOLUTION.

Floppy drive users:

To run Frantick from floppy disk simply boot from a clean system and 
double click on the FRANTICK.PRG file from the desktop. If you have an
STe,TT,Falcon and you do not have a hard drive but you still want to
access the FRANTRAK.DAT audio file you first must be using a 2 megs or
more machine. After clicking on FRANTICK.PRG from the desktop HOLD DOWN
the left shift key while Frantick is loading. A message will appear for
you to insert the FRANTRAK.DAT file in drive A. After the file is loaded
(almost 700k of data!!!) a message will appear asking you to put the
main Frantick disk back in the disk drive. You will only have to load this
BIG audio file one time!! There is no error checking in this process, it
was added as a last resort option for disk based users. So please do
not try to confuse the process, it will bomb or error quite nicely.
Floppy users should expect quite a long time loading Frantick from disk.
Once the game is loaded you can turn off the samples and other features
that take a long time to access from floppy if you desire.

If for any reason Frantick fails to load on your system please check
the following:

1) Do you have at least 1 meg of memory available?
2) Are you trying to load the FRANTRAK.DAT file on a 1 meg machine?
3) Is there desk accessories or TSR's taking up valuable memory?
4) Try loading Frantick with all ACC's turned off.
5) Is that screen saver causing problems?
6) Does your copy run on your friends machine? If so, you could have
   something weird wrong with your machine. Frantick needs almost every
   byte of a 1 meg system and faulty ram could cause problems.

If you can't get Frantick to run on your system configuration we GUARANTEE
we can get it to work for you. EMAIL on Genie to D.MUNSIE or call us at
817-485-9293 with your system set up and the problems you are having. We
promise to get it taken care of as quick as possible!

/ /// ame controls during game play
/   /

STANDARD CX-40 CONTROLLERS (Regular joysticks)

Up,down,left,right - Causes your player to move in the direction the
joystick is moved in. You can also move diagonally.

Joystick button - Fire your weapon at the enemies! (Hold down for rapid)

Space bar - Activates a nukem bomb. Destroys most enemies on screen.

P - Pause the game

M - Music off/on (Only if the FRANTRAK.DAT file is active.)

Left and right cursor arrows from keyboard. (Volume adjust. Non ST types)

ESC - Press escape to reset the game and exit back to the title screen.

POWERPAD* CONTROLLERS (STe,Falcon, computers)

* Press the SPACE BAR from the title screen to access the options
  menu. Here you can toggle controllers by pressing the fire button
  at the CONTROLLER setting.

If you have an STe or Falcon you can use Atari's new POWERPAD controllers.
These are the same controllers the new Jaguar uses. These provide much
better control when activated. Press the space key from the title screen
to access the options menu. Here you can change the controller type.

Up,down,left,right - Causes your player to move in the direction the
joystick is moved in. You can also move diagonally.

Button A - Fire your weapon! Hold down for rapid fire.

Button B - Activates a nukem bomb. Destroys most enemies on screen.

Button C - Turn music off/on (Only if FRANTRAK.DAT file is active)

Pause - Pause the game

Left and right cursor arrows from keyboard. (Volume adjust. Non ST types)

*,# - Press together to reset the game.

/   /
/   / ptions available from the title screen.
/   /

From the title screen press the space bar to access the options menu.
POWERPAD users can also press OPTION from the title screen to gain access
to this menu. Here you can turn various things off/on, switch from 50/60
hertz. (Frantick plays much nicer in 60hz video..) Floppy users may want
to turn the samples off and perhaps turn the game over seq off. This
speeds up some data access times.

Press ESC from the title screen to exit (NICELY) back to the desktop.

POWERPAD users can press the reset sequence to exit.  (*,#)

NEW PLAYERS: Some of you might not feel comfortable with the way the
main player seems to travel very fast across the screen. You may select
slow or fast movement of the main players by selecting the JSPEED option.
New players may want to put this on SLOW until they become use to the
controls. (In order to get some high scores, you'll need to get used to
the faster control method!!)

If you let the title screen ATTRACT MODE cycle through one time, a demo
mode will kick in and you can see a few different waves or game modes!!

/ /// ame modes
/   /

To start playing a game of Frantick simply press start (FIRE BUTTON)
from the title screen. Next you will be taken to the SELECT GAME area.
Here you can scroll up or down to select the game type.

  EASY - Play this first!! You can clear waves effortlessly!!

 DROID - After EASY try this for a while until you get the hang of it.

ARCADE - This is where the fun starts. The standard FRANTICK game mode.

  TEAM - Two players can play as a team!! Yah!! Kick it....

FRENZY - For TT and Falcon users only. A hyper speed game play mode!!

/   /
/   / bjective!
/   /

The object of Frantick is to test your reflexes and dexterity by shooting
just about anything that comes at you on the screen. There are 100 waves
to Frantick. Only after clearing all 100 waves can you truly become one
with thy maker. You'll need to study the habits of the Frantick armada
closely in order to anticpate their every move or attack wave. Once in
a while there will be a bonus wave. As a general rule, don't get too
close to anything!! At certain intervals power ups, bomb icons, 1ups and
other goodies will float down the screen. Run into these with your main
shooter in order to collect their bonus points or weapon powerups. You
may not want to run into everything though!! Act quick, there is no time
to sit back and enjoy the scenery. Every few waves you'll get a quick 
breather while the combat simulator prepares the next few waves, when
you hear the computer voice  you'll know it's time to exhale.

///// trategy and game playing hints

Play the EASY game option for a few rounds. Notice how you can simply
hold down the fire button for rapid fire. You'll need to collect all the
power up icons 

in order to take complete advantage of the rapid fire. Move back and forth from side to side in a sweeping motion once you're shooter is all powered up. You can take out an entire wave pretty quickly using this method. Use your nukem bombs wisely. You only get 5 at first. Even though they cause one heck of a bang,save them for when you need them the most. Collect as many bomb icons as you can. Even though only 5 are displayed, you may safely collect as many as possible! The extras will be stored internally by the computer. Same with the 1ups!! Collect as many 1UPS as you can!!! Frantick has a high reward system for players that can get through a few levels. A certain 6 year old son can pretty much blow through the EASY mode. But he does have a hard time getting past level 50 in the ARCADE mode. REGISTERED USERS will enjoy the secret codes available to those who are able to locate where to use them and what they are!! Make sure you have read the other doc files: README.1ST - (This one first!!) CONTEST.DOC ORDER.DOC

Trivia - Frantick

Supports DMA sound on STe

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