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Screenshots - Clan

Clan atari screenshot
Clan atari screenshot
Clan atari screenshot
Clan atari screenshot
Clan atari screenshot
Clan atari screenshot
Clan atari screenshot
Clan atari screenshot

Information - Clan

GenreStrategy - WargameYear1992
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisherLAPD
Players1Developer[no developer]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Weston, Ben

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Weston, Ben

Game design

Weston, Ben

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Weston, Ben

Sound FX

Weston, Ben

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Clan Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Clan

                   Copyright (C) Ben Weston 1992

This product is licenceware and may only be distributed by L.A.P.D. 
If you bought this copy from any other public domain company, 
please tell me ! (see below address). 


Double-click on the CLAN.PRG icon to load the game.

The program will look for two files which between them contain 
the all-time record score for the game. If both are not found, the
game will create the file when it is needed. The all-time record
will thereafter be saved to these files.

The disk should not be write protected, and should be left in the 
drive until you have finished playing the game.


Many centuries ago, the people of the world were more scattered, 
less integrated than they are today. Each village or group 
existed more or less as a self sustaining community, concentrating 
primarily on producing enough food to survive. In some parts of 
the world these groups were known as clans.

You take on the role of leader of one such clan, in a time long 
since forgotten. Your clan is newly formed, an outcast band of 
warriors from a larger clan in a now distant land. Your people are 
weary, and in poor health. What grain has been brought with you to 
your new home has been carried hundreds of leagues. Now your new 
makeshift village lies by a natural well, in the centre of a plain 
which can be as hard a rock or as soft as water depending on the 
unpredictable climate. You must guide your people wisely, so that 
your clan may thrive for as long as possible.

The basics

Firstly, it should be noted that the term 'men' is used in this 
game to refer to men, women and children. All are considered to 
have equal status.

Your clan, being a simple community with no aims of grandeur, 
thrive on a diet of grain. But grain is a decent sort of crop, and 
can be planted to produce even more grain. Thus your people live. 

You must decide each year how many sacks of grain to plant, and 
how many men to work as farmers. The more grain planted, the more 
grown, but only with enough farmers will you be able to harvest 
all that is grown. The weather, however, is likely to play the 
largest part, and so you must hope for a good year when planting 
large amounts of grain.

You must also decide how many men shall improve grain storage 
facilities (to prevent grain rot), how many men shall improve the 
village defences (to defend against attack), and how many men 
shall improve medical facilities (to reduce natural death rate and 
increase natural birth rate).

The game generally works in 4 cycles to a year.

Annual Census / Decisions
Food report
Defence report / Medical report

Events will be something which happens that year, and may be good 
or bad for the clan. Sometimes a choice will be offered, but other 
times the outcome is pre-decided.

Scoring is in the form of accumulated man-years. Each year you 
will be told how many men are in the clan. Each year this figure 
will be added to an undisplayed total, given at the end of the 
game. This scoring method obviously favours larger clans, but 
sustaining a large clan over time is the real secret, and this 
is not easy. 

There is a choice of turning on/off music as well as retiring 
following each years medical report.

Ending a game

There are three ways a game can end.

Firstly, your clan can become extinct. This is usually due to 
combat, but may be assisted or even caused entirely by famine.

Secondly, you may retire using the option after the medical 

Thirdly, a least likely, you may be forced into retirement after 
100 years of rule.

Note that score is largely unaffected by the means of ending the 

The not quite so basics, and a little more technicals, but still 
very importants 

Generally speaking, most of the game is a random system. Luck 
plays more than it's fair part in things. Such is life. It is your 
job to be prepared for the worst, and know what's going on.

Some things that it will help to know -:

Each man in your clan eats one sack of grain per year (they are 
big sacks !)

The worst crop failure possible is 90%.

You will never lose more than a few facility levels in any year.

It is difficult to become extinct from famine, but easy to come 

Enemy clans attack you for your grain. Therefore the more grain 
you have the larger an attacking army on average shall be. Armies 
also tend to become larger over the years, as your reputation as a 
worthy target grows.
It is also possible for some troops in an army facing overwhelming 
odds to defect, resulting in a gain in men for the other side. 
thus it is actually possible to finish a combat with a few more 
men tha you started with.

It takes approximately 500 man-years work to increase a facility 
level. No facility can increase more than one level per year, but 
excess man-years will be put to good use. Therefore, 2000 men 
working as medics one year will make the medical facilities 
increase for several years to come, without further work being 

Roughly speaking, any facility-affected figure in the game is 
first worked out as normal, and then divided/multiplied by the
facility level. Thus, going from level 1 to 2, HALVES the 
effect ! This is true for natural deaths, grain rot, and combat 
losses, and of course opposite for births. It is therefore 
important to increase all facilities by a few levels early on.

Tips and advice

Remember that combat losses and starvation deaths are included in 
the census.

The paradox of the game is that to get a big score, you need a 
big clan, and a big clan needs lots of grain, and lots of grain 
invites big attacking armies. The best policy is to produce enough 
food to thrive and no more. This is not as easy as it sounds, 

Storage plays a very important part later in the game, as 
it reduces the chances taken with farming. 

Medical facilities should be increased as soon as possible, to 
stabalize the birth/death rate.

Defences should be given a high priority too. You can defeat an 
enemy thousands of times larger if you are well fortified.

Don't rely on anything ! Luck is biggest factor in life, and it is 
in this game too !

That's the instructions then ..

Right, no doubt I've forgotten something vitally important about 
the game, but there you go.

Credits and stuff

Thanks go to me, the writer of this game (including the music).

Thanks to Colin Watt (co-author of the Misty extension) for 
advice, especially concerning getting rid of the STOS key at the 
beginning of the game !

Thanks to the authors of STOS, for a really amazing programing 
language. This prog was written with STOS V2.6, by the way, and 
uses a couple of commands from the Misty extension.

Thanks to LAPD for their support !

A little story about a virus

Once upon a time there was a bloke who wrote the odd game in STOS. 
His 1986 TOS 1.0 520STFM was falling apart, so he got a nice new 
520STE with 2 meg RAM. He always checked his disks for virus's, 
and on completion of his latest game (Logic problems, available 
from LAPD), he loaded up his virus killer. But the virus killer 
didn't load up on his nice new STE. Oh well, he thought, I've 
never had a virus yet ! And so he sent off his game to LAPD. 

Well, that disk did in fact have the Signum virus on it, and it 
was only LAPD's vigilence which stopped it. Good 'ol LAPD. So 
luckily that game was never sold with a virus (in fact all LAPD 
games have a virus detecting bootsector, anyway !). But the morale 
is here to be learnt. It can, and will in time happen to you. Get 
hold of either the Professional or Ultimate virus killer and be 
certain. After all, my virus came out of nowhere !



August '92 : wrote game

Well, all the decent progs have histories on 'em nowadays.

My other games available from LAPD are :

LOGIC PROBLEMS - a computer format of the classic puzzle formula.

UNMAGNIFICENT 15 - a point and click (quickly!) western shoot-out.

Give 'em a whirl, after all they don't cost much.

A strangely underlined heading

Good grief, I think I've run out of things to say. better do the 

                   BEN WESTON
                   7 SWANGLEYS LANE
                   SG3 6AA

If you have any problems with the game, or even just a query, 
please write to me. I am extremely eager to get some feedback..

The End

Well there you go, your money worth just in a documentation file !

You've virtually got the game for nothing, so stop moaning.

Time to go ....


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