Spy vs. Spy II

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Punkydudester - 21/12/2014
I love these Spy vs Spy series. They were unique and the sequels were just as good with a new area to explore.
Gruppenfuhrer WOLF - 15/09/2010
I remember all those battles we had with my brother in this game. Great memories!
penge - 06/05/2006
My sister and I used to play this like crazy, especially around christmas time, back in the 1980's. Sadly, she's a man now. I kid you not!
Oh but the nostalgia from just seeing this game again. Thanks Atarimania for uploading it.


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherDatabyte
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper[n/a]
Players1, 1 vs. 2, DemoCountryUnited Kingdom

Nangano, Jim

Graphic Artist(s)

Riedel, Michael

MediumTape Disk

Scarim, Nicholas

Cover Artist(s)Serial

Additional Comments

Other versions with the same title:

First Star Software, Hi-Tec Software.


Spy vs. Spy II Atari disk scan Spy vs. Spy II Atari disk scan


Spy vs. Spy II Atari tape scan Spy vs. Spy II Atari tape scan


Spy vs. Spy II Atari instructions Spy vs. Spy II Atari instructions

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find and recover all three parts of the top secret XJ41/4 missile. Of course, the missile parts are located on Spy Island, a deserted (except for your opponent and the sharks) tropical island in the middle of nowhere. Not only must you locate all three parts of the missile, but you must fully assemble it before being able to transport it off the island via your submarine. By the way, there is also an active volcano on the island so you won't have too much time.

As you attempt to recover the parts and assemble the missile, your opponent won't betaking a siesta. After all, your opponent is there for the same reason you are, and there are only three parts for the one missile.

To aid you in your mission, your country, at great expense has provided you with the ultimate tool in spy technology, the all-in-one, multi-purpose, super-duper Island Trapulator. This nifty little gadget comes complete with a computer-generated mapping system and a few devious items for building nasty little traps that can surprise your opponent (or yourself if you're not careful). Of course, your opponent is equally well equipped with the same state of the art technology.

When SPY vs. SPY: The Island Caper has finished loading into your computer and the spies have landed on the island, you will be presented with the OPTION screen.

Using the controls located to the right of the two centre screens, you will be able to select and modify the following options:

1. Number of players

2. Difficulty level

3. 'Intelligence Quotient' of the computer (one player mode only)

4. Escape sub revealed or hidden until the end

With your JOYSTICK or appropriate keys, move your cursor, up or down, to any of the options. By moving your joystick right or left you can select one or two player mode, difficulty level, and I.Q. of the computer (only available in one player mode). Once your selections have been made, the SPACEBAR or JOYSTICK button will begin the game.


Imagine the landscape or areas within the monitors to be a 3 dimensional perspective. Moving the JOYSTICK up (away from you) or down (towards you) will send your player to the background or foreground of the particular area that you are currently viewing. Moving the JOYSTICK to the right or left will send the player to the right or left of the area respectively. If you should move your player to the extreme right or left of the area in view, this area will scroll to reveal the next section of the landscape. Also, note that along the back 'wall' of the area in view there may be gaps in the background graphics that your spy can fit through. Also along the foreground edge you may see gaps in the black foreground border that the spy can also fit through. Think of these gaps as passageways that will allow you to move north and south on the island such as scrolling right and left allows you to move east and west.

First, move within range of any object or mound of sand (represented by three small, white triangles). Then press the JOYSTICK button. Any object found can be lifted. The small mounds of sand may reveal one of the hidden items you are looking for. If you're not so lucky, it will activate a BOOBY TRAP, blowing you to smithereens


The keyboard can be used in the one player mode only.

In Hand-to-Hand combat, use the K, L, A and Z Keys to move the arm with the sword, in, out, up or down, while depressing the CONTROL key.

K Move left
L Move right
A Move back or up
Z Move forward or down
Q Access Trapulator
S Press once to stop the music, again to turn it on.
SPACE BAR Press to pick up or drop an object. Select or activate a booby trap. Start game.
ESCAPE To pause game play
CONTROL and DIRECTION KEY To fire gun, buoy missile or set trap
OPTION Return to Option Screen
RESET Re-boot the program.

The trapulator (state of the art in Spy technology) allows you to store and use various items and tools necessary for completing your mission objectives.

Looking at your Trapulator will inform you as to the status of your inventory. A lit L.E.D. next to an indicator button means you have in your inventory at least one of those items. If you find an item on the island is represented by an indicator button you may pick that item up by standing over it and pressing the JOYSTICK button once briefly. Then by pressing the JOYSTICK button briefly again it will be stored in your trapulatoo for future use.

If you find the gun you can shoot your opponent, causing him to lose some strength and momentarily spinning him out of control. While you are in the same screen he is in, point the gun in the direction of your opponent and line your Spy up with him, then shoot. This is done by first depressing the JOYSTICK button and then (while holding down the button) pulling the JOYSTICK forward. Some bullets are duds and the gun is not always fully loaded!


5.1 Natural Hazards

VOLCANO: The Digital clock located in the control panel on the right of the trapulator, indicates the amount of time remaining before the volcano erupts. If the volcano erupts both Spies lose the game and the island will be covered with lava.

QUICKSAND: When exploring the island you will see dark patches of sand which are quicksand. !f your Spy gets trapped in the quicksand, use the techniques recommended by most survivors, which is moving your JOYSTICK up and down or twirling it in a circular motion rapidly while trying to move your Spy to the edge of the quicksand. Falling into the quicksand will cost you precious strength, lots of time trying to get out and also make you a 'sitting duck' if your opponent is in the neighbourhood.

DROWNING: The high seas have taken their toll of unwary Spies who have wandered off the island jetties. Spies just aren't good swimmers. Staying in deep water will drain your strength very quickly.

SHARK ATTACK: If you don't drown while you're in the ocean, the sharks will probably get you. The green gilled Mud Sharks (native to these waters) usually like a few appetisers before chowing down to their main course. As the sharks begin to nibble on your Spy, your Spy will be briefly tugged under water. This may happen two or three times (you may also see a fin). !f you have enough energy remaining it is suggested that you move with great speed to the nearest shore, otherwise your Spy may not come back up after the next tug.

5.2 Hand to Hand Combat (Sword Fight)

The combat mode exists only when the following two situations occur: (1) Both Spies enter the same part of the island and SIMULVISION ends. The Spy that entered the common area appears on the same screen as the Spy that was already there. (2) Both Spies are within combat range of each other. This distance is equal to two times the width of your average Spy. When you are within combat range, holding your JOYSTICK button will produce a sword in your Spy's hand. Continue to hold the JOYSTICK button down and move the JOYSTICK, your Spy will now swing the sword around, jabbing your opponent if he is within striking distance.

To smash your opponent on the head, the button is held down while the JOYSTICK is moved from the Up position to the Down position (swing the sword downward). To stab, move the JOYSTICK from left to right (or right to left, depending on which way the Spy is facing). When the JOYSTICK button is first pushed down, the Spy will automatically face his opponent, regardless of which way he was facing or moving. To move your Spy during combat, release the button and move as normal. Hitting the other Spy weakens him, and about 33 solid blows delivered in rapid succession, are needed to kill him if he started combat with 100% of his strength.

NOTE: When you are within combat range of your opponent, you will not be able to access your trapulator, or set any traps until combat mode ends. Combat mode ends when one of the following occurs:

1. A spy is temporarily disabled getting caught by a trap.

2. A spy moves out of range of combat (runs away).

3. A spy dies (see death).

5.3 Man-Made Booby Traps


As you move throughout the island(s), you may select any of the booby-traps. The booby-trap arsenal contains: coconut bombs, napalm, rope snares and a shovel for digging punji pits.

Spies can carry traps, placing them where they wish when they are ready.

1. Press the JOYSTICK BUTTON...TWICE! You have just accessed the TRAPULATOR. Observe the indicator lights on the right of the icons.

2. Move about the TRAPULATOR using the JOYSTICK controls (up or down). Listen for the bell.

3. Indicate the booby-trap of your choice then press the JOYSTICK BUTTON to select it. The booby-trap is now held by your Spy.

4. Position the Spy at the hiding place you have selected.

5. First, press the JOYSTICK BUTTON. Next, (keeping the BUTTON depressed) pull the JOYSTICK forward. The booby-trap will disappear and you will hear the "whoosh" as it is buried in the sand.

Once a trap has been set, EITHER Spy can set it off!

To add insult to injury, when a player sets off a trap, he gets zapped while the other Spy laughs hysterically.

SNARES: Set this trap by selecting the rope from your trapulator. While it is in your Spy's hand, climb a foreground tree. Climb a tree by pushing your spy against the side of a foreground tree, and holding him there momentarily. Your Spy will then automatically tie one end of the rope to the top of the trees and stretch the other end to the ground. You can now move your Spy in a small radius around the tree. When you reach the location where you wish to drop the snare's noose, hold the JOYSTICK BUTTON down and pull back on the JOYSTICK. Any player walking over the snare's noose will be snagged and lifted into the tree, being temporarily disabled, losing strength, and dropping any missile sections being carried.

NOTE: The noose is invisible once buried. This trap cannot be set when both spies are in the same screen/section of the island.

OPEN PITS: Set this trap by picking up the shovel wherever you can find it - either on your trapulator or on the ground. Walk to an uncluttered area where you wish to dig your pit. With the shovel in your Spy's hand hold the JOYSTICK BUTTON down and pull back on the JOYSTICK. Your Spy will now dig a pit. What finally remains is a large gaping hole. Although easy to avoid, falling into this hole will cost you time and strength.

PUNJI PITS: Placing a sharpened stake at the bottom of the pit will make an even more deadly trap. Find a wooden stake and pick it up. With a wooden stake in your hand walk over to the pit, as you begin to go over the pit, your Spy will automatically place the stake at the bottom of the pit and then cover it with dirt, hiding it completely from sight. Any unwary Spy who walks over this area is sure to fall in.

NOTE: They don't make shovels like they used to. Each shovel is only capable of digging 8 pits before breaking.

NAPALM: This is the single most deadly trap. Go to the area in which you wish to place the trap. Select the faucet from your trapulator. Next hold the JOYSTICK BUTTON down and pull back the joystick. Your Spy will now bury a Napalm cannister that will torch any unwary Spy who happens to walk over it or tries to dig it up. The unwary Spy will be temporarily reduced to ashes and drop any missile part he was carrying.

COCONUT GASOLINE BOMB: You will find an abundance of coconuts on these islands. Combine these with gasoline and you make a bomb. You start each level equipped with a few coconuts in your Trapulator; you can get more by finding them on the island. By burying these coconuts in the ground, they become a very effective land mine. The unwary Spy that steps on the coconut bomb will be temporarily reduced to ashes and drop any missile parts he was carrying. To set the trap, select a coconut from your Trapulator. Hold down the JOYSTICK BUTTON and pull back the JOYSTICK. Your Spy will then automatically fill the coconut with gasoline and bury the bomb in the ground. After selecting a coconut bomb from your Trapulator you can abort setting it as a trap. By putting the coconut back in your Trapulator you can save it for later; do this by pressing the JOYSTICK BUTTON once briefly (WITHOUT pulling back on the JOYSTICK.)

NOTE: If you run out of gasoline your Spy will still bury the coconuts but they will be duds. You can safely dig up buried empty coconuts and store them back in your trapulator. Keep an eye on the gasoline gauge in the lower left hand corner of your Trapulator. When your gauge goes down you can refill your Trapulator with gas by finding the plane wreck on the island. Push your Spy against the plane for a few seconds and push the JOYSTICK BUTTON your spy will then fill the Trapulator gauge with gas.

HINT: Coconut bombs, snares and napalm can be placed on top of buried missile parts.


Anytime you wish (except when both Spies are in the same screen) you can read your map. To read your map, first access your Trapulator by pressing your JOYSTICK BUTTON twice quickly, next by moving your JOYSTICK up and down, light up the L.E.D. alongside the map button, then press the joystick button once again. Your map will now unfold within your monitor. On your map you will see the following:

1. A flashing quadrant where you are currently located.

2. A dotted line showing the last several quadrants that you walked through.

3. A few quadrants containing small white squares representing the locations of the missile sections.

ISLAND(S): Depending on the particular level selected, the size (how many different sectors) and layout (objects found on the island) of the island change.

Also in levels 5 and 6 there are two Islands! Travel between the two islands may be necessary to win the game, but be careful - the waters may be shark infested (see shark attacks) and there is only one way to cross over.

MISSILE CONSTRUCTION Your mission being to escape the island, fully assembled missile in hand, it is important to remember that all else is but a mere distraction. Before time runs out you must manage to find and assemble the missile components in sequence, locate the only exit and board your sub.

The missile is in 3 pieces but you can only carry one section of it at a time, unless two or more sections have been connected in sequence. To assemble two missile sections together do the following: Find any one of the three missile sections. While you are carrying this section, find the next adjoining missile section. If for instance you have first found the tail section connect this to the centre section next. Do this by first standing over the second section (as long as it is not buried). Next holding the JOYSTICK BUTTON down and pulling back on the JOYSTICK the section in your Spy's hand will drop to the ground and automatically connect itself to the second section. The two sections that are now connected may be picked up (as if they were one section) and carried off, to be connected to the third section when it is located.

Below each Spy's monitor is a diagram of the missile in parts. As you pick up a section(s), it will flash on and off in the diagram.


DEATH AND STRENGTH: As mentioned previously, many actions can lower one's strength such as: swimming in the ocean, combat, and being caught in a trap. Each Spy starts with one hundred units of strength as indicated by the "Strength Meter". If you lose the full one hundred units of strength, you will die and the game is over for you. This is represented by a tombstone appearing where you died, or if at sea, air bubbles briefly appear over the water. When your strength gets dangerously low you can slowly build it back up by avoiding combat and traps. If a spy dies at sea carrying one or more of the missile parts, those parts will be randomly washed up onto one of the beaches.


EXIT: There is only one way off the island to the sub and you can NOT leave without the correctly assembled missile.

BOARDING YOUR SUBMARINE: After you have completely assembled the missile, you must next find your submarine, somewhere off the coast of the main island. Your submarine will surface when you approach with the missile. Look for your sub at both the northwest and northeast beaches, and when you see it, wade out to it. Your Spy will now automatically climb aboard and sail off into the sunset.

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