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Screenshots - Demon

Demon atari screenshot
Demon atari screenshot
Demon atari screenshot

Information - Demon

GenreAdventure - RPG (3-D)Year1993
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisherLAPD
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Tilley, Howard

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Tilley, Carl

Game design

Tilley, Howard

Box / InstructionsEnglish


Sound FX

Tilley, Carl

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Demon Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Demon

             Demon 1993.
  Written by H.Tilley with Graphics
             By C.Tilley

     Distributed under licence by

   Quality P.D. for Atari computers
              P.O. Box 2
               DE75 7YP


Game Requirements.
 A 1 Megabyte ST(E)
 An Atari compatible mouse

The game only has 1 file,apart from
this document,called DEMON.PRG.

When the game loads the screen will
show the following:-

1. Four guages with a symbol to 
   the top and left slightly.
   These represent Health,Magic
   Weapon power and armour power.

2. The Main 3D display.Show the way
   you are facing and what is in 
   front of you.Walls,floor,pits
   monsters,objects and so on and so  
   forth ad infinitum,for ever etc...

3. The icons ( top right) these are
   Use item,Player stats,Place gold
   on floor,fight,examine item,and
   cast spell. These be explained in
   a later section.

4. The text area (under the icons)

5. The movement icons.(Move in the
   direction clicked on, the two
   curved arrows turn you 90 degrees
   but do not move you).

6. The 4 Backpack slots (for storing

7. The strange chap next to a table
   (on this coins will appear in a 
   pile to show how many you have)

8. Next to this is the Seers globe.
   This shows the compass spell if
   you have it.

9. Finally there is the player, who
   stands in front of a table which
   his current weapon will be
   displayed if you have one, and if
   you have some armour he will wear

How to play the game.

 Click with the mouse on the compass
movement arrows to move the player 
around.The 3D view will change and so
give the impression of movement.
 You will see various graphics in the
3D view.The walls and floors are the
main points to note.If you try and
click on the forward arrow and you're
facing a wall you will not move.
 Pits. Fall into one and die. Simple.
Some pits aren't pits at all, but 
just a painting on the floor, and so
you can walk over them!

 Pads. Elliptical base which if you
walk on will have various effects.
These can range from:-

 The player being teleported to 
another location,(or even just one
or two spaces back).
 An object appearing either on the
pad or somewhere else in the game.
 A monster appearing.
 There are loads of other effects,but
I won't tell you them, it'll spoil
the fun.
Piles of rubbish. The Demon being a 
rather messy supernatural entity,has
left piles of broken plates of armour
cups, and general rubbish lying in 
piles throughout the entire game.If
you look carefully in these you can 
come across the odd helpful item or

Now to explain the icons in more 

The grabber/Use item icon. 
This looks like a gauntlet reaching
out,and is the first icon (from top
left to bottom right).
Clicking on this changes the mouse
pointer from the arrow to the
grabbing glove in question. You will
now notice that movement has now been
stopped so clicking on the movement
arrows will result in nothing.
 When you are in this mode you can 
take an item from the 3D view if it
is in sight i.e you are standing in
a pile of rubbish and you see an item
this will result in the item being 
put in one of the backpack slots,but
NOT if they are all full.If so the
item will not be taken and the mouse
pointer will revert back to the arrow
If you click the right mouse button
when the pointer is grabbing,it will
revert back anyway so always left
If you click on any of the backpack
slots with the grabber you will use
the item in that slot.(E.g if it is
a weapon you will put it on the table
or wear armour. This will not work
if you are already wearing armour or
have a weapon,you must first click on
the offending item to put in in an 
EMPTY backpack slot and then click on
the new item.)
If you click with the right button on 
an item in a backpack slot,you will
discard that item and it will be gone
forever.This must be done precisely
so take care not to discard the wrong
item it's irreversible.

The Player statistics screen.
This is displayed as the head and 
shoulders of the character. Clicking
on this will display on the text area
four categories, these are:-

 1.General statistics.
 This shows Health,Magic,Armour and 
 weapon power in numerical form for
 those that can't decipher the four
 guages in the top left of the screen.

 2.Physical statistics.
 This shows the current Food and 
 Water levels of the player in bars,
 these go down as you walk about,so
 keep an eye on them.If either of 
 them gets to it's lowest ( a tiny
 fraction of a unit) then you need
 some of the Food/Water now! and so
 lose health every move you make.
 Also shown is whether you are at the
 moment poisoned or confused.
 Poisoned meaning you will lose one
 health point every move until you 
 find a cure, and confused meaning 
 you will not face or walk in the 
 direction chosen for a few moves.
 When you are confused don't try to
 make progress, just walk about in a
 room or corridor until it wears off.

 3.Combat stats.
 Show your weapons name,it's minimum
 and maximum damage range,and your 
 armour and it's protection.

 4.Personal stats.
 Shows your Wisdom,Gold and gives you
 a rating of how good you are at the
 game (in relation to Wisdom).
 The rating increases with Wisdom,and
 wisdom will increase with killing

Put gold on pad.

Clicking on this normally has no
effect.But when you are on a special
pad you will be greeted by the text 
showing you how much gold you have, 
how much you are going to leave on 
the pad and the words 'MORE','LESS', 
and 'EXIT'.
Clicking on 'MORE' will increase the 
amount next to 'LEAFT' and 'LESS'
will decrease this.Clicking on the
word 'LEAVE' will leave the gold on
the pad (and give you an item on the
pad in return), whilst clicking on 
'EXIT' will not leave any gold and so
return to the main game.

Another icon is Fight.
A clenched gauntlet fist.

This only works when you are facing a 
monster.It will be explained in a 
later section.

Next to this is the Magnifying glass
icon.Clicking on this results in the
mouse pointer changing to the glass
and when you click on a backpack
slot you will be told what is in it.
Be sure to click with the left mouse
button.If you click with the right
button the game will return to normal

Finally we have the Spell cast icon.
This looks like a pentagram.
Clicking on this will bring up the
select runes section.
This displayes the six basic spell
runes they are:-
 Sun,Moon,Eye,Star,Rock,and Liquid.
You must mix these together to form a
spell.Simply click on each rune in
turn to add it to the spell.As you
click (with the left button - the 
right button will exit) the runes are
shown next to the word 'RUNES' under-
 You can mix up to three of the runes
together to make a spell.
When you have mixed them click on the
word 'RUNES' and you will be told if
the spell has worked or failed.If it
has worked, you will lose a specific
amount of magic points but if you 
fail you will lose half of your spell
points and no effect will occur.
You will soon realise that you do not
know which runes to mix to get a good
spell, so as you progress through the
dungeon you will find scrolls telling
you of spell rune ingrediants. It is
best to write these down in case you 


As you will soon see after you have
walked around a bit a monster will 
appear in a puff of smoke.If you try
to click on the movement or icons
other than fight and the use an item
icon you will get no effect.

You are now in FIGHT mode!

 The text screen is displaying the
words 'YOUR HIT', and then the name 
of the monster followed by 'HIT'
You will also see a red energy bar of
the said monster.
 You must fight the creature,you can 
not run away.So you can either click
on the fight icon (a clenched fist)
and if you are quick you will see a
number appear next to 'YOUR HIT'
this is how much damage your weapon
-or hands- have done on the monster.
The energy bar will decrease if it
was a considerable amount.
Immediately the monster will fight
back, and under 'YOUR HIT' the amount
of damage the monster does is shown.
Your hit points will be deducted on
the guage at the top next to the red
heart. This continues until you or
the monster are dead.
 If you wish to use an item during a
fight,you may - BUT only items that
the game allows, such as throwing 
stars, or other combat items, you do
not have enough time to sit and eat
a whole leg of Troll or drink a vial
of health potion,nor are you quick
enough to cast a spell.
 When the monster is dead you will
see it vanish back to the Demons lair
and you will gain wisdom and probably
some gold coins.

 Lots of objects in this game. They
come in all shapes and sizes.They are
all taken (if a backpack slot is
empty by the grabber.) Scrolls do not
need an empty slot as they are read
and then discarded.
 To use an object just click on it
in the backpack slot when on the 
 Here are a few objects, and their 
uses in the game:-
 Scrolls - Gives useful clues, they
are usually found in front of a pad
and if so they give a clue to how to
get past.They also gives spell rune 
 Food and drink - tops up levels of
food and water. Most also give some
sort of hit point renewel, but not
 Weapons and armour - Armour protects
you from damage, and weapons inflict
damage. Always have the latest models
as they become out of date quickly,
in other words wear the best and 
discard the rest.
 Magic items - These are the most
powerful and secretive items in the 
game. They have various uses from 
enabling you to pass over a clueless
pad to giving you true vision.

Hints for the beginner.
 There are secret walls everywhere,
(walls that you can walk through).
If you search around you can find
short cuts,items,clues and lots of
other things.In some later levels the
only way forward is to find one of
 As soon as you find a magic pad.Put
all your gold on it to get the best
items, eat and drink well, and take
some food with you to sustain your
life.It may be a long while before
you find another.
 Some walls are invisible.
 Some items are cursed. If you wear
cursed armour, it may say PROTECTION
LEVEL 5 but if you start to lose a
great deal of hit points you can bet
it is cursed. You will not find any
cursed items until later on.
 Have fun

Hints for the expert.
 Learn which food items give you
certain levels of Hit points and only
buy the best.
 Password spells can be found if you
are lucky to warp you to later levels
 The best way to avoid fighting a 
monster is to stand on a pad or a 
pile of rubbish, they do not appear
on these.
 Do not cure yourself when you are
poisoned straight away, you could be
poisoned again after a few moves,so
save it.
 Good luck to you.

     33 York Road,
      Church Gresley,
         DE11 9QG.
This program was written in STOS and
compiled into machine code using the
STOS compiler.

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