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Gildahl - 23/07/2022
I always thought this game was cool in that the tower very slowly increased in size as you moved closer to it. That might seem pretty basic these days, but back then it would have been more likely for a game like this to present the tower at a fixed size until you reached the next level, then enlarge it to a new fixed size. But not here. This gave a much stronger 3d feel, sense of great distance, and urgency to make it past the next set of enemies as you slowly closed in. The combat was pretty cool too. Not quite a classic, but go a pretty good amount of play time from me.
Punkydudester - 21/12/2014
I loved this game, I couldn't wait to get to that pillar and shoot it down.
Cubretti - 06/09/2010
I love this game for its touchy music, awesome enemies and of course for such a cute 'cartoon-like' plane with that menacing title 'Stealth'.
Greetings from Russia to every one!
Lockett - 03/08/2008
Rescue ON Fractalus, Paul.
paul westphal - 02/08/2008
I first played this back in '85 and it was one of the best 3-d shooters that I had.Some others worth mentioning are 'dimension x' and my all time favorite, 'encounter!'...but lets not forget the best> 'Rescue at Fractalus'.
BrunoN - 03/12/2005
Probably played this game for the first time about 15 years ago - and kamikaze plane attacks still gives me the shits. It's weird, that one of the most atmospheric games on the small atari is a shooter. I still think that few dusk colors on the horizon, quiet engine noise and a view of a plane vanishing far away after completion of the level are utterly beautiful. This game is ace.


Stealth atari screenshot
Stealth atari screenshot
Stealth atari screenshot
Stealth atari screenshot
Stealth atari screenshot
Stealth atari screenshot
Stealth atari screenshot
Stealth atari screenshot
Stealth atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear?
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAackosoft
Players1, DemoCountryNetherlands

LaGrone, Tracy / Sansom, Richard E.

Graphic Artist(s)




Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial?
Dumpdownload atari Stealth Download

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Brøderbund Software.

Final release of Landscape.


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