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Screenshots - Break Out

Break Out atari screenshot
Break Out atari screenshot
Break Out atari screenshot
Break Out atari screenshot
Break Out atari screenshot
Break Out atari screenshot
Break Out atari screenshot
Break Out atari screenshot
Break Out atari screenshot
Break Out atari screenshot

Information - Break Out

GenreArcade - Breakout / Pong / CircusYear1994
LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Haines, Thomas

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Haines, Thomas

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Bohn, Dominik [Domm]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari Break Out Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Instructions - Break Out

Welcome to my first program for the Falcon 030.

You will need a mouse, a Falcon 030 with 4meg, a TV, RGB or VGA monitor
(I think it should work with any!), connect some speakers and pump up the

As you will soon find out, or have already found out, it is far from
brilliant, and not even finished!!!!

I would not have uploaded it in this state if it was not for the fact that
my course has come to an end and this might well be my last chance to get
onto the internet!

The module routine is the DSP MOD Player for Falcon, original Protracker 3.0 
replay by bITmASTER of BSW. Additional coding by Dusan.

The module is taken from the Plastikk demo (great demo, download it imediately!).

You can replace this module with any other protracker module, the module 
has been packed with ICE!.

The controls are simple, I'm sure you will figure them out!  Just press a 
key when anything appears to be waiting, right mouse button to start the 
ball going, Esc to quit, move the mouse to move the bat.  The left mouse 
button will pause the game (this was a debugging aid for me so you probably
will not want to use it, if you do you'll be able to see the very buggy way 
in which the ball collides with the bricks!!!).  

On the title screen you may press 'c' to go to a level editor.  Left mouse
button places a brick, right mouse button changes the brick type (shown,
crudely, in bottom right hand corner).  Press return to save, Esc to quit.

I hope you will glean some pleasure from my first attempt, hopefully there
will be better to follow.  You are welcome to send me encouragement, ideas
etc.  I will even except money (but the game is pd so you don't have to!:-)

Also if you are interested in doing graphix, sound or code for any future 
Falcon productions then please get in contact, in fact contact me about 
anything, just as long as its legal!

If you have internet access and you feel like sending me all the new uploads
and the AEO etc. then I'll be your friend for ever!  I don't know how I'll
survive without the internet!

I have about 30meg of modules and about 15meg of jpgs if anyone wants to swap.

I need a job as well, offers greatfully received!

By the way:- 
	I take no responsibility if this program any way couses you trouble.
	If you monitor blows up, your hard disk crashes or your computer fries,
	its not my fault.  This program may or may not work for you, try at
	your own peril, its nothing what so ever to do with me.
This program is copyright (1994) me:-

Thomas Haines
17 Cross Road,
BN42 4HG
United Kingdom   for a few more days at least (today's date:- 22/6/94).

This program is pd, do with it as you please, change it as you like, but
keep this text file with it and document any changes you have made.
If you make any money from this it will be a miracle.
In the event of a miracle you must send me half!
This does not apply if you are just charging for the media etc.
Distribute it as much as possible, upload it to ftp sites, send it to pd
companies, anoy the hell out of everyone with it!

Anyone wanting me to release a proper level editor, sprite grabber for the
program should get in contact.

Is anyone still reading this?!

Here is a little story:-

It was late afternoon, the wind had dropped, they would not sail today.
"Well Whatever Yourname, what shall we do, we have 10 hours leave to 
kill" said What.
"As it so happens I know of this lovely quiet little inn just down yonder".
"That does sound nice, we can have a little game of cards before the fog 
clears" replied What, somewhat enigmatically.

     As they entered the inn, the inn know only as The Inn, silence befell 
the patrons, even the glowing fire seemed crackle silently.  What shuddered.
Whatever, who was not easaliy intimedated, entered the inn.
"A mug of your finest grog, my good man" he bellowed.
"We don't serve your sort in here" answered the inn keeper, who was a tall
loftly man with little feet and a big nose.
"You ain't aff got a big nose!" cried What from the door.

     This was how the fight started, how it ended is even
more misterious!

"Hold him done while I get my sword" ordered the inn keeper.
"Don't you order us around" chouroused the patrons.
"You'll dammed well do as I say, or get out!"
	The patrons were not happy with this, they got up and headed menencingly 
towards the inn keeper.  What ran for it, leaving Whatever lying in a heap 
by the fire, gently smouldering.
"That does it Mr. Inn Keeper, your dead" whispered the head patron.  A post 
which he was particulary proud of.  Head patron of Morpork was an hounerable 
postion, one which he was sure would be most sought after now that he was 
dead.  Dead, the realisation was just dawning on him.
"I'm dead" he kindly told himself, whilst bewilderdly looking at the slumped
body before him, his slumpped body.  What a bloody awkward time to have a 
heart attack.

     There leader struck down, the patrons were routed.  The inn keeper 
smiled.  He was a bit thick and it hadn't quite dawned on him that he had 
just seen all his trade run screaming out the door.

     So that is how the tail ends, as it began, one end attached to the dog 
of life, the other swiping  out at the flies of death.  What would remember 
this story as long as he lived and vowed to retell the tail, that its moral 
be learnt and passed down through the ages.

     And the moral, if your name is What, and you have a friend called 
Watever, never go into an inn known only as The Inn.  Why? Because this inn,
The Inn, is another gateway into the twilight zone.

     Spooky music.............

Are you STILL reading this?*!*!

A joke:-

Q: What goes, "Pieces of seven! Pieces of seven!"?
A: A parroty error

You must have stopped by now, Shirley?!

Daisy daisy...
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