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Comments (7)
maggi71 - 14/01/2013
The music gets annoying the longer you play this game (just press the s-key to stop the sound) but the different screens and the puzzles are fantastic.

There is a bit of a twist when you get to the catacombs and thats the reason why most of the players never finished the game.

When you learned how to manage these screens they were very easy to handle.

The disk version has more screens than the cassette version so should go with the first one.

I still love this game even it's not as addictive as Bruce Lee (also from Datasoft).

Great title!
Larry Gill - 16/04/2012
I remember playing this game for hours with my kids, I am now 62. This was a great game, and we finally got to the final screen and rescued the girl.
I wish I could play this on my Macbook Pro.

steve - 10/10/2008
Nearly 25 years after it's release and I have finally managed to complete this beast. I could never get past the catatomb cave area!
Great graphics and sound with incredibly depth to the game play. It certainly gets you thinking out the puzzles. Not as frustrating as 'Goonies' and not quite as addictive as the great 'Bruce Lee' - Another superb release from Datasoft.
Pablo Mancilla - 05/10/2007
You are right Andy, the disk version have more screens, the tape version is not full. I'm trapped on the catacomb area, but I remember about 10+ years ago finding the soldier's lair where you must rescue the girl evading cannon shots..
danny-uk - 13/11/2006
I have fond memories of playing this game for hours with my sister, at the tender age of 7!
PS Wallace - 08/02/2006
I remember buying this game when it first came out in 1986. Really cool game for its time.
Andy Bernstein - 29/05/2004
It should be noted that the disk version (multi-loader) contains more screens than the tape release which is a single load and is thus limited to 64ko.


Zorro atari screenshot
Zorro atari screenshot
Zorro atari screenshot
Zorro atari screenshot


GenreAdventure / Arcade - 2-DYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherDatasoft

Garon, James

Graphic Artist(s)

Day, Kelly

Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial1490
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