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ijor - 24/06/2017
Seems that it was just a bad mastered disk. There are original disks working correctly. The correct working disks has the track 20 unformatted. The non working one has track 34 unformatted instead.
rave.N - 24/02/2016
Name of the game tells it like it is, or was : Magneto Bugs, bugs in magnetic media ... nevermind.
Adam Archambault - 16/06/2009
we owned this one but all got ruined in the shed. Please someone find this


Magneto Bugs atari screenshot
Magneto Bugs atari screenshot
Magneto Bugs atari screenshot
Magneto Bugs atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Collect'em!Year?
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMain Street Publishing
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper[n/a]
Players1, DemoCountryUSA

Riley, Mark

Graphic Artist(s)


Medium Disk


Cover Artist(s)Ross, ScottSerial6033211240
Dumpdownload atari Magneto Bugs Download

Additional Comments

Other version with the same title:

Gentry Software.

Odd release by Main Street Publishing. Despite what the packaging says, the game is not the newer Magneto Bugs but what appears to be a cracked executable (!) of the original Tumble Bugs on an unprotected disk as an AUTORUN.SYS file.

You may want to read the Gentry Software entry for the game and agree with the following crazy theory: Main Street Publishing chose Tumble Bugs because the company was never handed a working copy of Magneto Bugs.
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