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Screenshots - Fluffies

Fluffies atari screenshot
Fluffies atari screenshot
Fluffies atari screenshot

Information - Fluffies

GenreArcade - Platformer (Multi-Screen)Year1994
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisherLAPD
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Tilley, Howard

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Tilley, Carl

Game design

Tilley, Howard

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Tilley, Carl

Sound FX

Tilley, Carl

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Fluffies Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Fluffies

         L.A.P.D. Licenceware




            Howard Tilley

         THIS DISK IS NOT P.D.

   When you don't know what to boot,
 Try out Fluffies, 'cos they're cute!

Written and designed by Howard Tilley
  Sound and graphics by Carl Tilley.

Wait for the titles to change and see
  the credits page and highscores.

 Fluffies will run on any Atari ST with
at least 1 Megabyte of RAM. It's a
joystick only game, unless you like the
idea of using the mouse as some sort of
temporary weapon against marauding


 Joystick               Effect:    

 Left/Right    Fluffy moves left/right.
    Up             Fluffy jumps up.     

 Up 3 times    Fluffy does a super jump
consecutively          (up only)

Up left/Right       Diagonal jumps.
 Fire button    Uses a teleport star,if
                    you've got one.
   Down.         Uses a blue potion, if
                  you've collected one.
Keyboard: Undo   Resets level but loses
                        a life. 
Game objective.
 Guide the blue fluffy creature (aka: 
The Fluffy) through the many levels in
order to rescue your Girl Fluffy (how
original!) who just happens to have got
lost in the many castles and forests in
Fluffy Land. (Don't like to break the
mould of millions of centuries of Top
Software Companies ideas of storyboards
for games - also can't think of a good
Options page.
 After pressing fire to start you will
see the options page where you can 
select the difficulty, sound
preferences and game mode (practice 
level or normal game).
 Difficulty of Expert gives you only
two lives and you suffer more damage
for each wound, but you earn more bonus
when you complete each level.

Traps and puzzles.
 There are no aliens or enemies in this
game, however, similar to Rick Slightly
Dangerous, there are traps and pitfalls
and generally lots of puzzles in order
to test your mental and dexerity to 
well beyond the level of mental cruelty
the poor woman in the Bendicks Mints 
advert went through when her husband
didn't buy a particular brand of mints.

Such traps are there for you to find
out for yourself!

 At the bottom of the screen is the 
familiar scoreboard, comprising of
Score Lives, Energy, and any objects
you have picked up.

Objects to find.
 Grey keys open doors.
 Green keys open the exit door.
 Fruit gives points and a little bit
 of extra energy.
 Small P's gives limited protection. 
 Large P's gives longer protection.
 Small S's give 3 SUPER super jumps.
 Small and large E's give energy.

Teleport stars.
 Collect these and press fire to use
one. It will teleport the fluffy to a
diagonal extreme, according to the 
direction he faces. If you wait for 
about 5 seconds after collecting one,
without moving, then you will see a
crosshair appear. This tells you where
you would appear if you use a star at
that point. Be aware that the crosshair
does not update with the screen so it
may not be totally accurate.

Blue potions.
 Push down after collecting one and if
you face water or lava then it will
purify the ground and dry up the liquid
It only lasts for 4 squares.

Secret Jewels.
 There are many secret jewels ( upto 6)
on each level, but Fluffy must make a
leap of faith to find them! - They are
invisible. Don't worry, you don't have
to find them, and some are in easy to
find places. The more you find the more
points you score.

The exit.
 Collect the green key and then the
exit door will open allowing Fluffy to
then exit the level. 

Level completion.
 After completing a level you will earn
a bonus according the current level, 
your health, speed, and technique. You
will also earn points for every secret
jewel you find.
 Technique is based on :

1. Number of lives lost that level.
2. Number of Energy units lost that
3. Time of level completion.
4. Whether you found all the secret 
   jewels or not.

Each factor for the level completion is
is multiplied by a number and the total
is given as a bonus. This multiplier is
based on the level of difficulty the
player selected on the options page!!
 So the player with the lights on but
nobody home and selects Expert, will 
earn more points but suffer more damage
and only have 2 lives.

Unimportant information.
 This is my sixth published program.
The others (in order of completion) are

 Darklyte  - Strategy  (Space crusade)
 Stragegy  - Puzzle    (Puzznic)
 Demon     - RPG       (Dungeon master)
 Terramoon - Space sim (Star Trek:TNG)
 Darklyte2 - Strategy  (Space crusade)
 Fluffies  - Action    (Rick Dangerous)

Look out for :-

 Demon2    - Graphic
             adventure (Monkey Island)
All of them currently available (with
the exception of Demon 2) from LAPD

Probably the best P.D library this side
of the Crab Nebula!

Program Specifications.
 STOS compiled game engine of over 500k
of which :

        77914 Bytes of Source code.
        65024 Bytes of Sprite data.
       167680 Bytes of Total Gfx data.
       175872 Bytes of Sound data.
       486490 Total bytes of Game data.
     = 540431 Bytes of Compiled code.

There are over 330 sprites of which 53
are Fluffy animation sprites.

Total program completion time:
 12th January - 15th March (1994)
Any advice? Problems with any of my
games, suggestions, death threats, send

 Nasty stoat.
 c/o H.Tilley
     33 York road,
     Church Gresley,
     DE11 9QG.

8:11:57 pm. Tuesday 15th March 1994.

Slightly end of file.

     For more information on the best 
library of public domain, share and 
licenceware software this side of the 
Crab Nebula contact:

             P.O. Box #2
               DE75 7YP

   Telephone 0773-605010 or 761944

             End of File.             

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