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Screenshots - Dark Pearl

Dark Pearl atari screenshot
Dark Pearl atari screenshot
Dark Pearl atari screenshot
Dark Pearl atari screenshot

Information - Dark Pearl

GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1992
LanguageGFA BASICPublisherST Review
Players1DeveloperMunsie Entertainment Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Munsie, Dave

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Munsie, Dave

Game design

Munsie, Dave

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Munsie, Dave

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Munsie, Dave

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Dark Pearl Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided / HD Installable

Instructions - Dark Pearl

Dark Pearl 1.0 (c) 1992 Dave Munsie 09/92 PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE

 First off a short legal note:

 This game did not and WILL not appear on the cover disk of
 ATARI ST REVIEW MAGAZINE. I apologize for not being able to change
 the title screen and de-compression headers to reflect this. This version
 of DARK PEARL is freely public domain. Copy and give away to your hearts
 content as long as you include this .DOC file and insure that all files
 are un-altered.

 Dark Pearl requires a joystick / color monitor and a 1 meg ST/Ste.

 NOTE: In case of an error...a short message will be displayed. This is
 normal. You should maintain control of the machine without having to turn
 it off and on again.


 Step 1: Installing and loading Dark Pearl

 First make sure you have a folder created on the root directory of your
 disk or hard drive called . Do not create this folder within 
 another folder. After doing so please move the PEARL.TOS program into this
 folder along with this .DOC file. (Note: These steps might already be
 taken care of...)

 You must be in low resolution to run Dark Pearl. Simply double click your
 mouse inside the  folder on the file PEARL.TOS. After a few whirls
 of the storage media the program should greet you with a copyright notice
 and a data loading message. When the program is first run it looks for a
 data file called PEARL.DAT. If this file is not found it will create it
 for you. The next time the program is run it will not have to do this step.
 After the program has loaded properly the title sequence should begin.
 Note: You can bypass the title sequences by pressing the fire button.

 Step 2: About the game 

 I was inspired to write this game after seeing something similar in my
 local arcade. (Yes..I'm an over-grown video game junkie...) The original 
 game (I forget the name..) had wonderful scaling and rotation features.
 It truly made me dizzy playing. I then looked for something currently
 available on the ST's that resembled this game. After many  PD and
 commerical games shown to me I realized I could write something much better
 than was currently out there. Well, the scaling and rotation was out of the
 question so I decided on fast vertically scrolling game play along with a
 novel 3-D type perspective. The end result is no where near the arcade version
 but I feel anybody who has played this type of game will welcome it.
 Step 3: Playing the game

 The object of Dark Pearl is to traverse the vertically scrolling field
 while picking up (bouncing on) the red-green-blue jewels along the way.
 Various tiles will help or hinder you on the way. When you make it all the
 way up to the top of the field (7 screens up) and all of the jewels are
 collected you proceed to the next level! If you still have jewels left you
 are sent back to the start of the field to try again. Use your joystick
 to guide the pearl over the tiles. There are 10 levels in all. Levels
 4 and 8 are bonus rounds.

 Game tiles:

 Green arrows   - Small jumps
 Red arrows     - Bigger jumps
 Yellow arrows  - Biggest jumps
 Windows        - These break when you land on them.
 Hatched tiles  - These slow you down.
 Point tiles    - Increase your score.
 x2-x5          - Score multiplexers! Bounce on these...
 Question marks - These cause a random event:

 1) Bonus points from 10-100
 2) Send out a bee that tries to sting you. (Up to 4 at a time!!)
 3) Plot down a score multiplexer.
 4) Plot down a free ball tile. Land on this!!
 5) Cause a heart to appear around the pearl. When the heart is active you
    can land on the bees to squash them and get some big points!

 Misc game hints/tips.

 If you make it to the top of the field on one try without losing a pearl
 or having to back down again you recieve big bonus points.

 Level 4 Bonus round 1:

 Simply guide the pearl around the maze to grab all the jewels and bonus
 points you can without falling off. Steer the pearl with the joystick.
 Ther longer you last the more points you can grab.

 Level 8 Bonus round 2:

 Hmmmm.. I had to put a little shoot-em-up in here somewhere!! Stay alive
 as long as you can by shooting at the nastys. Big points add up here.
 Guide your shooter ROBOTRON style. Press the fire button button to change
 firing direction.

 If you complete all 10 levels you will recieve a mega bonus based on your
 score. Only bty completing all 10 levels are mega-scores (over 100000)

 Practice rounds:

 By pressing 1-0 from the title screen you can start at any of the 10 levels.
 You won't be able to get your name in the high score table but at least you
 can practice the tougher levels. (0=level 10)
 That's about it! I hope you enjoy this game. As usual any comments or
 suggestions are welcomed and asked for. Please send your comments to:

 Dave Munsie
 5601 Ammons
 Haltom City, TX 76117

 DARK PEARL was written in GFA BASIC 3.5e with the GP_GRAPHICS ENGINE.
 The GP_GRAPHICS ENGINE is (c) 1992-93 DSA.
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