Bomb Disposal

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Screenshots - Bomb Disposal

Bomb Disposal atari screenshot
Bomb Disposal atari screenshot

Information - Bomb Disposal

GenreBrain - Logical / PuzzleYear1992
LanguageGFA BASICPublisherBudgie UK
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Duncan, Mike

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)SoftwareEnglish
Game designBox / Instructions
Sound FXSerial
Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Bomb Disposal Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Bomb Disposal

                 "No man can lose what he never had"

                      *****  BOMB DISPOSAL  *****

     Due to an undeserved and unfair 'review' of this game by  ST 
  Format  Magazine  (June 92) by a person who obviously  is  lost 
  without  his   joystick and a bunch of aliens  to  blast,  this 
  READ_ME file is a   recent effort to explain in greater  detail 
  how  Bomb Disposal can  be solved without actually giving  away 
  the solution.

  It  would  best  if  this text was  printed  out  and  read  in 
  conjuction  with the programme running  or at the  very  least,  
  read  from within a Text Reader programme as I make  references 
  to the following diagram.

           (The numbers are simply references for
            text - not the solution of the game)
                                                  THE METER

      THE GAME BOARD                    SEQ  ||||||||||||||||||||
                                        POS  ||||||||||||||||||||
             X(1)                            123456789..........20
     X(3)            X(4)                       THE DIODES

X(5) X(6) X(7) X(8)  X(9)  X(10)           #1    #2   #3   #4   #5
               X(11)                       #6    #7   #8   #9   #10
   X(12) X(13)       X(14) X(15)
                                           #11   #12  #13  #14  #15
       X(16)   X(17)   X(18)
                                            #16  #17  #18  #19  #20
       X(19)           X(20)

  The game is difficult to solve without using pen and paper and
  almost impossible relying simply on trial and error.

  The object is to place 20 Diodes onto 20 terminals in the correct
  sequence.  The BOMB has a  pre-determined sequence which MUST be
  followed if you are to defuse it. This pre-determined sequence is
  revealed (bit by bit) as a series of coloured lines pairing two 
  terminals and appear every time you position a diode. 

   In addition to this text, the game includes a help file built-in,
   albeit more concise than this. The 'Bomb Meter' and sequence 
   lines/wires should provide enough information to solve the
   game (even without this text).

 1) In the EASY mode, when a diode is placed on a terminal only one
    a set of coloured lines appear (the pre-determined sequence)
    This tells you where the next diode should be placed.
    Eg.(using the above diagram) if you placed a diode on X(17) 
    you would see a set of coloured lines linking X(17) to X(18) 
    or, if you placed a diode on terminal X(1) the lines would link
    it to X(5) which is next in sequence. If instead of placing 
    your next diode on X(5) (where it should have been placed) you
    elected to place it on X(19) a new set of lines would appear
    linking X(19) to  X(16). This pre-determined sequence never 
    changes. So although it simple to discover the entire sequence
    the puzzle is to find where it starts and where it ends.

  2) Bomb Meter: SEQ will tell you which part of the sequence you
     are on. The length of the white bar is directly linked to
     the correct terminals. For example, let's assume that you have
     already placed 10 diodes and you elect to place the eleventh
     one on X(16) and X(16) in reality is TERMINAL 5, the Bomb
     Meter would show a white bar extending approx a quarter

 ('#'indicates the line )        #####|||||||||||||||
     the way along. If it was TERMINAL 10 the line would look
     which is approx half way. The shorter the bar, the earlier
     it is in the sequence. If X(16) was in reality TERMINAL 16
     (the correct one) the white bar would be replaced by a red
     bar extending the full length. So by estimating the length
     of the white bar from (1 to 20) you can tell the sequence.
     The best method would simply be to place all the diodes on 
     any available terminal and note down your estimated length 
     of the white bar...this will give you the correct sequence.

   The lower part of the Bomb meter is the position indicator
   and this is linked to the diodes, but first a few words about
   the diodes. If you had just loaded the game and clicked the
   mouse on #16 the number 1 would appear. Regardless of which
   diode you clicked it would always be a 1. This number is in 
   fact your first mouse click...the 10th mouse click, regardless
   of which diode you select will ALWAYS be a 10. Like the
   Terminals the diodes have a pre-determined order in which you
   must select them. This pre-determined order is linked to
   the POS (Position) bar of the Bomb Meter. Eg.if you selected
   Diode #15 on your fourth go, the number 4 would appear but if
   in reality Diode #15 was infact DIODE 10 the white bar on the
   position meter would extend half way 

   This tells you that Diode #15 should have been selected on 
   your tenth mouse click 
         If Diode #15 was DIODE 4 (correct sequence) the white
   bar on the meter would change into Blue and extend the full
   length indicating the correct position (correct Mouse click)
  So, like the terminals, picking random diodes and noting the
  length of the white POS bar, it is possible to determine the
  correct order in which they should be chosen.

  The game has a HELP icon, if you select HINT one of two hints
  will appear showing either the correct location of TERMINAL 11
  and DIODE 11  or the correct location of TERMINAL 14 and DIODE you must wait until you have placed 10 other diodes 
  before clicking on DIODE 11 (Eleventh mouse click).

  Once you have written down the lengths of the SEQ and POS bars
  you should have a fair idea of the correct placements, A blue 
  and red bar on the Bomb Meter will give a different sound,
  This indicates that you have successfully placed the correct
  diode on the correct terminal, the coloured lines (wires) will
  show you where the next diode should be placed but if you
  selected the wrong diode, the SEQ bar would be still be  red 
  (indicating correct sequence) and the length of the white POS 
  bar would tell you which diode you had used.
   The best method of solving this is to draw a diagram like the
   one shown then select the HELP icon and note down the correct
   placement of DIODE 11 or DIODE 14 (One or the other will be 
   shown but if you select HINT enough times both positions will
   be revealed), select ten other diodes and place them far away
   from those you now know...noting down the bar lengths on the
   meter, then on the 11th or 14th mouse click place the diode
   on its correct terminal. Follow the colored wires/lines to the
   next in the sequence and assumming the terminal is still 
   vacant you can easily trace the correct sequence up to the
   end. If the wires lead to an occupied terminal, make a note
   to leave it vacant next time...restart the game and try again.
   Then it is simply a case of working backwards until you 
   discover the starting terminal. The terminal sequence is the
   easiest to discover...the diode sequence is slightly harder.

  In the DIFFICULT  or HARD Mode, instead of only one set of
  coloured lines/wires appearing, the colours radiate in every
  possible direction.

   For those of you who may have agreed with the reviewer that
   BOMB DISPOSAL has no logic or is impossible, I hope you will
   read this carefully then try again, you may surprise even
   yourself. For those who have already solved the puzzle....
   CONGRATULATIONS ( My apologies about your prize...however
   just remember "Ill gotten gains will be ill spent".

                          ~~~~~~~~ END ~~~~~~~

   M.Duncan  Perth 21/6/92
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