Endless Suma Surfing

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Screenshots - Endless Suma Surfing

Endless Suma Surfing atari screenshot
Endless Suma Surfing atari screenshot
Endless Suma Surfing atari screenshot
Endless Suma Surfing atari screenshot
Endless Suma Surfing atari screenshot
Endless Suma Surfing atari screenshot
Endless Suma Surfing atari screenshot
Endless Suma Surfing atari screenshot
Endless Suma Surfing atari screenshot
Endless Suma Surfing atari screenshot

Information - Endless Suma Surfing

GenreSports - Sailing / WatersportsYear2019
LanguageCompiled BASICPublisherHM-Pictures
ControlsMouse, Jagpad, JoystickDistributor-
Players2+, 1Developer[n/a]
ResolutionVGALicensed from-

Hellmuth, Christian [MacFalcon]

Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Hellmuth, Christian [MacFalcon]

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Hellmuth, Christian [MacFalcon]

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeTT, Falcon030 / 14MB
Dumpdownload atari Endless Suma Surfing Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

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HM-Pictures ().

Instructions - Endless Suma Surfing

Endless Summer Surfing instructions
ESS (C) 2019 by HM Pictures / C. Hellmuth

Aloah surfers!
The winter is near, but don´t worry, the surf season just started on your Atari!
And I promise you won´t get too wet :)
Team up with 3 friends and join the Endless Summer Surfing Competition!
If that's too crowded of course you can also surf on your own.

If you downloaded the game then just unzip the archive anywhere on your harddrive. 
If you pruchased a CD or Disk version of ESS (thank you!), just copy the contents 
of the media to your harddrive.

Start the game:
Please keep in mind that you will have to start the game in VGA, 640*480 resolution
and 16 colors. On the TT that's TT-mid. The game will exit if this is not set.

Double click on "8SUM4.PRG" and there you go!

You can go through any of the intro screens by pressing the left mouse button.

You will find yourself with a dialog box that lets you choose to:
-start surfing with 4 players
-start surfing with 3 players
-less than 3 players or quit

Chose the option you want using the mouse.
If you press  you will start a 4 player game.

If you chose <3 players/Quit you will see another dialog box with these options:
-start 2 player game
-start 1 player game

Chose the option you want using the mouse.
If you press  you will start a 2 player game.

Quit will exit to TOS.

How to play?
The goal of the game is to ride as long on your wave as possible. Avoid obstacles 
and collect the "Aloah" extras. As long as you ride free you score points.
If you achieve enough points you can join the ESS Hall of fame!

When you leave the screen to the bottom you will get whipedout. If all players 
are whiped out the game is over.

If you have other surfers at the spot the game can become a little more competitive
as you can block them either at the side or drop in just before them to slow them

If you do surf well you will get into "awesome mode". In that mode you are faster
and can overtake other surfers and/or ride until the top of the screen. Of course
this won't last forever as you move away from your wave. But you have the chance 
to do this over and over again!

The controls are very easy:

Player1: Mouse left / right button
Player2: Joystick1 left/right
Player3: Joypad A left and button "A"
Player4: Joypad B left and button "A"

You can collect the following extras:

will move all obstacles off your way and if there are players in front of you
also move these behind you.

will set you to Awesome mode for a limited time. If you already were in that
mode it will last longer.

Well obviously gives you some extra score.

A magical wave will occur and slow all action down for a limited time.

This will let change you places with a random player on screen.

At the end of a game you will be presented the final scoreboard.

If you have achieved a highscore you can enter your name. If you mistyped
you can hit  to start over. If you are finished, you have to press
 to confirm.

Boxed version / donation
ESS is free of use software. However if you enjoy the game, feel free to
donate me at http://paypal.me/falcon030

Even if you don't donate, it would be nice if you drop me a line.

If you like a boxed copy with printed manual please send 24,99 EUR to
christian.hellmuth@gmx.de via paypal or email me under this addresse
for other payment methods. The price includes free shipping worldwide
and is for the CD version.

If you want to get the game on floppydisks, please add 5,- EUR.

Endless Summer Sufing T- Shirts in the colors blue green yellow and pink
are available as long as stock lasts for 14,99 EUR including shipping.
(Size XL)

The limited edition of ESS costs 29,99 and one T- Shirt is included. 

System requirements
ESS is made on and for a Falcon030 computer. You need an Atari Falcon
Computer with 14 MBytes of RAM and around 7 MByte of free space on
harddisk to play. Also a VGA Monitor is required and you have to set
the videomode 640x480/16 colors.

The game will run happily on accelerators like the CT60 and Phantom.

If you use NVDI that will smoothen the gameplay, but you don't need it
to run the game.

ESS will also run on the Hatari Emulator and on the Atari TT Computer.
On the Atari TT it is recommended to use NVDI to get the correct color

On the Hatari Emulator music might be delayed or stuttering, depending
on your setup.

On the Atari TT, no music is played, only SFX. And at the moment only
one or two player game is available (will freeze looking for the Jag-

If you find any bugs please tell me about them and I will try to fix.

One bug is known at the moment: If you quit the game and load it again
screen might flicker or get shiftet. If you reboot your computer 
everything will be normal again.

Music will play even after you quit the game. This is not a bug ;) I
liked to bring some Aloah to TOS :)

ESS is (C) 2019 by C. Hellmuth (HM- Pictures)
You can spread ESS as long as you don´t demand any money for it. (Of
course you could sell a purchased version)
It is not allowed to modify the game or files for more than personal

All songs/music (C) their owners / performers. As ESS is a non 
commercial product it's GEMA fee.  
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