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Screenshots - 5 of a Kind

5 of a Kind atari screenshot
5 of a Kind atari screenshot
5 of a Kind atari screenshot
5 of a Kind atari screenshot
5 of a Kind atari screenshot
5 of a Kind atari screenshot
5 of a Kind atari screenshot

Information - 5 of a Kind

GenreGambling - DiceYear1990
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
Players1, 1 vs. 2DeveloperDatabasement
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Monaco, Erin

Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Monaco, Erin

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari 5 of a Kind Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - 5 of a Kind

     AUTHORS NOTES 8/25/91

To run EUCHRE you need:
EUCHRE.PRG    the program
EUCHRE.DAT    all graphics
EUCHRE.MAN    the manual

To run 5OFAKIND you need:
5OFAKIND.PRG  the program
5OFAKIND.DAT  all graphics
5OFAKIND.MAN  the manual

NOTE: Nether of these programs will
run with out all of these files.

NOTE: This readme file must accompany
both programs!

NOTE: These programs were written
awhile ago... I didn't know what to do
with them and I didn't have a modem,
so I couldn't do much anyhow.. I have
decided to release these programs into
PD as SHAREware.  That's the system
where if you like them or use them I
expect you to send me what you think
its worth.  $10 bucks for both would
be nice... You can pay that much for
just getting them from a club...
Where as I do not believe these
programs are of commercial value. I do
beleave they are pretty nice... And I
did spend time writting and debugging
and testing and improving them!  As
far as I know they work nice... I do
not have any plans to update them, if
they don't work on the MEGA or the
STE, I might consider fixing them...
If I get a good response.  Forgive the
graphics... I did the best I could...
Same with sound... Not to bad for
never having done it before!!!

Please SEND donations to:
    C/O Erin Monaco
    1240 Leforge Apt #P4
    Ypsilanti, MI  48198

If you have questions or comments you
can send me mail or phone me.
The phone number is (313) 485-4906 I
would prefer if you write for you
probably won't get through on the
phone... but your welcome to try.

NOTE:  This file serves as written
permission to copy all the above files
freely... you may not charge for
them... You can charge for making it
available but no more then $6 for the
disk... And if so both EUCHRE &
5OFAKIND must be on the SAME disk!
This does not give you permission to
Edit Alter or otherwise change the

     AUTHORS NOTES 09/02/91

I have fixed the file problems so
now the programs will look in the
current directory for the .MAN and
.DAT files... If it doesn't find
them it will look in the current
directory for the folders.
respectively.  So basically as long
as you have all the files together
you should not run into any more

been packed using PACK2.PRG. You
can no longer just edit the drive
strings... but then now you should
not have to!
PS, there are cheat modes in both
programs, they were not programmed
for this, but as a debugging tool.
But they can be used to cheat.
Not to take any fun away I will
leave it to you to discover these!

       Thank you, Erin

By the way my address again is;

    C/O Erin Monaco
    1240 Leforge APT P4
    Ypsilanti, MI  48198

If you like the programs please
just send me $5 bucks for each.
That way I can eat while I work
on some new ones!
If you'd like the GFA source code
for either of these programs send
a check or money order for $15
per source code to the above
address, I will send a disk and
hardcopy to you
         Thanks Again
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