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Screenshots - Club Drive

Club Drive atari screenshot
Club Drive atari screenshot
Club Drive atari screenshot
Club Drive atari screenshot
Club Drive atari screenshot
Club Drive atari screenshot
Club Drive atari screenshot
Club Drive atari screenshot
Club Drive atari screenshot

Information - Club Drive

GenreRacing - CarsYear1994
PublisherAtari (USA)ControlsJagpad
Players1, 1 vs. 2Developer-

Powers, Todd / Smith, Eric
Ginner, Eric

CountryFrance Germany United Kingdom USA
Graphic Artist(s)

Gatrall, Jeffrey / West, B.J.
Pearson, Ed / Saunders, Ken

Game designBox / InstructionsEnglish, French, German

Evans, Wiley / Gerber, Jerry
Stevens, M. / Grunke, James

Sound FX

Gerber, Jerry / Evans, Wiley
Grunke, James / Stevens, M.

VersionDumpdownload atari Club Drive Download

Cartridge - Club Drive

Club Drive Atari cartridge scan Club Drive Atari cartridge scan

Trivia - Club Drive

Addtional Credits:
Suko, Graig
Hampton, James "Purple"

Music Director:
Grunke, James

Easter Eggs - Club Drive

Change Camera View
To change the camera view, press 8 + 6 while playing.

Hidden Castle
Play the game in Racing Mode, and choose Jeromy's Pad as the world. If you drive through one of the fireplaces, you will find a small world with a castle! I think it's the one in the room where the start/finish line is. Also, drive into the castle and there is a flashing blue panel. Drive into that to get back to the Pad… on a table!

Hidden Worlds
Play a racing game and choose the Wild West. This is a confusing maze-like level, so the secret warps may be difficult to find, but you may usually run into them. Stay on the top ledge once you begin racing and just follow the path. Sooner or later, you will come to a cave. Enter the cave and you will see a flashing vortex. Entering the vortex will take you to a secret world.
There are two vortexes to find. One will lead you to a nearly empty island with the Atari building, and the other will lead you to an island with a dinosaur and a spaceship crashed into the ground. To get out of these hidden worlds, you may need to rewind.

Planet Todd
Start a game and go to the World Select screen. Put the cursor on the World Line and press B. Instead of picking a world, hold 4 and press 2, B to make Planet Todd appear on the World line.

Book / Magazine Reviews - Club Drive

 ST Format · August, 1994Rating: Preview 

Club Drive Atari review 

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