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Screenshots - Blob Race

Blob Race atari screenshot
Blob Race atari screenshot
Blob Race atari screenshot
Blob Race atari screenshot
Blob Race atari screenshot
Blob Race atari screenshot
Blob Race atari screenshot
Blob Race atari screenshot

Information - Blob Race

GenreGambling - RacingYear1994
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboardDistributorPower Disk Magazine
Players1, 2+DeveloperChaos Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Davis, Kev

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Davis, Kev

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Blob Race Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Blob Race

     NNNNNNNN  NNNNN      NNNNNN  NNNNNNNN                    
      NNN  NNN  NNN      NNN  NNN  NNN  NNN                   
      NNNNNNN   NNN      NNN  NNN  NNNNNNN                    
      NNN  NNN  NNN  NNN NNN  NNN  NNN  NNN                   
     NNNNNNNN  NNNNNNNNN  NNNNNN  NNNNNNNN                    

                   NNNNNNNN     NNNNNN    NNNNNN  NNNNNNNNN
                    NNN  NNN   NNN  NNN  NNN  NNN  NNN     
                    NNNNNNN    NNNNNNNN  NNN       NNNNNN
                    NNN  NNN   NNN  NNN  NNN  NNN  NNN     

                (C) Copyright Chaos Software 1991

                   Coded by Kev Davis in STOS

     Updated and "re"-released by the Fallen Angels/OCL 1994
                 (Same bloke, different uniform)

            Exclusive version for Power Disk Magazine

                    This program is Shareware
              Register or die, the choice is yours


Ah,  what a strange thing life is. Leafing through a PD catalogue 
a few weeks back,  I spied a game called "Blob Race" nestling  on 
an Adrenalin Compilation Disk.  "Ohoho," I thought, "I once wrote 
a game called that - whyever didn't I release it, eh?"

     Paranoia  and  pessimism  called for  a  steward's  inquiry, 
though.  I contacted the PD librarian and asked him to check  the 
disk in question to see if - unlikely as it seemed - the game  in 
question was the one I wrote back in 1991 and never released.

     It was.

     I'm  not going to curse Adrenalin,  here - like as not  they 
merely received the blighter in "good faith" from a contact.  But 
since I never,  ever authorised any of the folk who  "playtested" 
the  game to distribute it,  something mightily strange is  going 

     I'm  conducting inquiries to see just how the game got  into 
PD  in the first place,  if you're interested - if you've  got  a 
copy of the old Blob Race (with, worryingly, "Preview version" in 
big  letters on the player selection screen),  let me know  where 
you got it from, if you can remember.

     Anyway. I released this new version quite simply because the 
one currently doing the rounds is a bit of an ancient one. And if 
I'm  going  to be ridiculed for writing such a  foolish  game,  I 
might as well be ridiculed for the latest version.

     This new version was last "officially" updated back in  1991 
somewhen,  although  I  did tweak the graphics  a  bit  ("proper" 
shading  on the rocks and clouds) before this 1994  release.  The 
source is the same as it ever was,  quite simply because it's too 
tortuous  to make sense of - I wrote Blob Race so I could get  to 
grips  with STOS,  and as a result its programming style bears  a 
frightening  resemblance to any Italian pasta dish you'd care  to 

                        PLAYING THE GAME

Well,  it's all devastatingly simple and straightforward - follow 
the  prompts to bet on the little green  blighters,  and  collect 
your winnings. A few things need explaining, however.

     In  the  Blob  Stats  screen,  each of  the  lads  has  four 
characteristics. Speed (SPD), shows how swiftly that particularly 
Blob  can run when he puts his mind to it.  Reactions (REA)  show 
how  enthusiastic and intuitive the lad is - a high number  means 
he'll continue moving all the time, a low number means that he'll 
just  sit still for a lot of the race.  Trickery (TRK) shows  how 
many  tricks  the  Blob  has up his "sleeve"  -  turning  into  a 
helicopter,   sprouting   wheels,   dropping   bombs   on   other 
competitors; all these are "tricks".

     Odds are,  simply,  the odds that the bookies are  offering; 
it's  kept simple by using just an "n to 1" notation.  If a  Blob 
wins  at 10-1,  you'll get ten times your bet.  If a  Blob  comes 
second at 10-1,  you'll get five times your bet.  If he comes  in 
third,  you'll  get your money back.  Fourth or worse and  you've 
lost your cash. Nothing like the real world's betting system, but 
what the hell.

                       NEWSPAPER HEADLINES

Some interesting things happen to Blobs between races - they  can 
die,  injure themselves,  go training,  open supermarkets,  shoot 
each other and more besides. I'll just go over the most important 

     Nuclear  accidents.  These  make a Blob act  very  strangely 
indeed  - a Nuclear Blob will select one of his  rivals,  and  if 
ever  that Blob is way ahead of the Nuclear lad,  he'll turn  red 
and roar ahead to catch up. The only down side of being a Nuclear 
Blob  is that you can quite easily blow yourself apart  during  a 

     Teleportation  devices.  A Blob with a teleportation  device 
will wink in and out of existence every so often,  appearing at a 
random point on his track.

     Steroids.  Blobs  on steroids get all their  characteristics 
put  up to nine.  All well and good,  but if they "run" too  fast 
they  can easily fall  over and do  themselves and injury.  Drug-
taking isn't big or clever, kids, but neither are the Blobs.

                       IMPROVING THE GAME

To get the best from Blob Race, you really have to invite several 
friends over and get,  as the great man said, "nice drunk".  When
you've reached the stage where you start screaming at the sprites 
and begin phantom-jockeying, the game is much more enjoyable.


To  avoid having to meticulously type in large numbers  when  you 
just wish to stick all your collected cash on a single Blob, just 
type  in "all" as the amount you want to get - every  last  penny 
will be put on the lad you've opted for.


This game is Shareware,   so   if  you  manage  to  extract   any 
entertainment  value from  it  whatsoever,  send  a  quid  (cash, 
postal order, cheque or four first-class stamps) to...

                            Kev Davis
                   Organised Chaos Licenceware
                        Chasewater House
                           Kings Green
                     Worcestershire WR13 6AQ

     No  gifts for folk who throw money at me,  I'm  afraid,  but 
there's  quite a large chance such fiscal gifts will  trigger  my 
unnerving "Here, have a copy of every Shareware program I've ever 
written" affliction. Such is the way of it.

                   A MESSAGE TO POWER READERS

Erm,  since you've already been generous enough to cough up  your 
Power registration fee, I'll  understand if you don't  bother  to 
register  this  game as well.  Although an  encouraging  word  of 
thanks wouldn't go amiss.

     Oh,  and  it looks as if I'm contractually obliged to  shout 
"Read  Power Magazine!" at you,  just in case you got a  copy  of 
this game from someone without ever having seen the relevant copy 
of  Power.  And I can probably get away with muttering  "Read  ST 
Beermat as well!". Take heed.

     If you got a copy of the *entire* Power registers disk  from 
a mate,  though, I'll be forced to club you to death with a large 
blunt  instrument.  You evil piratical fiend,  you.  Starving  Mr 
Mathews of his hard-earned profits.  Send your cash to Jimmy  boy 
first thing in the morning.  It'll completely screw up your karma 
otherwise, I can tell you.

                       THOUGHT FOR THE DAY

                 Unfair Axiom of Existence #381:
       Leave a slice of bread overnight and it goes hard - 
              leave a biscuit out and it goes soft.
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