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Screenshots - Corsair

Corsair atari screenshot
Corsair atari screenshot
Corsair atari screenshot

Information - Corsair

GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear1997
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ControlsJagpad, Joystick, KeyboardDistributor-
Players2 (sim.)DeveloperImpulse
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Larsson, Reine [Longshot]

Graphic Artist(s)

Larsson, Reine [Longshot] / Skön, Magnus [Stardust]

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish

Gustavsson, Peter

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari Corsair Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Instructions - Corsair

      ____________       _________________________    ____ ___________
     /           /_______\          \            /___|__ _|\          \
    /                 \     |_      /           /       |     |_      /
   /     /_________    \    |/     /\      \___/____    |     |/     /
  /     /_____    |     \   /     /  \/\____     / |    |     /     /
 /     /     /    |     /   \     \  /     /    /       |     \     \
/           /\         /    |\     \/          /   |    |     |\     \
\__________/  \_______/_____| \____/__________/____|____|_____| \_____\
_____________________________________________________|    |_____________
\                                                                    FTR\

                               - CORSAIR -
                                a game by
                               - IMPULSE -
                              >> Contents <<

           1.0     Getting started

                   1.1     Introduction
                   1.2     Hardware requirements           
                   1.3     Installation	

           2.0     Main Menu
                   2.1     Control settings (F1/F2)
                   2.2     Sound settings (F3)
                   2.3     Start level (F4)  
                   2.4     Overscan (F5)
                   2.5     Hall Of Fame (F6)
                   2.6     Information (F7)
                   2.7     Other keys
           3.0     The Game    

                   3.1     Story
                   3.2     Basic gameplay  
                   3.3     The status panel
                   3.4     Levels 
                   3.5     Enemies
                   3.6     Highscore
                   3.7     Keys
           4.0     Further information      
                   4.1     Last words
                   4.2     Shareware and registration
                   4.3     Credits         
                   4.4     Contact addresses
                   4.5     Thanks                                  

1.0     Getting started

        1.1     Introduction
                Welcome to CORSAIR! This is a shareware game for the ATARI
                FALCON030 by Swedish team IMPULSE. It was made for fun, and 
                we hope that you like it. The gameplay is very simple and there 
                are no technical extravaganzas, just pure addiction. There are 
                too few playable games today...
                Release date: 980124 
        1.2     Hardware requirements

                This game requires an ATARI FALCON030, with a minimum of               
                4 megabyte ST-RAM. 
                RGB monitor or TV is strongly recommended. A VGA monitor can 
                also be used, but the gameplay performance and synchronization
                will be reduced.
                * WARNING! This program has been carefully tested, but there
                *          could still be some bugs left in it. Use it at your 
                *          own risk! The authors hold no responsibility for 
                *          any damaged equipment.

        1.3     Installation
                To play, you must have these files:
                  \CORSAIR\CORSAIR.TXT    (this file)
                Make sure that all these files are put in a folder named
                "CORSAIR". Start by running CORSAIR.PRG. Within approximately 
                30 seconds the game will start.
                If the game doesn't start, try booting with the Control
                key pressed to ensure there is enough free RAM memory.
                Additional hardware like accelerators may also cause problems.                
                Feel free to contact us if there are any questions or

                And here we go again:
                The authors hold no responsibility for any damage caused
                by this software. Run at your own risk!                 


2.0     Main Menu

        2.1     Control settings
                Player 1: Press F1 key to toggle the three possible modes.
                          - Keyboard: A = Left
                                      S = Right 
                                      F = 90 degree fire
                                      G = 45 degree fire
                          - Joypad:   Insert joypad in port A.  
                                      Left and Right as usual.
                                      Button B = 90 degree fire
                                      Button A = 45 degree fire                   
                                      Pause = Pause game.
                          - Joystick: Insert joystick in port 1.
                                      Left and Right as usual.                                    
                                      Button = 90 degree fire
                                      Button+Up = 45 degree fire

                Player 2: Press F2 key to toggle the three possible modes.
                          - Keyboard: Cursor Up = Up
                                      Cursor Down = Down
                                      Insert = 90 degree fire
                                      Cursor Left = 45 degree fire
                          - Joypad:   Insert joypad in port B.  
                                      Up and Down as usual.
                                      Button B = 90 degree fire
                                      Button C = 45 degree fire                   
                                      Pause = Pause game.
                          - Joystick: Insert joystick in port 0 (mouse port).
                                      Up and Down as usual.                                    
                                      Button = 90 degree fire
                                      Button+Left = 45 degree fire

        2.2     Sound settings
                Press F3 to toggle sound on/off. 

        2.3     Start level
                Press F4 to change start level. This may be used if you're
                bored at always starting on level one (or can't get past it...). 

        2.4     Overscan

                * WARNING! This could damage your monitor! Use it at your
                *          own risk! The authors hold no responsibility for 
                *          any damaged equipment.

                Press F5 if you want to toggle Cinemascope mode on/off.
                This will produce a wider screen. This option does not
                work on VGA monitors.

        2.5     Hall Of Fame 
                By pressing F6 you may behold the mighty pilots whose names
                you are not worthy to even utter... yet. Beat them if you can.

        2.6     Information 
                With a gentle hit on F7 the authors come visible in all their
                glory. If you listen carefully, you may hear a voice saying

        2.7     Other keys
                Exit to TOS by pressing Esc. 
                Space to enter game.

3.0     The Game    

        3.1     Story

                The year is 2[insert your favorite three-digit number here]. 
                Humankind has colonized the Moon, and a vast number of items 
                are brought there from Earth as a memory of the old ages. 
                One particular item is of special importance. It is the
                sacred object of an old cult on Earth, whose few members are 
                the last fraction of the Good Side. No one can remember what
                it was used for, but scientists believe it to be some sort
                of ancient calculator. It consists of a grey box with the
                letters F-A-L-C-O-N on it. It is being kept inside a structure,
                with AI-controlled defense weapons.
                However, there are some Bad Guys trying to destroy it. The
                entire Tfosorcim Galaxy have gathered to launch an attack
                fleet against the Moon. Unfortunately the financials back
                on Earth are doing poorly these days, so the defense structure
                is left on it's own. (this is where you should start to tremble.)
                Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to defend
                your structure against the alien beings. The fate of computer
                history is in your hands.

        3.2     Basic gameplay  

                This is a two-player game, and each player controls a cannon
                using the controls mentioned in section 2.1. Player one is
                purple and player two is orange. The cannons travel on a
                kind of railway track. Due to a secret worm hole in the
                space-time continuum they can "wrap" from one side to another.  
                Every cannon with self-respect must have something to shoot
                at. This is where the Evil Aliens are needed. The universe
                provides a lot of these (as all fans of X-Files already know)
                so keep your laser handy! 
                If you are a pacifist or miss them with your laser rounds they 
                will land on your railway. You are now quite helpless... This
                is where the team play is needed. While you avoid the aliens
                the other player shoots 45-degree shots to assist you. Or why
                not AT you, as a cannon gives much more score than an alien...
                In fact, shooting a cannon will give you 500 points!

                If a cannon is being destroyed, one "life" is gone. There is a 
                limited supply of spare parts ("lives") in the structure, and
                they are shared between the two cannons (so think twice before
                shooting at eachother). When all lives are gone, you're gone. 
                The structure is lost and you have failed when there only is
                one single cannon left (it can't defend the structure properly
                on its own). And remember, in space no one can hear you scream.

        3.3     The status panel

                On the right side of the game area is a status panel
                which displays score and number of lives remaining.

        3.4     Levels 

                The aliens will attack in waves. Each attackwave will be
                harder than the previous... (oh, really?).                

        3.5     Enemies

                There are a lot of aliens trying to invade the structure.
                They will give different score when hit, depending on their
                strength and status.
                A brief overview:

                - Landers: 
                   The usual aliens who will land on the railways.
                   Score: 10
                - Drunken Landers: 
                   We all know that drinking and driving spaceships don't match
                   together. Thus the odd flight pattern.
                   Score: 50
                - Railcrawlers: 
                   These buggers land far away and sneak up onto the railways.
                   Heavy shields which absorbs several hits.  
                   Score: 50
                - Jumpers:
                   This is what happens when they are tuning in the Earth
                   radio stations, not a pretty sight.
                   Score: 50  
                - Stealth bomber:
                   This bugger drops bombs on you... Nail him!                   
                   Score: 50
                - SETI man:
                   This is what you get for sending out postcards into
                   Score: 50
                - Big Bobby:
                   Beware. Behold. Be dead.
                   Score: 1000  

        3.6     Highscore

                If you fight with courage, heart and a bit of luck you
                may achieve a highscore. Then you will be prompted to
                enter your name after the game. Use the A-Z and 0-9 keys
                and hit Return when done. Delete characters with Backspace
                and delete the whole line with Esc.

        3.7     Keys

                Press F1 to pause the game. Press F1 again to resume play.
                Press Esc to quit game (confirm with Y, else N).
                Press F10 to pause without the Pause logo.


4.0     Further information

        4.1     Last words
                The game has been tested on various hardware setups,
                but we cannot guarantee that it works properly on
                all possible setups. If your hardware meets the recommended
                requirements in section 1.2 and it still doesn't work,
                contact us.
                For those who cares: The resolution is 320*240 in 16-bit 
                hicolour. Four-channel music and four-channel sound effects.
                Programmed in 68030 assembly language. And maybe even some 
                evil bugs from outer space...

                Unfortunately this game is not as good as we originally
                wanted it to be. It took too long and we felt like releasing
                it now.

                The plot is of course very bad, but at least we didn't name
                the cannons Bub and Dub... ;)
                And who knows, there may be some secret modes in the game...

        4.2     Shareware and registration
                This game is shareware. If you keep it and like it you should 
                pay us the registration fee of 50 SEK. This is a very small 
                fee despite the time and effort put into this game. Support 
                Falcon - support software authors! 50 SEK equals approximately 
                13 DM, 5 GBP, 8 USD. If your country's currency differ from 
                these, please exchange your money into any of the currencies
                mentioned above. 

                The registration fee can be send to:
                   Mandus Sk”n 
                   Stora Beddinge 387
                   S-231 98 Klagstorp
                Please send us comments on the game, what you like and dislike.

        4.3     Credits
                Reine Larsson   (Longshot) : Programming
                                             This manual
                Mandus Sk”n     (Mandus)   : Graphics
                The music in the menu is called "Endless spaces" and composed
                by Peter Gustavsson (Surf of ICE).  
                Module player is programmed by Steffen Scharfe (bITmASTER 
                of TCE).
                ASCII-logos by Robert Faling (FTR).  

                Software used:
                Devpac 3.1 (HiSoft), Rainbow 2.1 (Addiction Software).
                Other productions from Impulse:

                Bugs From Outer Space (Falcon030 demo)
                ngest (Falcon030 demo)                
                Sokoban (STE/Falcon game, in cooperation with ICE)
                Just For Your Information (STE demo)
                Terra Incognita (STE demo)
                Wizbound (STE demo)

                ...and a lot more stuff (you don't wanna know!).                               

        4.4     Contact addresses

                Email:   (Longshot)
                Snail:  Mandus Sk”n  (Mandus)      Reine Larsson  (Longshot)             
                        Framg†ngen 230-31          Emilsborg 1142
                        S-412 80 G”teborg          S-412 79 G”teborg
                        SWEDEN                     SWEDEN
                URL:    Impulse homepage:  
                        All our products and more can be downloaded from there. 

                        Corsair homepage:

                IRC:    Insult Longshot on channel #atari.

                FTP:    Impulse FTP site:

        4.5     Thanks to:
                Hattrick/Impulse, for beta testing and all crazy ideas. 
                Pluto/ICE, for beta testing, suggestions and (many) complaints.
                Daniel/New Beat Development, for all the help!
                Bitmaster/TCE, for the replay routine.
                David De Ridder (Septimus), for good ideas. Too bad you disappeared.
                Mr Pink/Reservoir Gods, for the kind words in Maggie.
                Sven Bornemark, for the advert publishing.
                Yak, for divine inspiration. 
                Fiskkompaniet, for the hidden level (NI!).
                Bobby the Hippie Ghost, for the guest appearance. We love you!

                Greetings to our friends and contacts all over the world. 
                You know who you are.


                           An Impulse Production 1997

    ____                                      ______
   |   _|___  _____ ________    ______       /     /       ______________
   |  |     ||     |\_      \  /     /______/     /_______/__           /
   |  |            |  |_     \/     /      /     / \        /          /
_/\|  |    \  /    |  |/     /     /      /     /   \   ___/___ ______/  /\
   |  |    |\/|    | _/     /     /      /     /____ \____    /    /\FTR/  \_
   |  |    |  |            /            /     /     /    /   /____/_ \_/ 
   |  |____|  |      _____/\_____      /           /        /      /
   |___ |     |___ |__|        /      /\__________/________/______/
       \|         \|           \_____/
                          +               .
       .                                         +           .

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