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Comments (14)
renaud - 01/03/2015
souvenirs inoubliables de ce jeu ! ma madeleine de proust
Maartau - 04/02/2015
Excellent comment below ;) !
Hillsy_ - 11/10/2013
@Aimee - No it didn't. It used 620K to have more sound which required a 1mb Amiga. Also, the AtariST version was more difficult. Give credit to the ST on this one. The Amiga had plenty of other great games.
Aimee - 11/08/2013
It was well worth the wait for the Amiga version which improved quite a bit on an all ready great game !
Jeff Fulton - 19/11/2012
Best ST game of all time. Should have been the game packed in tither a "blitter" charged Panther Atari Console that would have had a real chance in 1988.
eric G - 24/10/2012
I had a 1040ste and played that game. I think I got to the 5th floor only. That game was a complete experience. It was totally self learning. It was truly scary. you were locked in an underground dungeon and each floor had more scary things happening to you. The games was your eyes and ears which put you entirely in the game. I remember turning around to make sure there was nothing behind me. You never knew what awful creature was lurking somewhere in the maze and you really felt them attacking and making you hurt and close to death. it was no joke. I actually believed that these things really existed in that world of dungeon master.
Hillsy_ - 29/10/2011
typo...the game which made Amiga owners jealous...
Hillsy_ - 29/10/2011
There are so many great things about this game. The magic system was genius, the idea of the torch, the puzzles, the combat, the inventory system. The thought which went into this title was so well done. The monsters looked terrific, the scorpions, the giant rats, the dragon, the snakes etc..etc.. Pure classic is Dungeon Master and the best AtariST game. It was the made which made Amiga owners jealous, for a year at least :) Oids is great too!
Htom_Sirveaux - 02/07/2011
Not only did no one own an ST and not play this, people bought the ST *just* to play this.
Drake - 22/07/2010
Hands down the best game written for the ST. Truly groundbreaking for its time - the "Doom" of that era. It would be a whopping 6 years - an eternity in the computer marketplace - before Wolfenstein 3D was released and really advanced the first-person genre to the next level.
atarstfan5000 - 07/03/2010
I played this when I was 5 years old awesome game dudes I only wished my floppies didn't get ruined and I would love to play it again on a emulator if I can
Kris - 23/05/2009
Worth the price of the ST alone, of course. I just couldn't believe the sheer scope of this game - it felt like my party really was getting deep into the ground and far away from home! Loved mapping the huge level with the fireballs and the little gremlins.
JeCO - 18/03/2009
Hello Guys! This is No.1 Game!
Scooby McGee - 14/03/2009
Did anyone own an ST and not play this? This game is solely responsible for my piss poor grades as a high school sophomore.

Screenshots - Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master atari screenshot
Dungeon Master atari screenshot
Dungeon Master atari screenshot

Information - Dungeon Master

GenreAdventure - RPG (3-D)Year2017
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ControlsMouseDistributorPutnik, Peter
Players1DeveloperSoftware Heaven
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Walker, Dennis / Newton, Mike
Bell, Doug

Graphic Artist(s)

Jaros, Andy

Game design

Walker, Dennis / Bell, Doug
Newton, Mike

Box / Instructions


Sound FX

Holder, Wayne

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
MIDIVersion[STe DMA]
Dumpdownload atari Dungeon Master Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Additional Comments - Dungeon Master

Other versions with the same title:

Mirrorsoft (version 1.0) (United Kingdom)
Mirrorsoft (version 1.3) (France)
Faster than Light (FTL) (USA)
Mirrorsoft (version Limited Edition) (United Kingdom)
Mirrorsoft (version 1.1) (United Kingdom)
Mirrorsoft (version 1.2) (United Kingdom)
Mirrorsoft (version 1.2) (Germany)

STe DMA sound conversion by Peter Putnik. This version needs 2MB to run. Works on STe, TT and Falcon030.
See more information at Peter Putnik's website.

Instructions - Dungeon Master

  Dungeon Master  v 1.2 eng.     for Atari ST
   with improved sound - using STE DMA audio

HAGA version - works on all STE, Mega STE,
TT, Falcon, any TOS.  2MB RAM min .

By pressing M at HW detect screen may enter
machine setting option - only with Mega STE,
TT, Falcon.

Exit to Desktop, savestates options.
Game loads much faster than original -
- thanx to less packed GRAPHIC data.

May use game's state save/load too. It
goes in dir FILES .  Only 1 file is supported.
If want to keep some specific state, copy
DMGAME.DAT to main dir of game (or anywhere),
or rename it.

To run game with original sound use RUNYM.TOS .
That will work on 1MB machines, STs too.

For improved sound run with RUNADMA.TOS .
Min RAM 2MB, STE, TT, Falcon only.

  PP, Feb. 2017.

Tips - Dungeon Master

ST Action

Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips

Ancient Corridors Guide

Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips Dungeon Master Tips

Book / Magazine Reviews - Dungeon Master

 Génération 4 · Mars / Avril, 1988Rating: 100 % 

Dungeon Master Atari review Dungeon Master Atari review 

 ANALOG · June, 1988Rating: - 

Dungeon Master Atari review 

 ST Action · May, 1988Rating: 90 % 

Dungeon Master Atari review Dungeon Master Atari review 

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