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Comments (2)
Riley Williamson - 13/01/2022
The game may be slow, the graphics may be pretty crappy, but the 5200 port of Xevious isn't that bad of a game. Although the 7800 version is a far better game.
Paul Westphal - 01/07/2007
Wow! I was really glad to see this rom and dloaded it.Geez! what a dissapiontment. You damn well know they could have done a much better job.I know the 5200/800xl/xe platform could easily convert this.One word : shovelware.

Screenshots - Xevious

Xevious atari screenshot
Xevious atari screenshot
Xevious atari screenshot

Information - Xevious

GenreShoot'em Up! - Vertical ScrollingYear1984
ControlsJoystickPublisherAtari USA
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryUSA

Huether, Jim

Medium Cartridge
Dumpdownload atari Xevious DownloadSerialCX5246
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