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Screenshots - Fireforce

Fireforce atari screenshot
Fireforce atari screenshot
Fireforce atari screenshot
Fireforce atari screenshot
Fireforce atari screenshot
Fireforce atari screenshot
Fireforce atari screenshot
Fireforce atari screenshot

Information - Fireforce

GenreAdventure - RPG (3-D)Year1995
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboard, Jagpad, JoystickDistributor-
Players1, 2+DeveloperTrigon Software
ResolutionLow / VGA / RGBLicensed from-

Tomczak, Roland

Graphic Artist(s)

Tomczak, Roland

Game design

Tomczak, Roland

Box / InstructionsEnglish, French

Vergnaud, Thomas [Ephrem]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe Enhanced, Falcon030 / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari Fireforce Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Instructions - Fireforce

     The soldier was walking along the corridor.All was quite.Too quite.
 He couldn't see It.But he knew It was after him.His Lifedetector had
 shown him only one little red point.But he knew what It was.
     Suddently,he saw It in front him,running to him with the speed
 of a Devil.He shoted.But the ammos didn't hurt the Creature.The Soldier
 was suddently taken by fear.He turned himself and began to run like a mad
 in theses gloomy corridors.But when he reached a dead-end,he knew that
 it was the end.Nobody would help him now. 

     This little creation aims to show you the ambiance of the game.
 I'm sorry for all the faults I've made(and I'm going to make),but
 I'm french,and I don't speek often the Tolkien's Tongue.
     Now comes the menu of this Manual...
                            II-How to run it
                             III- The menus
                              IV- The Game
                              V-The Editor 
                             VI- The Autors
                             VII- Greetings
                         VIII-Our other products
     In the 'Level.Eng' file,you'll find the aim of any levels
     (The whole game is in french tongue).
     Fireforce is a Ataris-arcade-adventure-game.It has been coded on a
Falcon but I think it runs on all Atari with an hard disk and at least
4 Mo of memory...You may see it as a crossbreed between the Dungeon's Master     
(the father) and Alien(the mother...).It is a bit new,because three players
may play in the same time on the same screen(and it doesn't make the game
at 1 frame per seconde...).It has been coded in GFA basic(for the main 
code) and in assembler(for the DSP replay routine...).
     The players are Spaces Marines who work for the Government(the
scene takes place in a far futur).

II-But How to Load this Beautifull Game ???
     *In the main folder,you will find:
          *6 soundtrack musics:Menu.Ntk,Phase1.Ntk,Phase2.Ntk,Phase3.Btk,
           If you didn't own a DSP,rename 'Raplay.bin' in 'Replay.Bix'
          *13 Raw's Files(the sounds,of course)
          *You might find a file called "DELAY.DAT":If you play for the
           first time,erase-it.This file aims to make the game slower,
           if you find it is too fast(read "DELAY.TXT",it will explain
           you what it means).
          *The Gfxs' Files.
          *Some Pi1 Screens.
          *Many differents Levels (in the register version only,i'm 
          *The executables files.
          To launch the game,run the executable...
          *FIRE_MUS.PRG:There are only the musics,no sounds:If you 
           own a computer which doesn't jave any DSP,and which is not DMA,
           ,rename 'Replay.Bin' as 'Replay.Bix',and use this file.
          *FIRE_SND.PRG:YOU have the musics,and the Sounds.The sounds
           are STE-Compatible.If you own a 4Mo STE,youo may use this
           executable.Thus,if you rename 'Replay.Bin',you will be able to 
           play the game with good sounds(thank to Megar a time more)

                         320*200*16 colors(STE COMPATIBLE MODE)

          When you run the game,you will have the following menu:
          1-Scenario           Sceneri-Only in the registered version
          2-Action Breve       "Short Level"-3 of 15 are playable in
                                the non-registered version...
          3-Duel               Kill your friends-2 of 4 are playable in
                                the non-registered version...
          4-Sauvegarde         Load a saved game-Only in the registered
          5-Creation           Load a level which was created with
                                the Editor:Only in the registered version.
          6-Credits            To see the names of the autors(it's me!)
          9-Quitter            Quit the game.

     1-Scenario:There is three sceneri in Fireforce(FF):In the first
     scenario,the players will have to overthrown a criminal organization
     called "The Red Hordes" ("Les Hordes Rouges" in french).This scenario
     lasts during 10 levels.In the second scenario,which lasts 10 levels,too,
     the players will have to destroye an violent Sect.There will see the
     Aliens for the first time during this sceneri.The last scenario lasts
     only three levels(But their are Very-Very-Very-Very-Very-hard).The
     players will have to destroy the Aliens' Moon.
          Tips:I counsel you to begin with the first scenario,then to
          make the second and then the third(which is VERY hard).
               If one of your soldiers die during a scenarios' level,begin
          it again(it's very hard to see the end of the second and the 
          third scenario with only two soldier(with one,it's probably
     2-Action Breve:If you choose this option,you will acced another 
          menu,which will show you many level name(press 9 to see the
          following levels)).You can play these levels when you want.
          The level from the Top of the list are easier than the levels
          from the bottom(the harders are 'HQ' and 'Aliens').
          I counsel you to do theses levels before to play the first
          scenario,so you'll be ready.There is 15 levels.
     3-Duel:If you choose this option,you will have to chose between
          4 duel's area.Here,the winner will be the surviving player
          (in the sceneri,the players are friends).You can begin to
          play one of theses levels,to understand how to move the 
          soldier,for example...
     4-Sauvegarde:There are two kinds of Savegame in FF:
                    *You can save the game,in a scenario,between the levels
                    (it's a SV1 savegame)
                    *You can save during a level,during the pause(it's
                    a SV2 savegame,and it take very much space on the disk
                    ,because the whole level is saved).
     5-Creation:Here you can load the level which has been created with
          "The Level Editor"(you don't own it in the non-register version,
          of course...)
     6-Credits:Here will you read the names of the autors.If the Delay-Mode
          is enable(read "DELAY.TXT"),you will read "DELAY ACTIF".
     9-Quit:I can't explain what this function does,it's too hard to
          say(I can't find the english words!).

     When you begin a scenario,a duel or an "Action Breve" Level,you will 
     have to chose:
                         *The number of players(1,2 or 3)(or 2 or 3 if you
                                                 are going to play a duel)
                         *The commandes for theses players("Clavier" means
                         *If there is only one player:
                              The number of soldier he will have to command.

IV-The Game:
     *The main screen:On it,you will see:-Windows:There is as many 
                      windows as there are players(or soldiers,if 
                      you play alone)
                                         -The weapons of the players
                      (or of the soldiers)
                                         -the life witness box of the
                      players(or the soldiers)
     *The missions:There are three kinds of missions in Fireforce:
                    *In the duel mode:You aim to kill your friend
                    *In a normal level:Either you will have to kill
                                      all the monsters of the level
                                      ,or you'll have to find the exit of
                                      the level.
     *The level:In any of the levels of the game,you will have to succeed
                in your mission.A level often contains many floor,so
                the game is very hugh(there are,in the registered version,
                42 levels...).You will certainly meet monster,that you'll
                have to shoot down(There is not neutral NPC in FF).
     *How to command your charactere:
     THE CAPSLOCK KEY MUST BE DISABLE!(it's no very professional,I guess)
|                    |      Joystick     |     Clavier 1    |   Clavier 2   |
|                    |   "F" means that  |                  |               |
|                    |  the fire button  |                  |               |
|                    |  must be pressed  |                  |               |
|                    |    Or Joypad      |                  |               |
|make a step forward |      Up           |         8        |      'z'      |
|make a step backward|     Down          |         2        |      'x'      |
|turn left           |     Left          |         7        |      'a'      |    
|turn right          |     Right         |         9        |      'e'      |
|make a left sidestep|   Down+Left       |         4        |      'q'      | 
|                    |Pad:Or Pause+Left  |                  |               |
|make a right   ||   |   Down+Right      |         6        |      'd'      |
|                    |Pad:Or Pause+Right |                  |               |
|Shot/Push a grey    |     F+Up          |         5        |      's'      |  
|     metallic wall  |                   |                  |               |    
|Reload/Pull out a   |    F+Down         |         0        |   'Space Key' |
|     metallic wall  |                   |                  |               |
|Select your weapon  |F+Left  or F+Right |      1 or 3      |   'w' or 'c'  |
|    Game Pause      |                            'p'                       |
|IN A ONE PLAYER GAME,WITH TWO OR THREE SOLDIERS:                           |
|Activate/Desactivate the "Team mode"             '*'                       |  
|Activate soldier 1                               '('                       |
|Activate soldier 2                               ')'                       |
|Activate soldier 3                               '/'                       |
In a single-player game,you can,if the Team Mode is disable,command one soldier
in the same time.If the 'Team mode' is enable,you can play with many soldiers
in the same time(so you can do a massive attack).
During the pause,you can save the game(with the SV2 extension).

You can see that you can push or pull out a particular kind of wall,
which look as the doors,but which is grey.You will find this kind of
walls in the duel area 1,or in the 1rst "Action Breve" Level(at the 1rst Floor).
It's the same command than to shot or to reload your weapon...
To take a teleport or an stair,or to pull up or down a lever,walk 'in'
the 'wall'.

     *Weapon:A Weapon can containt a certain number of ammo.When there
             isn't any ammo more in your weapon,you will have to reload
             it.At this moment,the energy witness box will show you 
             how many cartridge you own.At the begining of a game,your
             weapon aren't loaded.You may not have cartridge for all your
             -Revolver(Standart Gun):It's a little gun,and the weapon that
             hurt the less the creatures.But it's the lone you can use without 
             any cartridge(then you must reload your gun afer one shot)
             -Fusil(Shotgun):You can shot only twice with it before to
             reload.You can shot very far,with it(normally,you can't hurt
             a monster that you are not able to see).
             -Fusil mitrailleur(automatic rifle):It can hurt the monster
             seriously,and there are 5 or 6(I don't remeber exactly) shot
             par cartridge.
             -Fusil monte(Machine gun):It is very powerfull,contain 10 shot
             per cartridge,and can kill a player with only a shoot!
             -Canon a photon(Laser I):You have only one powerless shoot per
             cartridge,but you can hurt many monsters,if there are in a line
             in front of you.
             -Laser(Laser II):You can hurt several monster,you have 2 shots per
             cartridge,and the power of this weapon is the power of a automatic
             -Laser mont‚(Laser III):The most dangerous weapon:It has the power
             of a machine gun,and can hurt several monsters in the same time.
             You can shoot 10 times per cartridge(but you own it very rarely).
             -Trousse de secour(First Aid):If you 'shoot' with it,you will
             regain all your energy,and the Life Witness Box will show you
             how many other First Aids you own.
             -Cartographe(Map Drawer):This stuff draw automaticaly a map of
             the corridors the players explored.You can scroll on the map.
             -Biodetecteur(Lifedetector):You can use it one time per soldier
             and per level.It show you all the creatures(humans,aliens,and robots)
             there is the floor you explore.
             I counsel you to use often the Standart gun(you will quickly have
              have a lack of ammo,otherwise)
V-The Editor:
             It's the editor that I have used to creat the whole game area.
     You can command it at me,with the game.A manual is in its folder.

VI-The Autors:
               Gfa Basic code,all the GFXs:

                             Roland TOMCZAK       (SCT from TRIGON)
                     13 rue des d‚port‚s r‚sistants 
                           44110 CHATEAUBRIANT
                                * FRANCE * 
     You can joint me on 36-14 RTEL1(Do you know what is a 'Minitel'??)
                        Suggestions are welcome!
               DSP music routine:
                             Gilles BOUTHENOT    (Megar)
                             8,rue des Murgers
                             25350 MANDEURE
                               * FRANCE *
                    You can contact him on 36-14 RTEL 1
                    or on Email:
               Soundtrack musics:
                              Thomas VERGNAUD      (AMIRAL PHY from TRIGON)
                           College Blaise Pascal
                             Rue Blaise Pascal
                              95270 VIARMES
                                * FRANCE *
               Amiral Phy works on a PC(I'll never understand him!!!),
                 with FASTTRACKER II,I think or a stuff like that...

     *My parents
     *My "Friends"
     *Tousands thanks to Megar for his help
     *Nantes Musique
     *Hello to Yannael(the third member of Trigon,who work on a PC,too)
     *Sylain LANGLADE(Nullos/DNT),for his replay routine that used Megar.
     *...And all the coders,users,sellers,and musicians who use a FALCON
     ,for not having abandon this superb computer...

VII-Others TRIGON Sotware's products:
     *ELFSONG:Adventure game for FALCON 030 computers
     *Projects:*TRIGON IMAGE PROCESS:To retouch your 24-bits pictures,
     ----------                      mouting very use to creat,proccessing
                                     on mask.The effect a fast(there's
                                     been coded in Assember)
               *On PC:Yannael is working on a sound-proccessing programm
                                     ,which seems not to be bad,now.

                              Bye,have lot of fun,
                                             The 8/17/1995
                                                  Roland TOMCZAK
                                                  SCT from TRIGON

Trivia - Fireforce

Supports DMA sound on STe

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