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Card Party atari screenshot
Card Party atari screenshot
Card Party atari screenshot
Card Party atari screenshot

Information - Card Party

GenreCards - SolitaireYear
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Scotia, Nova / Bay, Mahone
Zwicker, Dale

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Game design


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LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
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Cover Artist(s)ST TypeSTe Only / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Card Party Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Card Party


 Written by ' Dale Zwicker, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia'.
This game gives you the option of three (3) different games, CRIB, FOLLOW

  PYRAMID is a card game where there are seven (7) rows of cards placed
down on the table like the way bowling pins are set. The first row has one (1)
card. The second row has two (2) cards over lapping the first row. The third
row has three (3) cards over lapping the second row , etc.
 What you have to do is remove the pyramid of cards by taking them away in
groups or singularly with a total of thirteen (13). Ex., 10 of Hearts and
3 of clubs = 13. You can't use a card that is partially covered by another
card unless the top card is highlighted and is going to be used to make the
total of 13. The King is worth 13, the Queen is worth 12, the Jack is 11, the
ten is 10 and right down to the Ace which is worth one (1). The remaining eck
of cards are flipped up, one at a time, by clicking on the deck.

  FOLLOW SUIT is a game where you try to put all of the cards out on the table
in four (4) rows ( one (1) row for each suit).
 The game starts off dealing out four (4) groups of three (3) cards each and
flips up one (1) card in the first of the rows where you must put the cards.
 Say the first card of the top row is the 2 of hearts. Now this first row is
for hearts only. The first card of the second row must be a two (2). Also,
the top card of the deck of three (3) cards just to the left of each row,
can't be flipped until the first card of the row hass been placed. Now say
that in the second row you have placed the two of spades and there is also
the 7 of spades flipped up that you would like to place on the second row.
This card can on;y be placed if the 7 of hearts is placed in the first row.
These cards don't have to be in the same position but the row above the row
where you want to place a card, has to have the same card in it.
 Now that the game is going, you handle everything with the mouse. Click on
the deck to turn up three (3) cards. Point and click on the card you want to
place, to highlight it. Point and click on the row that you want to place it
in. Just click th right mouse button to un-highlight a highlighted card. You
don't have to point at it.
  CRIB has two (2) seperate games. Choose either SOLITAIRE or 31.
  SOLITAIRE deals you hands and cribs from the deck until the deck is gone.
Hopefully you can get 121 points from the deck to win.
  31 is a game where your peg starts off at 31 and you work your way down to
zero (0) to win. You flip up cards from the deck and make hands out of these
cards, building easch hand up evenly to four (4) cards. Then you total up
your points. The computer adds up your points and subtracts 31 from it.
If you had 25 points your peg would move towards the 121, six holes. If you
had 40 points your peg would move 9 holes toward the 0.
 With both of these crib games, you have to add up your own points. If the
computer did this, what would be the point in playing, you would have
nothing to do. Enter your points by clicking on the proper space and the
click on the word CLICK.
 This CARDS program runs on LOW_REZ on an STe only.

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